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Twisted Visions


It didn’t take long for whatever caused this to spread. Most call it an infection, others are either dead or infected. Only reason why I am still alive is it seems I am immune... Well no one is fully immune, but I am lucky to not be affected by what is airborn. No one is immune to direct contact... Not even the princesses. Gods with mortal bodies must have that disadvantage, if they even were gods, but that’s enough of that. This is my story... and I plan to survive till the end of it... I hope.

Picture is not mine, but it was so adorable I figured I would use it ^.^

Chapters (8)
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4999952 Not quite, but I guess close enough :P

This fic has me intrigued. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

Interesting. A pollen educed plague. Very rare to see this kind of zombie based story, last one I encountered that made an impact on me was the game; The Last of Us.
Either way, you have my attention. :pinkiesmile:

5000612 I did garner the idea of a plant based infection from the last of us, but I hope I have some things that make it different and interesting in it's own accord

It already has the attention and curiosity of the readers.
So don't stress it and stick to your guns. :pinkiehappy:

The mare was who I think she was? Wow, poor girl. :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Twisted Visions deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Every word. I was surprisingly into it.

5002185 I actually almost crucified myself >.> I had said all the Elements had died, and then switched to "all the elements had died from what I heard" just so I could have her

Heh, the nod to uncertainty allows a great deal of freedom. Also a good way to misguide the readers for a later surprise.
You used it effectively. :twilightsmile:

Damn... As much as I am not a Rarity fan, it is sad to see Sweetie Belle lose her sister like that. :fluttercry:

Mooooooooooooorrrrrreeeee please :pinkiecrazy:

This is starting to look like "The Last of Us",in a way,that is.........Good job:pinkiehappy:


5005088 I have never played the game "The Last of us" Actually. I knew the basic consept, but that's about it. Tis why I mentioned it in the description, as I knew people would call me out if I didn't for a plant based infection. It starts to change don't worry

I don't normally like stories where the ponies ae anthro, but I'm loving this one. :pinkiehappy:

Mores I needd mooooooorrrrreees:pinkiehappy:


I enjoyed the chapter. Lots of new information about characters and the Infected.
Couple of minor errors but they were very few and easily corrected in my head.

Still, love the fact that there are actually two variants of Infected based on the day or night.

For the record... He chose Vinyl

Actually, it was a 2005 US Quarter (West Virginia) that made the choice. I'm curious as to what is going on outside of Canterlot right now.
Other than a few grammatical errors, it came out pretty well.

My friend this is gold, pure gold, octavia better live though as she is best earth pony second to the good doctor *HINT, HINT* anyways good story.

Fungus zambies hmm?:pinkiesick: Then i have no other choice, *Imperial fleet hangs in low orbit over equestria* We have arrived to preform our charge. In fealty to the god emperor our undying lord and by the grace of the golden throne I hereby sentence the Imperial world equestria to exterminatus, i sign the death warrant of an entire world and confine a billion souls to oblivion, may imperial justice account in all balance. The emperor protects. *Begins exterminatus*

Its human nature to seek culpability in times of tragedy, Its seen better to shake ones fist at fate, rather then to bow ones head and succumb. Their are those who will blame the sword that felled equestria, The ordo Malleous. But the inquisition merely preforms the duty's of its office to further fear them redundant to hate them heretical. Those more sensible will find blame with those who forced the inquisitions hands, May they use their hate and fashion it into purpose and further control their own destiny by coming to the emperors service, Yet ultimately it was i who sent this chain into motion, with a single blow from my hammer godsplitter. *Fires cyclonic missile which destroys planet*

5017896 That moment when Derpy destroyed Planet Equin

No but seriously. Was that a Warhammer reference?

Octavia. Random choice.

5018081 Yeah i like war hammer and MLP cross overs so awesome, side from that this story is 100% EMPRAH, approved nice job.

5019046 Glad to know the "Not God" god emperor approves my story and won't send a trillion imperial guards after me. Lord knows you need that many to take a single person down XD

5019057 Hehehe tru dat, anyways i shall continue with great eagerness to read your awesome work *coughs*add METAL BAWKES, or commander boreale*cough* ah the magenta plague ya know really hurts the throat.

5019073 Ehh, too many characters are in the story as it is. I'm trying to cull some out not add more in :P

I kid, i kid, im along for da ride!. Just please dont give this story a ME3 ending.

5019107 Honestly, I'm not too sure what that means. I do think people will like it though

A confusing ending that breaks the total story build up and lore that said story establishes. Example, this whole story was pinkie having a bad dream, or just something outta the blue that makes no logical sense whatso ever.

5019127 OOOOH Oh no no no no no no. I got this ending planned down to the very crack in the road ;) Hint hint

:rainbowhuh: no hints i must read! for now im off to read what Dethklok is doing in ponyville, until next time i must bid vale.

oh i forgot would it be possible that if things pan out in your story that it may continue? just outta random thought. ah wrong words sequels theirs the word.

5019411 If a sequel is what your looking for, I have one planned

good id hate to see this only be a one night stand, until the next chapter i bid vale.

5019509 I just posted the next chapter :P

Ah piss ya just have to keep me up dont ya? well i shall read what happens,NOW!

:raritycry:OH GOD WHY? ive haven't cried this hard since walking dead when lee died, that was... my feels, i never was a complete fan of Vinyl, and her death and the singing. you sir deserve a medal, bravo best fanfic ive read ever, in the feels department. And that bitch zombie rarity just couldn't stay dead! *turns into the ranting scene for Assassins creed 1 with that one guy whom you got his brother killed* ALL OF THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!!! damn good story man damn good.

5019627 More people need to read this, you sir i say again are a damn fine writer and you have my full attention in your stories. I only hope that her death will be the last and that Octavia and Quill get together and everyone has ice cream and its a happy ending.

5019665 *Epic stare down* yes "Hope" so anyways i wont keep you any longer ive got prison in 4 hours and i need some real sleep. Until next time i must go clean myself up *sniffles*:fluttercry:


that will be me while listening to a song

WOW! Tavi snapped!

In the wise words of Javik, "Your Group needs a mental evaluation followed by being thrown out the airlock." Honestly this was a curve ball that ive no strong feelings for, whats your angle? Ah doesnt matter i have faith that you shall pull this off awesomely. Just make sure no one gets thrown out an airlock though.

5027079 That was the point :P There WAS no angle to this Chapter :P Only thing of real importance was the relationship forming, and even then, most of that was a joke too :P

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