• Published 28th Sep 2014
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Starcrossed - raritypie

After getting some surprising news,shenanigans ensue. Will it make their relationship crumble? Or will they be destined to be together forever?

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"..." Where am I? I thought. It was pitch black where I was and I couldn't speak. What exactly was going on? The last thing I remember was being at town's square... What happened?

I tried moving but my hooves were tied together. Desperately searching for answers, I played along and waited for some type of clue. I stayed silent and waited for a voice, a noise or anything that could help me.


Suddenly, I heard the sound of a long screech. It sounded like nails on a blackboard. What could it have been?

Then I heard the noise of uneven hoof steps. It sounded as if whatever pony it was either hurt themselves or lost a horseshoe.

"He should be awake. Should I let him out?" Said an unfamiliar voice.

"....Not quite. Leave his hooves bound but untie the wraps around his muzzle and eyes."


One of the voices did as it was commanded to, and I was able to see and speak. I was in a dimly lit room with two ponies. I had know clue who they were but I needed answers.

"Who are you?! Where am I?!"

"...You don't remember me?"

"Not at the slightest! Now please answer the questions!"

"...What do you remember about the evening at Town's Square?"

"......" Wait it couldn't be...

"My assailant?"

"Indeed." This mare had the audacity to say she was my assailant she must be able to answer the rest of my questions.

"Tell me why I'm here and who are you?"

"I guess I owe you that much. I'm Inkie Pie and this is Blinkie Pie."

"....Pie? I take it you are relatives of Pinkie's?"

"Indeed." The mare was a dull purple with a gray mane.

"So what am I doing here then? I don't even know you two."

The two mares had stoic looks on their faces and they gray one responded.

"Yes but we certainly know you." Said the Gray Mare.

"....Care to tell me?"

"Pinkie sends us letters from Ponyville about all of her fun adventures. However... the moment you came along the letters changed."


"Every letter since about a year ago was about you. The time you and Pinkie spent together and how much fun she had. You were the first stallion that she's felt this way about and we were curious about who this lucky stallion could be."

"...I'm flattered but did you two have to go through such lengths just to meet me?"

"...." The sisters were silent. Why did they kidnap me just so they could interrogate me? I'm sure we would have eventually met anyway...

The door swung open, making once again a agitating squeak. The sudden sunshine surprised me and there seemed to be a pony standing at the door.

"Huh..! What are you doing here?" The sisters were stunned into silence by the figure at the door.

"Blinkie.Inkie. What in Celestia's name is going on down here?" The new enigma walked down a set of stairs and I was able to see it in a better light. It was another mare who looked similar to the sisters except her mane is purple and shorter than the other two.


She walked over near me. "And who is this? Answer me now." Her voice was strict but had a monotone.

"He's Pinkie's friend. We just thought it'd be okay..."

"To torment him? I'm gone for a few months and you go and kidnap someone. Does mother and father know?"

"As I thought. Just leave Pinkie be and stop interfering in her life. She left this farm to make something of herself, unlike you two. Now please can you do us a favor and find something else to do?"

"Yes Maud... We're sorry..."

"It's not me you have to apologize to. It's everypony. You two do this with everything. It's time to grow up. Now untie Mr.Sandwich."

How did she know my name? I never introduced myself.

Blinkie and Inkie immediately untied me and left what seemed to be a cellar.

"Um Thank you for helping me."

"It's nothing. I'm Maud Pie. The oldest of the Pie sisters."

"Nice to meet you I"m-"

"I already know who you are."

"But how?"

"Apparently Pinkie sends a two types of letters to us. I'm usually away studying and Pinkie and I are close so she sends me letters frequently. I believe my family gets letters about every other week while I get one nearly everyday. I'm expecting one shortly."

"Hmm...interesting. So where exactly am I?"

"You are currently on the Pie Rock Farm. It's a bit far from Ponyville but if you'd like I will escort you there myself."

"Really? Thank you."

"It's nothing really. I was on my way there anyway and I decided to visit because it's seemed like ages since I saw my family."

"How convenient. If I may ask...what did business do you have in Ponyville?"

"...I'm not at liberty to indulge that now."


"Now let's get out of here. The next train leaves in about ten minutes."

Maud and I went out of the cellar. I was able to get a better glance of the farm. The area was gloomy and it made me sad to look at it. No wonder Pinkie left. It didn't seem like the place where she'd fit in. I thought they were just kidding about the rocks but they really did harvest rocks. I guess its because they are abundant in this area? But why harvest rocks out of all things?

"Stay right here. I have to go inside."

I nodded and Maud ran inside the house. I suppose she went to say goodbye to her family. She ran out with a small grin on her face.

"Let's go."

"Why the small detour Maud?"



"Indeed. I left Boulder inside. I thought he felt lonely so I brought more boulders for him to play with."

"..." I guess being here a while actually makes you a little loopy.

"Anyway let's hurry to the station. We should make it there around dusk."

We ran to the nearest station. It was secluded and it was a bit weird that it was located in such a place.

"Three tickets for the Pony Express." Maud ordered our tickets and a extra one for her rocks.

The train soon arrived and reached to a grinding halt. "All Aboard!" the conductor yelled.

Maud and I got on the train and sat in two seats that faced each other.

She became silent and took our her rocks one by one and sat them on the seat next to her. She smiled at one of them and gripped it tightly.

"Those are some nice...rocks." I said trying to make conversation.

"Thank you." She stopped the conversation. She seemed so eager to talk earlier.

"So.. uhh... Can you explain the bond between you and your sisters?"

"...It's not something I'd like to go into depth about but I'll make an exception for you."

She told me about the Pie Sisters bond. Maud and Pinkie were incredibly close. Pinkie was the youngest out of the four and always spent time with her eldest sister Maud. Maud left soon after Pinkie left the farm to make something out of herself, she felt that she no longer had a purpose at the farm if her sister was not there. Blinkie and Inkie were twins who never left the farm nor each other's side. Maud believes that they were afraid of what lies ahead so they always relied on their parents. Unlike the bond that Pinkie and Maud had, Maud had a iffy relationship with the twins and paid them little attention but loved them nonetheless. It would soon be the duty of one of the sisters to take ownership of the Farm, when their parents died. Currently, the twins and Maud weren't getting along because they were the only ones suited to the task. Pinkie was not considered due to how carefree her parents thought she was.

"That is a lot to take in."


Maud looked out the window as the train began to chug on.

Is this why Pinkie rarely mentioned her family? Is it because of a tendency to be dramatic?

Suddenly a familiar flash of green flame arrived in Maud's hooves, leaving a envelope. I was a bit anxious to see what Pinkie had to say. Maud opened the envelope and read it to herself.

"..." She smiled a little and handed me the letter. It read:

"Dear Maud,

Today has been the bestest day ever! For once I didn't have to pretend to be happy. I dressed up with Rarity and played a little with Rainbow Dash. It was lots and lots of fun and I wish you saw it. Also... Cheese will be back soon! I can't wait to see him again and swarm him with hugs. Ooooh I just can't wait! It'll be so super duper if you both came! I'd die of excitement. We can all make chimmicherry changas together!

With lotsa love,
Your Favorite Pink Pony: Pinkie Pie

PS: I have a surprise for Boulder! Shhh don't tell him though. We all know how much of a blabber mouth he is."

"Aww how adorable."

"Yes." She continued to smile.

It was heartwarming to read Pinkie's letter. It filled me with hope and I am glad we would be able to see each other after such a long time. She seemed a bit oblivious to what was going on. Perhaps her sisters refused to tell her what happened to me?

Questions lingered in my mind the entire trip. I hoped that when we would get there everything would be just fine and we'd have no worries. But knowing my luck...this may just be the beginning of something quite confusing.

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