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I enjoy writing many stories for MLP and as such here I am! I have experiance with other fanbases as well. I am trying to step into new styles such as romance and dark over adventure based stories


  • TSecond Blood
    Three months have passed since Applejack was cured from being a Queen Vampire and Equestira saved. But soon a new vampire begins to attack! Who is it now? Someone is out for a second round of bloodshed...but who is the mastermind behind it all?
    Lunarpony · 14k words · 729 views

Thanks to Cheschire kaat for the cover art! It is awesome!

After everything settles down from the Tirek issue everypony returns to a normal life. All but Fluttershy, who had been having emotional issues ever since the events that transpired on Sweet Apple Acres. Unsure as to what was going on FLuttershy, goes to Twilight for help, although she wasn't much help. It wasn't until later she figures out what was truly wrong... she was still avampire pony...Only now she had a thirst for blood, not apples or fruit. Can Twilight aided by the mysterious Lunar Relic uncover the truth behind the odd chain of events and save Fluttershy? Find out in... Night of the Flutterbat!

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When is the next chapter? And I got to make the first comment :yay:

Hm. It's not bad. Could use a little more description as it strikes me as a little bit rushed.

4783643 the next Chapter will be hopefully within a week or two depends on how much time I have

When is the next chapter coming?

4848443 I try to update on a weekly basis but it may come out sooner it all depends on how much time I have to work on it

I wish you could describe what's happening just a bit more otherwise it's not that bad of a fic:yay: whoo!

Finally a new chapter :pinkiehappy:

Great job!:yay: I just think it would be interesting to see more interaction between Discord and Fluttershy I think?

:yay: Finally a new chapter :pinkiehappy:

Hmm. This is getting interesting

I wonder if garlic works on vampires. And it is funny that Celestia says "What do you know so fat?"

6240869 Huh yeah I noticed that...must be a glitch from when I copy pasted it from the version on have on another site. I upload word docs to it and then copy/paste the content here. I will rectify that. And no not on Vampire Ponies, truth is garlic was only used in the movie Dracula in the original novel they only way to kill a vampire was to cut it's head off and puncture the heart with something.

6242997 Would staking hearts and decapitation work on the vampires in your story?

6244662 they would but Equestria is a peaceful land and that is why it isn't known how to truly kill one.

6268179 I suppose. Equestria has not gone to war in a very long time

6268556 Correct but whos to say war will not follow in the end?

6268856 I suppose you are right. Anyways Equestria almost went to war with Yakyakistan in the actual show

So when is the next chapter going to be up?

6313893 I have begun work on it now.

So when is the final chapter going to be up?

6342389 When I find the time. I would hope soon I also plan for a small epilogue after to close it out.

Excellent ending. I see a sequel coming

I think more need to know about this fanfiction! The first fan fiction I read was about vampires. This is the second fan fiction I've read... :yay:

I havnt seen Discord, Rainbow, nor Pinkie in a while...

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