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Two months after Discord's reformation, he decides to give Fluttershy a visit. He sends the letter and teleports to Ponyville. Fluttershy tells him what he did to Celestia and what they did to fix it.. He couldn't stop laughing.

Tea... isn't tea just a wonderful thing?

NOTE: This is an unofficial sequel to "Princess Celestia Hates Tea". But I did indeed get the permission from the original writer.

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Ozone #2 · Sep 21st, 2014 · · 4 ·

Going to pretend I never read this to preserve my initial thoughts of the original. Bleh.

I love it! This is such a great follow up to the original.
At least in the happy endings department. :yay:

It's like the good old days, when seeing Regidar in the first post spot was nearly expected at all times.

The ending I think many of us were hoping for. Well done :heart:

Get an editor.

I was WAITING for someone to do a story of Discord finding out about what happened to Celestia. I knew he was going to set the record straight while laughing his ass off. To quote Celestia:

"Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!"

Have a like and a fav.:pinkiehappy:

Don't even know why so many people are hating on this story. If you downvote it because of grammar, fine, that can be changed. If you downvote it because you were hoping for porn, you should see a psych about your strange combinations of 'hating tea' and intercourse.

If you downvote this because it is an alternate ending, you should consider your priorities and have another look. This was completely, one hundred percent authorised by the author of the original work. There were people posting comments saying that they weren't happy with the ending it originally had. Heck, I honestly believe that the original ending is better than this one, but it shouldn't be given a downvote for that reason.

Would those who downvoted it for being an alternate path give that same downvote if it had been posted with the original story as an added chapter? My guess would be no.

Finally, a happy ending!
The ending of the original story was so sad, it kinda ruined the entire mood of comedy.
But here's a happy ending! And I'm fine with that!


Don't even know why so many people are hating on this story

The only truly negative comment I see here is mine, so I don't understand what you mean by "so many".

For clarification, I'm not hating on this because it's an alternate ending. I'm hating on it because I think it's a poorly written alternate ending.

5034012 That's fine

5034502 Thanks :twilightsmile:

5034172 5035033 I know i'm not the greatest of writers. In fact I wouldn't even call myself mediocre when comparing to others. This story was just made for my own personal closure and for those who would enjoy my idea as well.


In that I included everyone who disliked the story, not just commented.

"Fluttershy what wrong?"

I don't know why this made me laugh so much

I loved this story simply because I hated the ending of the original story. I particularly loved this part:

I mean, who doesn't believe their mentor, teacher, and practical mother when they say something as simple as 'I don't like tea'? Who continues to think of any possible explanation that doesn't involve the pony just sparing the other's feelings? I'll tell you who, someone who is too convinced that Celestia didn't want to hurt anypony."

It was about this time that Twilight was less "Celestia's student" and more "Celestia's slavishly devoted yes-pony (completely unintentional on Celestia's part) ".

Also, this is why I liked the coda to the original story, "A Short Story By Twilight Sparkle", which frames "Princess Celestia Doesn't Like Tea" as, you guessed it, a short story written by Twilight.

Anyway, my shipping goggles say that this could very well lead to Celestia falling in love with Discord due to freeing her from the hated tea.

Sorry sailor. No ships here. Plus I'm no talented writer, as i'd like to be. So don't expect a follow up to a spin-off.

The point of that scene was for old discord to make a small 'cameo', for lack of better word, to really get Twilight worried. But in the end, he means well.


This isn't alternate ending. It is sequel.
The ending of Celestia hates tea wasn't changed by this story. It is continuation.
So why the comments about alternate ending?


...Discord's reaction was spot-on; falling over laughing at Celestia's misfortune.

Fluttershy's reaction to Discord's reaction was perfect as well.

Though, having read "Princess Celestia Hates Tea", I'm a little surprised at your depiction of Twilight's reaction; she's not in denial, and it takes much less effort to persuade her of Celestia's non-tea-enjoying personality here than it does in "Princess Celestia Hates Tea". While both Twilights are - to some degree - more-or-less compatible with canon Twilight (and I think yours is probably more so), I'm having a lot of trouble seeing your Twilight and Skywriter's Twilight as the same pony.

There's a similar problem when we look at some of the other problems that Skywriter introduced; the question of the opinions of the other tea-ponies, for a start. The solution of having Luna take over as the Princess of Tea is reasonable, straightforward, and more than a little disappointing in the way that it is presented here. I think that the reason for this is that you do not show it working, you merely tell us, in a single sentence, that it worked. It doesn't feel real; there's no crowd of angry ponies to deal with, there's no sign of that one group of ponies who're never satisfied with anything but the status quo, there's no "this-is-how-it-works" scene, we're just told that it works).

In short, excellent basic idea, great setup, good characterisation except when it gets in the way of the plotline, but poor handling of the resolution of the problems.

(Personally, I came into this story expecting that Discord would discord Celestia into actually liking tea - though I wasn't sure whether or not he'd ask permission first)

5255768 When I got permission from the original writer I was extremely excited. In my excitement I was naive enough to ask him to make this an official sequel. But after he respectively said no, I realized how childish I was. So no, this is not an official Sequel, just a spin-off.

5315794 When I was writing Twilight's reaction, I wanted the idea that everything was going too fast for her to comprehend. About the resolution... When I was talking about the story with Skywriter, he said he didn't want to have the ending to have magic fix the issue. So I thought Luna would come in and surprise everyone with her creativity.

Comment posted by ColonelBSacquet deleted Dec 29th, 2014
Comment posted by ColonelBSacquet deleted Dec 29th, 2014

"Fluttershy I would never lie to you."

Sure. Of course, you wouldn't. It's not like you're the Trickster, huh? :-/

You've got an interesting idea here, but the poor grammar makes it unreadable.

Finally!!! XD! Someone who got the right idea to the closure of the original Fan Fic! I wholeheartedly approve. Good job! :twilightsmile:

Good story, but I do feel obligated to point a flaw with the story progression at the end, as well as how you portrayed Celestia. After Discord is attack-hugged by Celestia and says "well what are friends for?" (Which I have to admit is odd of him to say when he is just starting his reformed life out) Luna replies with suddenly that she has a solution, yet there is no lead up to that line. I'd suggest adding in a bit more dialogue and maybe having Luna and Ms Cozy react a little more, rather than be on the sidelines of the scene. As for Celestia, the attack hug was a bit misplaced, and I feel it would be better served as her relieve from the truth finally being accepted by her sister and friends, with her being all but calm and reserved before then. All in all though the story is a pretty good setup for something great.

5438041 While I do love this story, the sequal made by the person who drew the comic version of Princess Celestia hates Tea is also plausible, and just as entertaining. It's called Autie Pinkie Knows All if you want to check it out

I am so happy you wrote this, I never really liked the first story, and to see it have a happy ending makes it all worth while in the end.

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