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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 16: The Secret

Wild Heart sighed as she had a hoof to her cheek and was busy reading a section of a text book that everypony was supposed to go through then answer the question. It was science class and pretty much some of the students there were silently reading while others were talking to each other while also working together to finish the work faster. Apple Bloom was sick today, so Wild was all alone.

Even though her mother wanted her to make more friends, she couldn't help but be fearful of how whatever happened to her to turn her into a pony might wear off and the friends she would make would avoid her cause of how different she looked. The digits of her paws moved from within her socks as she let out a small breath through her muzzle and just skimmed through the text. She yawned as she was reminded how from what happened four nights ago still made her too nervous to go to sleep, making her stay up all night until she went to sleep over exhaustion. She rested her head on the text book for only a moment, and the next thing she knew, she was already sleeping in class.

Miss Cheerilee saw the brown filly fall asleep on her desk, it being the second time this week. The magenta mare sighed as she got up from her front desk and walked over to the filly. She lightly shook the young pony, it making her quickly lift her head up. "Wild Heart? Are you okay?" Miss Cheerilee asked as she looked at her with some concern.

"Y-yes Miss Cheerilee. I'm fine." Wild Heart nodded.

"Are you sure? Is there something that's making you not get enough rest?" She asked another question, this being the reason of some previous events in which a pony couldn't sleep at night due to nightmares or something.

"N-no. I'm fine, really." The filly nodded with a small smile.

Cheerilee showed her own little smile before she let out a small sigh. "Alright then. But if something is bothering you, you shouldn't hide it. Sometimes it's better to tell somepony." She said before she rubbed the brown filly's back before she went off to help another student who had their hoof up.

Wild Heart still had her smile until Cheerilee left her alone. Once she was by herself again, she looked down at her unfinished work. She lightly patted her cheeks with her hooves, the hidden paws within the gloves flexing again before Wild showed a look of determination. With her pencil in her muzzle, she got back to work.

But what she didn't see, was a familiar gray filly watching as her best friend was busy copying her bestie's sheet onto her own paper.


Wild Heart stretched from her desk as she put her school supplies in her desk and put her sketch book and manga books in her saddle bags and went outside. She looked around to see if she could spot a perfect place to either read or practice her drawing. She first spotted an empty picnic table that was made smaller for the school ponies. She smiled as she sat down and placed her saddle on the table, it spilling out some of her art pencils and manga books. Since she was a bit tired from the school work, she decided that a little light reading would be better. Wild pulled out a thick book that says 'Hatsune Mix'. The book is mainly about a earth pony mare with large green pigtails that's actually a singer and actor who is also a robot. She also has other friend like two pegasus twins that are younger names Rin and Len. Many other characters are there too, but those three are in the majority of the short story.

She opened the book to where she put a bookmark on and continued to read it. Although it was a little hard to keep the book open with hooves that can cover some of the pages, she enjoyed reading the funny stories either way. While she was reading to herself, a lone gray filly was approaching her before she sat in front of her. Wild Heart didn't notice until the familiar gray filly spoke out.

"Hey! Smile Tarp or whatever." Silver said, making Wild look up and see the other earth pony fixing her glasses on her muzzle before she spoke. "What are you reading? Some foals picture book? What are you, two?" She asked as Wild was quick to pull her book away and put it back in her saddle with everything else. Wild grabbed her bag and was trying to find someplace else to try and find a better place to read. But of course, that would be difficult when a bully was following you.

"Picture books are so immature. I mean, why would somepony want to read something they can quickly read. That's so boring." She spoke out as she kept on trailing the brown filly who was only picking up the pace, mumbling the small quote to herself while also not seeing that she was nearing a area in which she could only leave the way she came in. Silver saw that they were alone now and saw this as a perfect spot. "Alright Tile Mart, I saw what you did in your socks. What are you hiding?"

Wild's eyes widened as she turned to look at Silver and was nervous. "Wh-what are you talking about?" She spoke.

"You know what I'm talking about. Either you tell me or I'll make sure that your filthy life will become even dirtier." She threatened. Of course she couldn't do that, but saying that always made the filly or colt to give in.

"N-no." She said. "You were seeing things." Wild added as she backed away a little.

"So what's making you nervous Wild?" Silver asked as she walked closer to her. "If it's nothing, then why are you looking guilty?" She kept on walking closer to Wild as the brown filly was pressing against the wall now.

"Stay away from me!" Wild shouted as she tried to push Silver off, but that only brought her closer.

"Why!? What are you hiding? What's hidden under those socks?" Silver pressed on as she had one last plan that was up her sleeve. 'If she's not gonna tell me, then she's going to show me instead.' She thought as she was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

"Leave me alone!" Wild shouted again as she was about to push Silver away, but that was just what the gray filly was waiting for.

When Wild tried to push Silver with her hooves, Silver stopped one hoof as the second one was just up in the air. The gray filly saw the opening and already had her teeth gripped on the black sock. But things turned for the worse. Wild saw that her sock was going to be pulled off.

"I SAID STOP!" Wild yelled as the next thing that happened just went too fast for the two to process.

At one moment, Silver was pulling Wild's sock off, and the next thing the two knew, Silver was on the floor, her hoof on a bad gash on her cheek while a section of her ear was bleeding, small spots of blood being on the wall. Wild was panting as the sock she was wearing had a large gash on the side, the claws of her paws being shown through the holes of the sock. But her eyes were one's of a wolf: Her brown nearly the same color of the blood staining the injured filly's coat.


Fluttershy quickly opened the front door of the schoolhouse. When she came in, breathing as if she ran in the 'Running of the Leaves', she saw that Silver Spoon had a large bandage on her cheek and her left ear covered in white gauze bandage. A peach earth pony with a yellow and orange mane and tail was rubbing Silver's shoulder as the gray filly was only looking down at her hooves. Wild Heart was sitting alone, her mane covering her eyes as she still had the ruined sock that surprisingly still kept her paws hidden. Both Miss Cheerilee and the peach-colored mare looked up when Fluttershy came in.

Cheerilee got up as she walked towards Fluttershy. "Sorry for calling you in the middle of the day. The other's are still outside playing so we can discuss this without any problems."

Fluttershy stood next to where Wild was sitting, the peach pony stood up while holding Silver's hoof before she spoke. "When I got here, by daughter's head was covered in blood."

Silver retracted her hoof as she mumbled something out loud. "No it wasn't."

Fluttershy looked over at Wild before she spoke next. "Wild Heart?"

"She hasn't said a word since it all happened." Cheerilee explained as she stood behind the brown filly.

Fluttershy didn't say anything when she walked in front of Wild and sat in front of her, trying to look at her in the eye. "Did you really hurt this girl?" She asked, to which she got silence and no other response what so ever. "Did you apologize?" She asked another question, in which Wild turned her head slightly to the side, her mane hiding her eyes again as she didn't say a word.

Fluttershy sighed before she spoke again. "Do it. Now."

She was given silence.

"I'm not asking."

She got more silence from Wild Heart. The only difference was that Wild turned her head back to where it was first positioned.

Fluttershy got up, Wild Heart doing the same, but still looking down at the floor. After a minute of silence, Wild Heart spoke. "... I'm sorry."

The yellow pegasus turned to where Silver and what she could understand her mother was standing before she silently bowed down in front of the two. "I'm very sorry about this." She apologized next.

"What do you say we put this whole thing behind us? The school's insurance will cover any medical bills you have so--" Cheerilee tried to end this until the other earth pony mare interrupted.

"Do you really think I'll let you push this aside with a weak little apology?" She asked, to which everypony was silent for a moment. "What does that help if my daughter loses her hearing in that ear?"

Fluttershy was still bowed down as she remained silent, not having an answer for that question.

"I'm holding you responsible for this." The mare spoke out again. "If her ear doesn't heal, I will take you to court for everything you got!"

Miss Cheerilee then tried to stop and ease the tension. "Please Mrs. Plaque I'm sure it won't come to that."

"Stop jumping to her defense. My child is the one with the injury here!"

"A wolf..." Silver spoke out for the first time.

"What?" The mare called Mrs. Plaque turned to Silver.

The gray filly lifted her head up a little before she spoke again. "It was a wolf who did it."

Fluttershy's eyes widened when she heard that and remained silent as she kept listening. Wild Heart only had her head turned away as she was quiet once more.

"It wasn't her so stop it." She finished.

Mrs. Plaque turned to Silver before she placed a hoof on her daughter's shoulder. "Silver Spoon, what on earth are you saying? I'm sorry, a wolf?"

"From the Everfree. We went too close and it got me. Nothing else." Silver explained as she was still looking down from her mother.

Mrs. Plaque only sighed before she turned to the teacher. "She must still be light-headed from the blood loss. I'll just take her home and let her rest. As for you," She jabbed a hoof at Fluttershy. "Don't think this is over. You better pray to Faust that her ear heals or you'll be another poor mare on the street." She didn't say anything more as she grabbed Silver spoon and left the school house, a small chariot waiting outside for the two as the school students watched them leave, making them curious and getting some gossip on what was going on.

Fluttershy was still in the school with Wild Heart as she got up from her bow. "Again, I'm very sorry for what has happened."

"It's okay Fluttershy. Golden Plaque was always a bit overprotective of Silver, so it would make sense that she wasn't that happy about the filly who hurt her child. If things do come to that, I just hope that she doesn't keep to her word." Cheerilee said as she placed a reassuring hoof on the shy mare's shoulder. "If you'd like, you can leave with Wild Heart so that you two can relax."

Fluttershy looked at Wild Heart who was now sitting on her desk. "I think maybe she would like to stay." Fluttershy said. "I'll be back when school is over."

"Alright then, but if you feel that maybe letting her stay isn't the best idea, then I would understand if you took her with you." Cheerilee said as she guided Fluttershy out of the school before they said their goodbyes and Fluttershy was calmly walking home now.

Cheerilee noticed the fillies and colts were talking to each other and stomped her hoof, signaling that recess was over and to come inside. When they all entered, they were quiet and most of them had eyes on Wild Heart who was quiet the whole time. While Cheerilee was setting up class, one of the students decided to speak out.

"What happened to Silver Spoon Miss Cheerilee?"

"She went home early." Cheerliee simply said as she was writing on the board.

"Why did she do that?" Another student asked.

"Because she got hurt."

"Yeah but how did Silver get hurt?" A third classmate asked.

"I'd rather not-"

"Somepony beat her up, that's what I heard." A familiar pink filly's voice spoke out.

"That's, uhh..." But before Cheerilee could make up something that could let the conversation move on, Wild Heart quickly got up and ran out of the classroom, slamming the door shut. That triggered for the classmates to get out of their seats and start coversing with each other on why and how Wild Heart beat up Silver Spoon. "Alright! That's enough class. Everypony just quiet down!" Cheerilee shouted as she tried to calm down the students.


Fluttershy was still walking home from the certain 'event' at the schoolhouse. Everything was quiet and nopony was around as she walked at a calm pace. At least, everything was quiet until somepony spoke out, Wild Heart walking beside her as she decided to skip on school since she didn't feel up to it.

"I tried to be good..." She said. "I kept saying it... but it didn't work." She started to breath out through her mouth, the lump in her throat not helping as she spoke with a weak voice. "Are... are they gonna kick me out of school?" She asked. "Are we gonna have to move away... because of me?"

Fluttershy turned to her daughter, who had her face down as she spotted some wet tear streaks on her fur and small droplets falling to the floor. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry momma." She finished the last sentence before she started to cry out loud, her head lifted from looking at the ground as her nose was stuffy and her eyes were a little red before she shut them and stopped walking. "M-momma. I tried so hard but I... I just.." She was still crying as Fluttershy draped a wing over her while also petting her mane for comfort.

"Shh, shh, it's okay sweetie." Fluttershy said in a calm tone as to show that she wasn't upset or angry.

Wild Heart continued to cry, her form shifting to her human self as she wrapped her arms around her mother's neck as she buried her face in her coat, Fluttershy never complaining as she let her daughter cry her eyes out as it seemed that she needed this.

Author's Note:

Hello everypony! How are you guys? Anyways, here's the next chapter for this story and I honestly wasn't sure if I should've made this chapter or not. But I felt as if I made this chapter kinda nice. I hope you like this chapter(even though it was a bit on the negative side).

So! How would you rate this chapter? Was the name "Golden Plaque" a good name for Silver Spoon's mother? And why would Silver Spoon not spill the beans on Wild being the one who cause the injury?

Please Comment, Like, and Fave if you'd like. But I'll see you guys next time! Bye-bye~

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why would Silver Spoon not spill the beans on Wild being the one who cause the injury?

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And honestly, it isn't even that bad. Back when she rolled in it, I was pondering a far more drastic change like turning her into a timber wolf, forcing her to choose that or going human. Although with no one knowing how to cure it until Zecora's introduction, it would be a very rough road for Yemie.

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