by raritypie

First published

After getting some surprising news,shenanigans ensue. Will it make their relationship crumble? Or will they be destined to be together forever?

It's been a year since Cheese and Pinkie have last seen each other. However they frequently write letters to each other. When Cheese makes a surprise visit to Ponyville, the two get surprising news. Upon hearing the good news, crazy situations ensue. Will Pinkie and Cheese be together forever, or will they allow their relationship to crumble?


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I had just finished serving the last few customers for today.

"Thanks for visiting SugarCube Corner! See you soon!"

"Bye Pinkie! Have a nice evening."

The mare walked off and my smile faded. I haven't been able to smile since Cheese left. Occasionally, he sends me letters about the grand places he's been. Lately he was in the Griffon Kingdom, and took pictures of the sights there.

I clutched the picture and held it my hooves. "Oh why... I would love to be able to explore with you. Why did you leave?" I said to myself.

I began to clean up the restaurant and shut it down for the night. The Cakes were out on vacation so I had the place to myself. Gummy and Cherry were at Fluttershy's cottage helping out with an upcoming Tea Party that she was planning. I felt alone. My friends didn't really understand how I felt and I tried my best to keep on smiling even on the worst of days. After all...if Cheese saw me frown,he'd be really sad. So I don't want to disappoint him or my friends.

After cleaning up, I walked upstairs to my bedroom and laid on my bed. The evening Sun had begun to set and it looked like it was getting ready to rain.

"I hope everyone will be safe tonight. This storm looks like it's going to be a doozy!"

"Doozy" I thought. It was one of Cheese's favorite words.

"Huh..." I went to bed and tried to dream peaceful dreams. Unfortunately, I haven't had a good one since Cheese left. I dream of nothing. Just darkness and emptiness, Which is how my heart felt.

I woke up to the sun's rays beaming in my face. I got up and opened the restaurant.

I decided to get today's specials ready. Blueberry Muffins, Cherry Cupcakes, Raspberry Donut Holes and Chocolate Chunk Cookies were on today's menu. I quickly made a batch and the smell permeated throughout the bakery. A crowd soon appeared and was ready to indulge in the desserts. I noticed a couple of familiar faces.I put on my best smile.

"Hey Twilight! Hi Rarity!"

"Hey Pinkie!"they said in unison.

"It smells scrumptious in here! I want two of each!" Said Twilight. Her ravenous alicorn appetite had gotten the best of her.

"What about you Rarity?"

"Oh nothing for me. I'm on a new oatmeal diet. I'm trying to stay fit and trim."

I flinched at the idea of a diet. I could never eat sweets! "I hope that goes well for you."

"Thank you darling. Are you coming to Fluttershy's tea party in a few days?"

"Definitely! Gummy and Cherry are participating so I can't wait to see how their manners have improved."

Fluttershy's tea party was created to help pets with their manners and etiquette. She suggested our pets participate due to an unfortunate event that happened last week. The pets were being rough with each other and Tank ended up cracking his shell,so all of the pets have been chosen to participate.

"I can't wait to see Owlicious again." Twilight said with a full mouth.

"Twilight, dear! Mind your manners. I can't wait to see Opal again. I miss playing with her."

"Sorry Rarity. Hey Pinkie, I have some business to attend to in Canterlot so I'll see you soon." Twilight closed her box of desserts and began to leave.

"Yes I also have business to attend to. I need to finish my Spring Line before next week. So I'll be back later."

"Bye Girls!" Rarity and Twilight walked out together.

I finished serving today's customers and the day went by fairly quickly. It was about the evening time when the mail mare arrived. The grey coated mare stumbled into the restaurant and saluted me.

" Ms. Pinkamena Diane Pie?"


"You have a letter!"She gave me a light yellow envelope. Could this be what I think it is?

"Thank you!" I gave her a box of the last muffins. She smiled at me and hugged me tightly.

"Ooooh thank you Pinkie! You have no idea how happy this makes me."

"I'm glad I made you happy!"

"I have to finish my route now. Bye Bye!"


She happily trotted out the door and flew away. I sighed and went into the kitchen. "Mm... should I make something for me? To get me of my sadness?"

I was in a cooking frenzy. I made several dozen cupcakes and chimchangas. I had a few and went out to the lobby and read the letter. It was from Cheese Sandwich and it read:

Dear Pinkie,

I'm in Appleloosa now visiting some old friends of mine. I miss you everyday. I wish you could be here enjoying the sites and throwing parties with me. We had a nice hootenanny here in towns square. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the town. I was honored to throw the celebration but I wish you could have helped. I'm sure it would have been the best party ever. I'll be writing again soon.

With Love,
Cheese Sandwich.

P.S: say hi to Cherry and Gunmy for me.I love you Pinkie. XOXO.

I clutched it in my hooves and read it once more.Appleloosa isn't that far. I'm sure he'll be back soon. For once I didn't have to fake a smile. I beamed at the letter and bounced around. He's going to come back soon. I just know it.

I laid in my bed and was ready to sleep.For the first time in what felt like centuries, I was happy and I dreamt blissful dreams.


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"That was one wild party Mr.Sandwich" Said Mayor Silverstar.

"It was my honor."

"Can you please throw my grandfilly's birthday party next weekend? She would love it."

"Sorry Sir, but in the morning I'll be heading to my next destination."

"Aww. Where are you going?"

"Wherever I'm needed, I'm sure I'll find something soon."

"Well good luck to ya Pardner! You're always welcome here in Appleloosa. Enjoy the rest of your stay!"

"Thank you Sir."

The mayor galloped away into the Sunset.

Today was the 60th anniversary of the town's foundation. My cheesy sense brought me to this town once more. It was one of my first parties where I had been on such a short schedule. I had only three hours to plan and create a party for the town's anniversary.It was quite stressful but it was worth it in the end.

I stayed at a local Farmer's home for the night. The mayor told me he was also a member of the Apple Family but was away in a nearby town competing in some sort of competition.

The house quite spacious and sort of smelly, It smelt of Cinnamon Apples and it had a western vibe that seemed a little too familiar. Where did I know this smell?

Eventually I found a guestroom. It was rather small compared to the other rooms in the house but I guess it would have to do for the night. I got into the bed, it was quite comfortable as if i was laying in a flower bed.

I tried my best to go to bed but mind began to wonder. "Did Pinkie get my letter? How is she?" and many more questions ran through my mind.

I hadn't seen her in about a year but we try our best to write each other.I love her so much and I can't wait to see her again.

I was almost asleep when a bright green flame awoken me. The flame produced two letters. One from Pinkie Pie and one that did not have a name or address on it. I immediately opened Pinkie's but my curiosity nearly got the better of me, What was this mysterious letter and who was it from?

Pinkie's letter read:

Dear Cheese,

I hope you have fun in Appleloosa! Make sure to send lots and lots of pictures. I can't wait to see them and you when you get back! I miss you sooooooooooooooooo much! Chimicherry Changas haven't been the same since you left! I hope to see you really really really soon.

With lots of Love,
Pinkie Pie
P:S- XOXOXOXOXOXOXO infinite hugs and kisses!

I was glad to know Pinkie is okay and I'll make sure to visit her soon, but this letter piqued my curiosity. I cautiously opened it and it read:

Dear Cheese Sandwich,

We are in need of your services. Please come to Ponyville at once, Come to the Town Square tomorrow evening, Come Alone and not a word of this to Pinkie Pie.


A friend.

The mysterious letter shook me up a little. "Come alone? Not a word to Pinkie?" How did this pony know Pinkie and Me? How did they know where I was? Who is this creature?

Many other questions ran through my mind. I wouldn't know who this thing was until tomorrow so I tried my best to sleep.

In the morning, I packed my bags and was ready to leave, I began my walk to the station. There was a rather large crowd blocking the entrance to the train. I wonder what happened? I bumped into the mayor.

"Oh! Mr.Mayor! What's all the hubbub?"

"It's terrible! The train has broken down."

"That is terrible."

"What's worse is the mechanic can't come until late this afternoon. So the express is delayed for a few hours."

"Delayed....wait..." The train is delayed meaning I may not get back to Ponyville in time!

"Mayor! Is their another way to Ponyville?"

"Hmmm. I guess you could get a taxi but it'll cost ya..."

"That's fine! I'll do your Grandfilly's birthday party! Is that enough?"

"Absolutely! Oh little Basil will be so pleased..." He rambled on.

"Can you just get me a taxi?!"

"Oh I'm sorry. That fellow will get you there lickity split." He pointed to a muscular brown stallion standing next to his taxi. "Just tell him I sent you,"

"Thanks!" I ran to the stallion and explained my situation.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to get you there before Sundown!"

I hopped into the taxi and the driver sprinted off. I looked around and all of the sights and colors blended together. It made me a little dizzy.

I pulled both letters out of my pocket. Pinkie's letters always brought a smile to my face and right now I certainly need one. And then I thought of something, If two letters were delivered to me How did they get Pinkie's? Did they steal the letter? Where they holding her hostage? What is going on here?!

"I guess I'll find out when I arrive." It bothered me the entire trip to Ponyville.

About five hours later, I arrived on the outskirts of Ponyville.

"Sorry Bud but this is the farthest I go. Good Luck on your search."


The driver galloped away into the evening sun.

I needed to get to Ponyville before the sun set,. Looking at the sky once more, It was about Six O' Clock. I needed to get there by Seven before it became nighttime. It may have been only an hour but i tried my hardest to get back to Ponyville.

I galloped and galloped. I soon saw the town on the horizon. I was anxious and I needed to know what exactly was going on. I ran faster than I have done in years but eventually I made it.

It was just getting dark. The ponies were getting ready for bed and settling back into their homes. I walked to towns square and waited for this enigma to rear its ugly head.

It was about an hour until the ponies had finally settled in and an eerie silence laid over the town. I sat on the stairs and was surprised when I heard a voice.

"Hello Cheese."

The voice had frightened me and scared me out of my daydream.

"....Who exactly are you? Where's Pinkie?!"

"Hehehe just as I said in my letter. A friend."

"That's not good enough! Who are you? Where is Pinkie?!"

"She's perfectly fine. I assure you she's safe. Ater all...she asked me to send it."

"You? Who are you?!" I repeated once more. I was aggravated by this pony's games and I just needed to know what was going on.

"All will be explained in due time Mr.Sandwich."

"...." There were too many mysteries lingering about. I need to know,

"How does she know you?"

"I will repeat it once more. I am a friend. I mean no harm. Now if you could just come with me-"

"NO! Not until i know what in Equestria is going on?!"

"I didn't want to do this but it looks like I'm forced to use desperate measures."

"Wait wha-" I was interrupted by a loud whistle.

A large pain sizzled through my flank. What was happening?

"Whats...going... oN?" I was dizzy and my vision began to fade. A streetlight began to flicker and showed the mysterious pony's body. I couldn't find much about the pony, Only that it wore a black coat.

It was the last thing I saw that evening.


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"Hehehe!" I giggled at the morning sun. I felt so happy. I did cartwheels around my bedroom and nearly fell down the stairs.

"Wheeee!" I squealed. I slid down the stairs and flipped into the kitchen to prepare the specials for today. "Today's specials are... Cherry Parfaits, Apple Danishes and Lemon Bars." Yum! Let's get cooking.

As always, the smell of the baked goodies permeated from the bakery and into the town. In no time at all, customers swarmed in to get a sample.

"One for you! Oooh and one for you! One for all of you!" I spun around, tossing and handing out goodies to all of the ponies, and I tried my best not to miss a customer.

Many of the customers soon left, tipping me with pleased smiles as the crowd walked out the door.

I sighed and was content with my morning so far. I wonder could any of my friends play with me today. I thought a little about what everyone could be doing. Applejack is still out of town competing, Twilight is still out doing Royal Business and Fluttershy is probably getting the animals ready for the upcoming tea party. That left Rainbow and Rarity! I wonder what they're up to.

I happily skipped through town and headed for Carousel Boutique. When I arrived, the store looked peaceful, which was rarely a good sign. I tapped the door, and it opened. Why wasn't it closed?

"Raaaarity!" I called out.

"Pinkie?" I heard her voice ring out from the second floor. "Do come upstairs please. I was just about to come over to the bakery."

"Will Do Rare!" I bounced up the stairs and hugged her as tightly as I could.

" too...darling."

"Oh I'm sorry! Was my hug a little too tight?"

"Just a tad." Her face almost matched the color of her mane. She slowly gained her normal marshmallow white color to her face.

"What's up Rarity?"

"Oh! I need your help,I'd like you to model a few of my new designs."

"Oooh sounds fun. I'll do it!"

Rarity walked into one of her dressing rooms downstairs. A rack of three outfits stood in the middle of the room.

"Pick one so we can start! I'm eager to see what it looks like on you!" She squealed.

I picked a outfit and headed into the dressing room. It was a little hard to get into but I managed. I walked out.

"How do I look?" I patted my mane and strutted.

"Gorgeous! That dress looks delightful on you."

I didn't get a chance to see myself in the mirror. Rarity levitated a full body mirror unto a wall.

"Look at you! You look divine. That really suits you..." she began to mumble and adjust the other dresses.

The dress was a yellow ruffled dress. It kinda looked like something that one of the princesses would have worn, maybe centuries ago?

"Is there anything else you'd like?"

"Huh? No sorry dear. You've made me inspired! I have to alter these dresses immediately."

"Okey Dokey Loki! Wanna play?"

Rarity levitated her red glasses and began to mumble."Maybe a different color? Oooooh sequins! No...."


"Oh sorry! Not right now. Maybe we'll eat lunch together later?"

"Sounds like fun! I'll see you then!"

"What about oh forget it! Sequins and Rubies!"

"Hehehe silly Rarity." I bounced out of the boutique and was ready to head to my next destination. I kept bouncing until I found a large hill. "Oooh looks like fun!" I rolled down the hill and landed on my back into a meadow of flowers.

I looked up into the sky and looked at the clouds. "That one looks like a bunny! And that one looks like a Chicken!" I kept looking at them and I remembered. That one lovely day that Cheese and I had wings for a day. I never knew how fun the clouds could be.

Hmm...I wonder if Cheese is alright. "Of course he is! He has to be. After all he may just be coming back to visit me soon." I said to myself. "My letter must have inspired him to come back to me!"

I felt exhilarated at the thought he was coming back. I couldn't stop smiling. For the first time in a while, a smile appeared on my face that I just couldn't wipe away.

"Speaking of flying...I should visit Rainbow. She'll definitely want to play with me!"

I ran back to Ponyville as fast as I could. I was in the town square and kept shouting her name.



"Rainbowwwww Daaash!"

I screamed until I saw her fly in front of me.

"What is it Pinkie? We don't need all of Equestria to hear you."

"Oops sorry Dashie. Wanna play?"

"Not now Pinkie. The crusaders want my help with some stunt they're doing."

"Oooh I can come?"


"Pretty Please?"


"Pretty Pretty Please? With gumdrops and icing and cherries and lollipops on top?" I began to drool at the thought of such yummy treats.

"Fine. Just don't persuade them to do anything crazy. Okay?"

"Okey Dokey!"

Rainbow and I headed to the Cutie Mark Crusader's treehouse. The fillies were outside talking to one another.

"Are you sure you don't wanna try Sweetie?"

"Yes I'm sure. This is one thing I don't wanna try. I'll cheer both of you on though and I'll be... A Cutie Mark Crusader Cheerleader! Oooh and the cutie mark will be soooo cute..."

"AppleBloom do we have a deal?"

"You're on. Whoever loses has to buy ice cream for the two of us."

They shook hooves and the three of them ran to the back of the treehouse.

"What exactly just happened Dashie?"

"You'll see when we get there."

"Follow me Pinkie!" Rainbow took me to the back of the clubhouse and I saw a large thing. I didn't know what it was.

"What is this Dashie?"

"It's a skate park. Apparently they bought it."

"Oooh cool! I wonder how they bought it."

"Who cares? This place is truly epic!"

"Epic?" I thought. That was one of Cheese's favorite words... I wonder what he would think about this place. He'd probably want me to enjoy this. I wonder if he's having fun right now.

"Pinkie Pie!" The fillies screamed.

"Hi girls! What's going on?"

"Scoots and I are having a competition to see who is the best skater!"

"Ooh fun! What's the prize?"

"Ice cream for the winner an' SweetieBelle!"


Scootaloo interrupted. "Rainbow Dash is our judge! If you want you can be a judge too!"

"Of course I'll be one! Let's get started girls!"

AppleBloom and Scootaloo put on their skates and safety gear and were ready to go.

"Whoever gets the most points by the time the music stops wins!" Announced SweetieBelle. She turned on a nearby radio and a Sapphire Shore song came on. It sounded familiar but I couldn't put a name on it.

Applebloom skated and performed tricks with a hula hoop, Scootaloo flitted through the air and did graceful tricks. It was kind of unusual. The last thing she'd want to be is graceful.

"Pssst Rainbow. What do you think so far?"

"The tricks are cool but not radical like I expected."

"Hmm...I guess."

The two kept preforming their stunts and Sweetie cheered. "Go Scootaloo! Go AppleBloom! You can do it!"

AppleBloom and Scootaloo began to spin and the bumped into each other.

"Ouch! What were you doing!"

"What were you doing AppleBloom? Were you trying to sabotage me?"

"No I play fair and square!"

"Apparently not if you had to resort to cheating!"

The girls began to bicker and the song went off.

"Fillies! Calm down. It's time to hear the scores." Yelled Sweetie.

AppleBloom and Scootaloo eagerly stood up and quickly ended their bickering.

"So who won?" The girls said.

Rainbow and I exchanged glances and whispered.

"What should we do Dashie?"

"I don't know...Hmm maybe.."

Rainbow whispered into my ear and I was prepared to give an answer to the fillies.

"It's a tie ! Congrats! All three of you win the ice cream!"

SweetieBelle cheered but the AppleBloom and Scootaloo were a little stunned.

"We can't both be the best! How am I supposed to get my cutie mark now..."whined Scootaloo.

Rainbow hugged Scootaloo and told her something. "Really Rainbow? You're the greatest."

"Pinkie, I'll be going with Scootaloo. Make sure they get home safely."

"Okey Dokey!"

Rainbow held Scootaloo and flew away.

"Okay Kiddos.Are you ready for me to take you home?"

"Thanks for the offer Pinkie,but AppleBloom is staying over tonight because the rest of the Apples are out of town."

"Aww okay! Have fun girls."

SweetieBelle and AppleBloom happily ran from the clubhouse.

It was almost Sunset. I decided to head back to the bakery. When I returned, The Cakes were just returning home from their vacation.

"Oh Pinkie it's so nice to see you again." Mrs Cake greeted me as if I hadn't seen her years.

"I'm glad you're back."

"Have you heard anything from Cheese?"

"Not yet. I just hope he's okay."

If he wasn't, I don't know what I would do.


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"..." Where am I? I thought. It was pitch black where I was and I couldn't speak. What exactly was going on? The last thing I remember was being at town's square... What happened?

I tried moving but my hooves were tied together. Desperately searching for answers, I played along and waited for some type of clue. I stayed silent and waited for a voice, a noise or anything that could help me.


Suddenly, I heard the sound of a long screech. It sounded like nails on a blackboard. What could it have been?

Then I heard the noise of uneven hoof steps. It sounded as if whatever pony it was either hurt themselves or lost a horseshoe.

"He should be awake. Should I let him out?" Said an unfamiliar voice.

"....Not quite. Leave his hooves bound but untie the wraps around his muzzle and eyes."


One of the voices did as it was commanded to, and I was able to see and speak. I was in a dimly lit room with two ponies. I had know clue who they were but I needed answers.

"Who are you?! Where am I?!"

"...You don't remember me?"

"Not at the slightest! Now please answer the questions!"

"...What do you remember about the evening at Town's Square?"

"......" Wait it couldn't be...

"My assailant?"

"Indeed." This mare had the audacity to say she was my assailant she must be able to answer the rest of my questions.

"Tell me why I'm here and who are you?"

"I guess I owe you that much. I'm Inkie Pie and this is Blinkie Pie."

"....Pie? I take it you are relatives of Pinkie's?"

"Indeed." The mare was a dull purple with a gray mane.

"So what am I doing here then? I don't even know you two."

The two mares had stoic looks on their faces and they gray one responded.

"Yes but we certainly know you." Said the Gray Mare.

"....Care to tell me?"

"Pinkie sends us letters from Ponyville about all of her fun adventures. However... the moment you came along the letters changed."


"Every letter since about a year ago was about you. The time you and Pinkie spent together and how much fun she had. You were the first stallion that she's felt this way about and we were curious about who this lucky stallion could be."

"...I'm flattered but did you two have to go through such lengths just to meet me?"

"...." The sisters were silent. Why did they kidnap me just so they could interrogate me? I'm sure we would have eventually met anyway...

The door swung open, making once again a agitating squeak. The sudden sunshine surprised me and there seemed to be a pony standing at the door.

"Huh..! What are you doing here?" The sisters were stunned into silence by the figure at the door.

"Blinkie.Inkie. What in Celestia's name is going on down here?" The new enigma walked down a set of stairs and I was able to see it in a better light. It was another mare who looked similar to the sisters except her mane is purple and shorter than the other two.


She walked over near me. "And who is this? Answer me now." Her voice was strict but had a monotone.

"He's Pinkie's friend. We just thought it'd be okay..."

"To torment him? I'm gone for a few months and you go and kidnap someone. Does mother and father know?"

"As I thought. Just leave Pinkie be and stop interfering in her life. She left this farm to make something of herself, unlike you two. Now please can you do us a favor and find something else to do?"

"Yes Maud... We're sorry..."

"It's not me you have to apologize to. It's everypony. You two do this with everything. It's time to grow up. Now untie Mr.Sandwich."

How did she know my name? I never introduced myself.

Blinkie and Inkie immediately untied me and left what seemed to be a cellar.

"Um Thank you for helping me."

"It's nothing. I'm Maud Pie. The oldest of the Pie sisters."

"Nice to meet you I"m-"

"I already know who you are."

"But how?"

"Apparently Pinkie sends a two types of letters to us. I'm usually away studying and Pinkie and I are close so she sends me letters frequently. I believe my family gets letters about every other week while I get one nearly everyday. I'm expecting one shortly."

"Hmm...interesting. So where exactly am I?"

"You are currently on the Pie Rock Farm. It's a bit far from Ponyville but if you'd like I will escort you there myself."

"Really? Thank you."

"It's nothing really. I was on my way there anyway and I decided to visit because it's seemed like ages since I saw my family."

"How convenient. If I may ask...what did business do you have in Ponyville?"

"...I'm not at liberty to indulge that now."


"Now let's get out of here. The next train leaves in about ten minutes."

Maud and I went out of the cellar. I was able to get a better glance of the farm. The area was gloomy and it made me sad to look at it. No wonder Pinkie left. It didn't seem like the place where she'd fit in. I thought they were just kidding about the rocks but they really did harvest rocks. I guess its because they are abundant in this area? But why harvest rocks out of all things?

"Stay right here. I have to go inside."

I nodded and Maud ran inside the house. I suppose she went to say goodbye to her family. She ran out with a small grin on her face.

"Let's go."

"Why the small detour Maud?"



"Indeed. I left Boulder inside. I thought he felt lonely so I brought more boulders for him to play with."

"..." I guess being here a while actually makes you a little loopy.

"Anyway let's hurry to the station. We should make it there around dusk."

We ran to the nearest station. It was secluded and it was a bit weird that it was located in such a place.

"Three tickets for the Pony Express." Maud ordered our tickets and a extra one for her rocks.

The train soon arrived and reached to a grinding halt. "All Aboard!" the conductor yelled.

Maud and I got on the train and sat in two seats that faced each other.

She became silent and took our her rocks one by one and sat them on the seat next to her. She smiled at one of them and gripped it tightly.

"Those are some" I said trying to make conversation.

"Thank you." She stopped the conversation. She seemed so eager to talk earlier.

"So.. uhh... Can you explain the bond between you and your sisters?"

"...It's not something I'd like to go into depth about but I'll make an exception for you."

She told me about the Pie Sisters bond. Maud and Pinkie were incredibly close. Pinkie was the youngest out of the four and always spent time with her eldest sister Maud. Maud left soon after Pinkie left the farm to make something out of herself, she felt that she no longer had a purpose at the farm if her sister was not there. Blinkie and Inkie were twins who never left the farm nor each other's side. Maud believes that they were afraid of what lies ahead so they always relied on their parents. Unlike the bond that Pinkie and Maud had, Maud had a iffy relationship with the twins and paid them little attention but loved them nonetheless. It would soon be the duty of one of the sisters to take ownership of the Farm, when their parents died. Currently, the twins and Maud weren't getting along because they were the only ones suited to the task. Pinkie was not considered due to how carefree her parents thought she was.

"That is a lot to take in."


Maud looked out the window as the train began to chug on.

Is this why Pinkie rarely mentioned her family? Is it because of a tendency to be dramatic?

Suddenly a familiar flash of green flame arrived in Maud's hooves, leaving a envelope. I was a bit anxious to see what Pinkie had to say. Maud opened the envelope and read it to herself.

"..." She smiled a little and handed me the letter. It read:

"Dear Maud,

Today has been the bestest day ever! For once I didn't have to pretend to be happy. I dressed up with Rarity and played a little with Rainbow Dash. It was lots and lots of fun and I wish you saw it. Also... Cheese will be back soon! I can't wait to see him again and swarm him with hugs. Ooooh I just can't wait! It'll be so super duper if you both came! I'd die of excitement. We can all make chimmicherry changas together!

With lotsa love,
Your Favorite Pink Pony: Pinkie Pie

PS: I have a surprise for Boulder! Shhh don't tell him though. We all know how much of a blabber mouth he is."

"Aww how adorable."

"Yes." She continued to smile.

It was heartwarming to read Pinkie's letter. It filled me with hope and I am glad we would be able to see each other after such a long time. She seemed a bit oblivious to what was going on. Perhaps her sisters refused to tell her what happened to me?

Questions lingered in my mind the entire trip. I hoped that when we would get there everything would be just fine and we'd have no worries. But knowing my luck...this may just be the beginning of something quite confusing.


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The sun had began to set on this amazing Spring Day. I had the most wonderful time with my friends and I couldn't wait to get back home to stuff my mouth with cupcakes and other goodies.

"Bye Girls!"

"Bye Pinkie!" Said my friends as they went to their homes.

I began to venture back to the bakery. The Cakes were getting ready to close the store and the last few customers left. I went inside to help with cleaning.

"Hi! Mrs.Cake!"

"Why hello Pinkie. Are you enjoying your week off?"

"Yes indeed! Though I can't wait to help again!"

"Oh don't push yourself! You've been working your hooves off the last few days and we felt that a break was well deserved."

"Aww Thanks! It doesn't matter though you look like you could use another set of hooves. Where's Mr.Cake?"

"...He's with the foals."

"Oh okay..." The slight hesitation in her voice signaled me to stop this conversation. Cup Cake rarely feels nervous and on those rare occasions that she is...It's not pretty.

I went into the kitchen to start cleaning the dishes. I was soon interrupted by Mrs.Cake who had a gigantic smile on her face.

"Pinkie! You have a guest!"

"Ooh Really?"

"Yes Really! Now go out and greet them!"

I was excited about who could want to see me. I had know clue who it was. Could it be...?

I left the kitchen and saw one of my favorite ponies in the entire universe.


I gripped her in a tight embrace.

"Ooh! What are you doing here?"

Maud spoke first.

"There is something here I've been looking for."

"Ooh a mystery item! Do you need help looking?"

"No but thank you. May I stay over until it's found?"

"Ooh of course! We can have slumber parties and tell scary stories and eat sweets all night!"

"Sounds fun."

"Would you like me to take your bag Maud?"

"That would be nice. Thank you."

Maud and I went up to my bedroom and I sat her bag on the bed. I was really curious to know what she was looking for.

"Maud? What are you searching for?"

"It's something special. I feel it will contribute to my studies."

"Oooh! Sounds nice. Did you get my letter?"

"Yes. What's the surprise for Boulder?"

"I found another boulder who grey with purple spots! Isn't be gorgeous?"

Maud smiled a bit. " Yes Pinkie and I'm sure Boulder will love it. He's sleep now you know. It's past his bedtime."


Maud emptied her pockets and showed me the other boulders she found. Some were grey like Boulder, some were shimmering and shiny and others came in all colors of the rainbow.

"Ooh! So pretty!"

"Thanks." She set them aside on a nearby end table.

"Pinkie? Could you tell me more about Cheese Sandwich?"

"Of course!" I thought it was odd for her to just mention him out of the blue, but I told Maud everything and I'm sure I've told it to her more than once.

I told her how we met again last year. How he wanted me to help with a celebrity wedding he was planning, the drama I had gone through, the new friends I made and of course our relationship. I told her how last year that we also found out that we were friends in the past. Though it took me a while to realize who he was. I told her how I felt about him. Those few weeks he was here had felt longer and sometimes I wish he'd stay. We've exchanged tons of letters to each other over the year and I feel like the distance had only strengthened the bond.

"I see..."

"Why'd you want to know about him?"

"...I was curious that's all."

"Maud. That's not true. Tell me!"

"..." Maud is a bad liar. Ever since she was a filly, her ears would perk up and signal that she was lying. I don't think she ever knew about it though.

"Fine Pinkie. I was on my way to the farm to see if I can find books for my research. However, I found something a bit more unsettling."

"What?!" And how exactly does this relate to Cheese?!

"Shh.Let me finish."

"Sorry. Please continue."

"I went to look for anypony who was at the farm. Mother and Father were out and I couldn't find Blinkie and Inkie."

"And then?" I was getting nervous. What happened to Cheese?

"I had gone to the cellar to find the twins and Cheese down there. Cheese was incapable of movement and the twins continued to interrogate him."

I was boiling mad. Why was Cheese there? How dare Inkie and Blinkie do this?

"Apparently, one of them kidnapped Cheese after his return to Ponyville two nights ago."

"..." So Cheese was coming! But they ruined it...he probably thinks my family and I are insane.

"Did you save him Maud?"

"Of course! I wouldn't trust any pony with Inkie and Blinkie."

"Where is he now?"

"I rescued him from the cellar and we took the train here. However, I felt he needed his rest so I took him to a nearby inn."

"Aww thank you Maud for taking good care of him! Now let's go see him!"

"Pinkie. It's time for him to sleep. We can see him in the morning."


"We should sleep as well."

I nodded and began to get into the bed and Maud joined me. It had been such a long time since we slept in the same bed. It reminded me when we were little fillies.

"Good Night Pinkie."

"Oh...Night Maud."

She immediately fell asleep, I couldn't blame her, it sounded like she and Cheese had a rough day. I couldn't sleep. I was worried about Cheese's well being and what my sisters had done to him. How could they be so crazy? I realize they mean well but they go to extremes on everything. I was really glad that Maud was there to save him. I don't know what would have happened if she wasn't at the farm.

It was about 11PM. I still couldn't sleep so I went out for a walk to clear my mind. I left the bakery, and headed for Towns Square. It truly is different without the ruckus of the ponies rushing through town. The moon lit the town surrounding it in a milky white aura. It felt comforting and was something I desperately needed right now.

Then, I wondered. Cheese is here right? Maybe it isn't too late to visit! There's only two inns in Ponyville and the innkeeper for one is out of town! So he just has to be...

I ran back to the direction of the bakery. Across from it was the infamous Hay and Stay. It was one of the few hotels in the town so ponies who travel here have no choice but to stay here. Due to a crazy event a few years back, no pony likes to stay there because of a guest convicted for murder.

I entered the inn and the keeper was not present. To pique my curiosity, I went I skimmed the guestbook. Sure enough his name was the only one in there.

"Room 014!" I yelled. I ran down the hallway to Room 14.As I reached the door and I felt butterflies flitter through my body. I nervously put my hooves on the door and knocked. I waited for a few seconds and the door swung open.

"..." I didn't see any pony, but I walked in anyway.



The silence became eerie. "C-Cheese?"

"..." I was frightened. Was I in the wrong room? If so, where was Cheese?

"I-If this is some kind of cruel joke...It's not funny."


Suddenly, there was a loud crash. It was enough to send me running out of this scary place. I ran down the hallway and bumped into somepony. I looked up and there he was.


"Pinkie!" He hugged me tightly and wiped my fearful tears away.

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yes...I was really eager to visit you and you weren't in your room..."

"I'm sorry. If I knew you were coming I would have stayed. Please don't cry."

Tears kept streaming down my face and he kissed them away. "All better?"

I nodded and response and spoke: "Something happened in your room. There was a loud crash."

"Crash...? Oh! It must have been the mirror!It looked a little wobbly so I left to tell the inn keeper about it. There's nothing he can do about it now, but he did give me a new room to stay in."

"How nice! Which room did you get?"

"Room 011. Come on, let's go!"

He grabbed my hoof and escorted me to the new room. This one was more aesthetically pleasing than the last one. He laid on his bed and invited me to sit.

"It's been so long Pinkie. Perhaps a little too long."

"Yes it has! I missed you very much."

"And I've missed you too. I hope you've being doing well."

"I've been super amazing! How has party planning been going?"


"What? Is everything okay Cheesy?"

"Yeah. I haven't been getting my cheesy sense lately. Do you think something is wrong?"

"No! You've just hit a slump. That's all. It happens to the best of us."

"I guess Pinkie."

"What was the last party you planned?"

"A few days ago, I was in Appleloosa planning the town's anniversary party."

"Oooh fun! It was fun wasn't it?"

"Loads of fun! But I'll be heading back next weekend to plan a birthday party." He seemed a little upset at the fact that he would have to leave again.

"Hey...Don't be sad. We still have the rest of the week together! We can have fun too."

He kissed me and smiled "Thanks for cheering me up."

I blushed a little and returned the kiss. "You're very welcome."

"Wanna see pictures from my travels?" He interrupted.


He pulled out from his luggage, hundreds of pictures that he had taken throughout the year.

"Here's me in Trottingham, Me in the Griffon Kingdom and ooh! There's me in..." He rambled on and on. I was so taken by the amazing places he'd been. I would love to see them.

"They look so amazing!"

"They're even better up close! One day, I'll take you to see them all!"

I smiled at the thought of traveling with Cheese. I could explore and be free with the pony I love the most.

I looked at the time.. I was nearly 3AM. I had been gone for about four hours and left Maud alone.

"Cheese! I have to get back home. My sister is staying over and I wouldn't want her to wake up without me there."

"You mean Maud?"

"How do you know-? Oh right."

"Yeah. I think we should talk about that."

"Can we leave that conversation until tomorrow? I'm sorry but I need to go."

"Of course. Good Night Pinkie."

"Night Cheese!" I gave him a quick kiss and headed back home. I ran up the stairs and prayed to Celestia that Maud was asleep.

And just my luck, Maud was awake and gave me a stern look.

"Hey Maud...How's the best sister in the entire world doing tonight?"

"Not too bad actually. How was your night with Cheese?"

I was a little stunned. She may have lacked a sense like mine but her intuition was something to be afraid of.

"You knew?"

"Of course Pinkie."

"I'm sorry I left."

"Its fine Pinkie. You deserve to be with him. It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Yeah... I'm glad he's back safe and sound."

"I am too."

"How long have you been up?"

"Ever since you left. I tucked all of my rocks in. Twice."

"Wow! I'm sorry. Again. I know how much you crave sleep."

"It's fine. A few hours of sleep won't hurt me. " She got back into the bed and relaxed.

"Now I am going to bed Pinkie. Make sure to do the same." Once again she immediately fell asleep, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I felt relieved to see Cheese and to know that he was okay. However, I'm going to need to get to the bottom of this mystery. I guess all of the answers will unfold tomorrow.

And with that, eyes felt heavy and I drifted off into a sweet and blissful rest.

A Day Out

View Online

Upon getting a welcome invitation to the park from Pinkie, the three of us: Maud, Pinkie and I spent the morning there. I thought it was a good idea especially because I hadn't gotten the chance to meet Pinkie's older sister in decent circumstances and it had been a while since Pinkie and I had hung out. Pinkie happily frolicked in the grass while Maud and I watched over her.

"I hope you take good care of her. She may not look it but she's easily hurt. If you ever hurt her feelings I'll pummel you to until you're no more."

Weirdly enough, she hadn't been very expressive until that moment. I nervously chuckled and agreed with her.

"Hah... I promise. I won't ever hurt Pinkie. I really like her you know."


Pinkie played in the dew filled grass and soon came back to the two of us. Her mane was filled with flowers and stained with green marks. Her appearance made Maud giggle a little bit.

"What's so funny Maud?"

"You're filthy." Her words were blunt but true none the less.

"Awww... I can go and take a bath with Gummy now!" A look of disappointment came over her.

"Something wrong?"

"Gummy and Cherry are still with Flutters until tomorrow. So I can't play with him yet..."

"It'll be okay Pinkie! Its not like they'll be gone forever. C'mon let's get you cleaned up!"

Pinkie flashed a warm smile back and bounced back onto her hooves. "Yeah!"

Maud stood up glancing at Pinkie, trying not to let the occasional giggle peep out. "I'll take her back home. Go on ahead Pinkie."

"Okey Dokey!" Pinkie happily bounced away home.

"While I'm with her I need you to do me a favor."

"Uh sure?" I was curious. What in the world in Equestria could Maud want with me?

"Tell me. How did you get the letter to come back?"

"...Letter?" I suddenly remembered. A few days ago in Appleloosa as I tried to fall asleep, a strange aura appeared leaving a letter of invitation in my hooves.

"This weird light woke me up a few nights ago...and as it disappeared the letter showed up."

Maud tapped her chin in response. "That was magic. I have a feeling as to who did this."

"As in it wasn't your sisters?"

"No they're responsible as well. However Earth ponies can't conjure up spells."

"Oh..right." I felt embarrassed for not remembering something as basic as that. Even a foal would know that Earth ponies can't use magic.

"Unfortunately, I'll have to leave. I didn't think it would come to this but I have to check on the farm... especially if my suspicions are correct."

Whatever it was that conjured the letter was obviously of the utmost importance at the moment. "Did you really need to leave so soon...? You just got here and Pinkie would-"

Maud cut my sentence off short as she began to trot off. "Listen keep her occupied. Tell her I'll be back."

"Alright..." I mumbled, still confused about the whole affair. Maud seemed difficult to understand but I didn't really know her very well yet. I went back to the bakery, to find a exuberant and clean Pinkie Pie happily humming through the store.

"Cheesy! You're back! Is Maud behind you? She's a slow one isn't she!"

I shook my head in response. "She had some business to attend to. Maud will be back."

I heard something slowly deflate as Pinkie scowled. "Oh I see."

"Don't be sad Pinkie! We'll go see Gummy if you want. Sounds fun doesn't it?"

As her eyes began to well up with tears she tried her best to smile. "T-that sounds like fun..."

Wiping the tears that began to roll down her pink cheeks, I gave her a supportive smile. "C'mon let's go. Gummy would want to see your smiling face right? Wipe those tears."

"Yeah..." Her smile becomes brighter as her hair slowly inflates once more. "Let's go! I'll take you to Fluttershy's!"

Pinkie became her joyful self again as she let out a hearty giggle and took me to Fluttershy's Cottage. It was my first time having been to the the house and I was shocked by the amount of animals in her front yard. "Wow... she can manage all of this?"

"Eeyup! She does it all by herself. Well her bunny Angel helps out sometimes too..."

How could a bunny be of much help? I looked around in awe as several different species of wild animals roamed the meadows.

"Fluuutterrshhyyy!" Pinkie yelled. "Come out , Come out where ever you are!"

A small voice squeaked from above. "Oh Pinkie. I wasn't expecting you...Oh and Mr.Sandwich! It's nice to see you again."

We looked up and saw Fluttershy looking down on us from a cloud above. "Flutters! Where's Gummy?"

Fluttershy flittered down from her cloud with a few hummingbirds and butterflies. "A few of the animals went to the pond in the back. Oh and Cherry is asleep. She's such a sweet little cat."

I had completely forgotten about Cherry. She was only a little kitten when I saw her last year. She is a little calico kitten that Pinkie and I found in Manehattan last year. "Would it be okay if I saw Cherry?"

"Of course! I'll take you."

"I'm gonna go get Gummy. Have fun with Cherry Cheesy."

Pinkie bounced away and Fluttershy escorted me into her cottage where Cherry was happily playing with a ball of yarn. Her eyes lit up when I walked into the room and she purred onto my legs. "I missed you too Cherry its been a while. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye."

Cherry mewed in response as she continued to purr.

"Um...Cheese? May I ask a question..?" A meek voice said in the corner. I completely forgot Fluttershy was still here.

"Where have you been the last year? I-If you don't mind me asking..."

"I traveled Equestria and some other places threw a couple of parties too."

"I just wanted to know...Why you left. She was so sad when you left. Pinkie had a hard time smiling for a long time. We invited her to hang out and rarely would we get a response. But I have hope she'll be doing better now that you're back. I just don't want to see her sad again.None of us do."

I didn't think I had hurt Pinkie by leaving. I can't be tied down to one place. My job is to travel and provide my party services to those in need. I never meant to hurt her or make her sad. I felt upset at myself that I caused them so much distress just by leaving. Why couldn't I have thought things out instead of being selfish. The image of depressed Pinkie flashed through my mind. I caused that. I made her unhappy and for nearly a year she was worried and sad... What kind of a friend am I?

I petted Cherry's multli-colored fur as the three of us sat in silence. My heart was guilt ridden and heavy and what made it worse was the happy sound of Pinkie's voice. As much as I loved Pinkie, it felt mocking. I made her sad and now I made her happy? Could she make up her mind?

"Cheesy! I finally found you! See I got Gummy back!"

I smiled. "Great!"

Now I was the one feeling empty inside.