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Starcrossed - raritypie

After getting some surprising news,shenanigans ensue. Will it make their relationship crumble? Or will they be destined to be together forever?

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A Day Out

Author's Note:

Happy Valentine's Everyone! I thought today would be a good day to start the newest chapter. I'm sorry about the hiatus but it was desperately needed. I hope you all enjoy.

Upon getting a welcome invitation to the park from Pinkie, the three of us: Maud, Pinkie and I spent the morning there. I thought it was a good idea especially because I hadn't gotten the chance to meet Pinkie's older sister in decent circumstances and it had been a while since Pinkie and I had hung out. Pinkie happily frolicked in the grass while Maud and I watched over her.

"I hope you take good care of her. She may not look it but she's easily hurt. If you ever hurt her feelings I'll pummel you to until you're no more."

Weirdly enough, she hadn't been very expressive until that moment. I nervously chuckled and agreed with her.

"Hah... I promise. I won't ever hurt Pinkie. I really like her you know."


Pinkie played in the dew filled grass and soon came back to the two of us. Her mane was filled with flowers and stained with green marks. Her appearance made Maud giggle a little bit.

"What's so funny Maud?"

"You're filthy." Her words were blunt but true none the less.

"Awww... I can go and take a bath with Gummy now!" A look of disappointment came over her.

"Something wrong?"

"Gummy and Cherry are still with Flutters until tomorrow. So I can't play with him yet..."

"It'll be okay Pinkie! Its not like they'll be gone forever. C'mon let's get you cleaned up!"

Pinkie flashed a warm smile back and bounced back onto her hooves. "Yeah!"

Maud stood up glancing at Pinkie, trying not to let the occasional giggle peep out. "I'll take her back home. Go on ahead Pinkie."

"Okey Dokey!" Pinkie happily bounced away home.

"While I'm with her I need you to do me a favor."

"Uh sure?" I was curious. What in the world in Equestria could Maud want with me?

"Tell me. How did you get the letter to come back?"

"...Letter?" I suddenly remembered. A few days ago in Appleloosa as I tried to fall asleep, a strange aura appeared leaving a letter of invitation in my hooves.

"This weird light woke me up a few nights ago...and as it disappeared the letter showed up."

Maud tapped her chin in response. "That was magic. I have a feeling as to who did this."

"As in it wasn't your sisters?"

"No they're responsible as well. However Earth ponies can't conjure up spells."

"Oh..right." I felt embarrassed for not remembering something as basic as that. Even a foal would know that Earth ponies can't use magic.

"Unfortunately, I'll have to leave. I didn't think it would come to this but I have to check on the farm... especially if my suspicions are correct."

Whatever it was that conjured the letter was obviously of the utmost importance at the moment. "Did you really need to leave so soon...? You just got here and Pinkie would-"

Maud cut my sentence off short as she began to trot off. "Listen keep her occupied. Tell her I'll be back."

"Alright..." I mumbled, still confused about the whole affair. Maud seemed difficult to understand but I didn't really know her very well yet. I went back to the bakery, to find a exuberant and clean Pinkie Pie happily humming through the store.

"Cheesy! You're back! Is Maud behind you? She's a slow one isn't she!"

I shook my head in response. "She had some business to attend to. Maud will be back."

I heard something slowly deflate as Pinkie scowled. "Oh I see."

"Don't be sad Pinkie! We'll go see Gummy if you want. Sounds fun doesn't it?"

As her eyes began to well up with tears she tried her best to smile. "T-that sounds like fun..."

Wiping the tears that began to roll down her pink cheeks, I gave her a supportive smile. "C'mon let's go. Gummy would want to see your smiling face right? Wipe those tears."

"Yeah..." Her smile becomes brighter as her hair slowly inflates once more. "Let's go! I'll take you to Fluttershy's!"

Pinkie became her joyful self again as she let out a hearty giggle and took me to Fluttershy's Cottage. It was my first time having been to the the house and I was shocked by the amount of animals in her front yard. "Wow... she can manage all of this?"

"Eeyup! She does it all by herself. Well her bunny Angel helps out sometimes too..."

How could a bunny be of much help? I looked around in awe as several different species of wild animals roamed the meadows.

"Fluuutterrshhyyy!" Pinkie yelled. "Come out , Come out where ever you are!"

A small voice squeaked from above. "Oh Pinkie. I wasn't expecting you...Oh and Mr.Sandwich! It's nice to see you again."

We looked up and saw Fluttershy looking down on us from a cloud above. "Flutters! Where's Gummy?"

Fluttershy flittered down from her cloud with a few hummingbirds and butterflies. "A few of the animals went to the pond in the back. Oh and Cherry is asleep. She's such a sweet little cat."

I had completely forgotten about Cherry. She was only a little kitten when I saw her last year. She is a little calico kitten that Pinkie and I found in Manehattan last year. "Would it be okay if I saw Cherry?"

"Of course! I'll take you."

"I'm gonna go get Gummy. Have fun with Cherry Cheesy."

Pinkie bounced away and Fluttershy escorted me into her cottage where Cherry was happily playing with a ball of yarn. Her eyes lit up when I walked into the room and she purred onto my legs. "I missed you too Cherry its been a while. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye."

Cherry mewed in response as she continued to purr.

"Um...Cheese? May I ask a question..?" A meek voice said in the corner. I completely forgot Fluttershy was still here.

"Where have you been the last year? I-If you don't mind me asking..."

"I traveled Equestria and some other places threw a couple of parties too."

"I just wanted to know...Why you left. She was so sad when you left. Pinkie had a hard time smiling for a long time. We invited her to hang out and rarely would we get a response. But I have hope she'll be doing better now that you're back. I just don't want to see her sad again.None of us do."

I didn't think I had hurt Pinkie by leaving. I can't be tied down to one place. My job is to travel and provide my party services to those in need. I never meant to hurt her or make her sad. I felt upset at myself that I caused them so much distress just by leaving. Why couldn't I have thought things out instead of being selfish. The image of depressed Pinkie flashed through my mind. I caused that. I made her unhappy and for nearly a year she was worried and sad... What kind of a friend am I?

I petted Cherry's multli-colored fur as the three of us sat in silence. My heart was guilt ridden and heavy and what made it worse was the happy sound of Pinkie's voice. As much as I loved Pinkie, it felt mocking. I made her sad and now I made her happy? Could she make up her mind?

"Cheesy! I finally found you! See I got Gummy back!"

I smiled. "Great!"

Now I was the one feeling empty inside.

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Will you continue???

5895874 I haven't decided yet. With summer break in a week I probably could begin the next chapter.

I haven't decided whether I ship Pinkie and Cheese, but I know that if I do and I write them getting married, I'm totally going to do the hat/veil swap like the cover image. It's so perfect and hilariously them!

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