• Published 28th Sep 2014
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Starcrossed - raritypie

After getting some surprising news,shenanigans ensue. Will it make their relationship crumble? Or will they be destined to be together forever?

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Author's Note:

I've been sick so to ease my boredom, I've began to write some more. I hope you like it. Make sure to like, follow, and favorite.

"Hehehe!" I giggled at the morning sun. I felt so happy. I did cartwheels around my bedroom and nearly fell down the stairs.

"Wheeee!" I squealed. I slid down the stairs and flipped into the kitchen to prepare the specials for today. "Today's specials are... Cherry Parfaits, Apple Danishes and Lemon Bars." Yum! Let's get cooking.

As always, the smell of the baked goodies permeated from the bakery and into the town. In no time at all, customers swarmed in to get a sample.

"One for you! Oooh and one for you! One for all of you!" I spun around, tossing and handing out goodies to all of the ponies, and I tried my best not to miss a customer.

Many of the customers soon left, tipping me with pleased smiles as the crowd walked out the door.

I sighed and was content with my morning so far. I wonder could any of my friends play with me today. I thought a little about what everyone could be doing. Applejack is still out of town competing, Twilight is still out doing Royal Business and Fluttershy is probably getting the animals ready for the upcoming tea party. That left Rainbow and Rarity! I wonder what they're up to.

I happily skipped through town and headed for Carousel Boutique. When I arrived, the store looked peaceful, which was rarely a good sign. I tapped the door, and it opened. Why wasn't it closed?

"Raaaarity!" I called out.

"Pinkie?" I heard her voice ring out from the second floor. "Do come upstairs please. I was just about to come over to the bakery."

"Will Do Rare!" I bounced up the stairs and hugged her as tightly as I could.

"Its...nice...to see...you too...darling."

"Oh I'm sorry! Was my hug a little too tight?"

"Just a tad." Her face almost matched the color of her mane. She slowly gained her normal marshmallow white color to her face.

"What's up Rarity?"

"Oh! I need your help,I'd like you to model a few of my new designs."

"Oooh sounds fun. I'll do it!"

Rarity walked into one of her dressing rooms downstairs. A rack of three outfits stood in the middle of the room.

"Pick one so we can start! I'm eager to see what it looks like on you!" She squealed.

I picked a outfit and headed into the dressing room. It was a little hard to get into but I managed. I walked out.

"How do I look?" I patted my mane and strutted.

"Gorgeous! That dress looks delightful on you."

I didn't get a chance to see myself in the mirror. Rarity levitated a full body mirror unto a wall.

"Look at you! You look divine. That really suits you..." she began to mumble and adjust the other dresses.

The dress was a yellow ruffled dress. It kinda looked like something that one of the princesses would have worn, maybe centuries ago?

"Is there anything else you'd like?"

"Huh? No sorry dear. You've made me inspired! I have to alter these dresses immediately."

"Okey Dokey Loki! Wanna play?"

Rarity levitated her red glasses and began to mumble."Maybe a different color? Oooooh sequins! No...."


"Oh sorry! Not right now. Maybe we'll eat lunch together later?"

"Sounds like fun! I'll see you then!"

"What about Ribbons....no.... oh forget it! Sequins and Rubies!"

"Hehehe silly Rarity." I bounced out of the boutique and was ready to head to my next destination. I kept bouncing until I found a large hill. "Oooh looks like fun!" I rolled down the hill and landed on my back into a meadow of flowers.

I looked up into the sky and looked at the clouds. "That one looks like a bunny! And that one looks like a Chicken!" I kept looking at them and I remembered. That one lovely day that Cheese and I had wings for a day. I never knew how fun the clouds could be.

Hmm...I wonder if Cheese is alright. "Of course he is! He has to be. After all he may just be coming back to visit me soon." I said to myself. "My letter must have inspired him to come back to me!"

I felt exhilarated at the thought he was coming back. I couldn't stop smiling. For the first time in a while, a smile appeared on my face that I just couldn't wipe away.

"Speaking of flying...I should visit Rainbow. She'll definitely want to play with me!"

I ran back to Ponyville as fast as I could. I was in the town square and kept shouting her name.



"Rainbowwwww Daaash!"

I screamed until I saw her fly in front of me.

"What is it Pinkie? We don't need all of Equestria to hear you."

"Oops sorry Dashie. Wanna play?"

"Not now Pinkie. The crusaders want my help with some stunt they're doing."

"Oooh I can come?"


"Pretty Please?"


"Pretty Pretty Please? With gumdrops and icing and cherries and lollipops on top?" I began to drool at the thought of such yummy treats.

"Fine. Just don't persuade them to do anything crazy. Okay?"

"Okey Dokey!"

Rainbow and I headed to the Cutie Mark Crusader's treehouse. The fillies were outside talking to one another.

"Are you sure you don't wanna try Sweetie?"

"Yes I'm sure. This is one thing I don't wanna try. I'll cheer both of you on though and I'll be... A Cutie Mark Crusader Cheerleader! Oooh and the cutie mark will be soooo cute..."

"AppleBloom do we have a deal?"

"You're on. Whoever loses has to buy ice cream for the two of us."

They shook hooves and the three of them ran to the back of the treehouse.

"What exactly just happened Dashie?"

"You'll see when we get there."

"Follow me Pinkie!" Rainbow took me to the back of the clubhouse and I saw a large thing. I didn't know what it was.

"What is this Dashie?"

"It's a skate park. Apparently they bought it."

"Oooh cool! I wonder how they bought it."

"Who cares? This place is truly epic!"

"Epic?" I thought. That was one of Cheese's favorite words... I wonder what he would think about this place. He'd probably want me to enjoy this. I wonder if he's having fun right now.

"Pinkie Pie!" The fillies screamed.

"Hi girls! What's going on?"

"Scoots and I are having a competition to see who is the best skater!"

"Ooh fun! What's the prize?"

"Ice cream for the winner an' SweetieBelle!"


Scootaloo interrupted. "Rainbow Dash is our judge! If you want you can be a judge too!"

"Of course I'll be one! Let's get started girls!"

AppleBloom and Scootaloo put on their skates and safety gear and were ready to go.

"Whoever gets the most points by the time the music stops wins!" Announced SweetieBelle. She turned on a nearby radio and a Sapphire Shore song came on. It sounded familiar but I couldn't put a name on it.

Applebloom skated and performed tricks with a hula hoop, Scootaloo flitted through the air and did graceful tricks. It was kind of unusual. The last thing she'd want to be is graceful.

"Pssst Rainbow. What do you think so far?"

"The tricks are cool but not radical like I expected."

"Hmm...I guess."

The two kept preforming their stunts and Sweetie cheered. "Go Scootaloo! Go AppleBloom! You can do it!"

AppleBloom and Scootaloo began to spin and the bumped into each other.

"Ouch! What were you doing!"

"What were you doing AppleBloom? Were you trying to sabotage me?"

"No I play fair and square!"

"Apparently not if you had to resort to cheating!"

The girls began to bicker and the song went off.

"Fillies! Calm down. It's time to hear the scores." Yelled Sweetie.

AppleBloom and Scootaloo eagerly stood up and quickly ended their bickering.

"So who won?" The girls said.

Rainbow and I exchanged glances and whispered.

"What should we do Dashie?"

"I don't know...Hmm maybe.."

Rainbow whispered into my ear and I was prepared to give an answer to the fillies.

"It's a tie ! Congrats! All three of you win the ice cream!"

SweetieBelle cheered but the AppleBloom and Scootaloo were a little stunned.

"We can't both be the best! How am I supposed to get my cutie mark now..."whined Scootaloo.

Rainbow hugged Scootaloo and told her something. "Really Rainbow? You're the greatest."

"Pinkie, I'll be going with Scootaloo. Make sure they get home safely."

"Okey Dokey!"

Rainbow held Scootaloo and flew away.

"Okay Kiddos.Are you ready for me to take you home?"

"Thanks for the offer Pinkie,but AppleBloom is staying over tonight because the rest of the Apples are out of town."

"Aww okay! Have fun girls."

SweetieBelle and AppleBloom happily ran from the clubhouse.

It was almost Sunset. I decided to head back to the bakery. When I returned, The Cakes were just returning home from their vacation.

"Oh Pinkie it's so nice to see you again." Mrs Cake greeted me as if I hadn't seen her years.

"I'm glad you're back."

"Have you heard anything from Cheese?"

"Not yet. I just hope he's okay."

If he wasn't, I don't know what I would do.

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