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I enjoy writing many stories for MLP and as such here I am! I have experiance with other fanbases as well. I am trying to step into new styles such as romance and dark over adventure based stories


This story is a sequel to Night of the Flutterbat

Three months have passed since Applejack was cured from being a Queen Vampire and Equestira saved. But vampire attacks soon start popping up again but this time not from a pony? Twilight determined to find out recruits help from their old friend but...he has seemingly vanished! Why are vampires suddenly back and who is behind this? Why is Spike acting strange? Who is Spike's new friend Crystal? New questions asked and each answer just brings more questions! Discover the truth to what vampires and vampire ponies are, where they come from, how Applejack was a Queen Vampire those many months ago and the mastermind behind it all. Time for a second round of bloodshed in the sequel to Night of the Flutterbat....

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This is real good so far

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