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I enjoy writing many stories for MLP and as such here I am! I have experiance with other fanbases as well. I am trying to step into new styles such as romance and dark over adventure based stories


Rated T for descriptive injuries, course language, and minor violence.

Life was simple for me. I was a simple computer programmer, self made fresh out of college. I focused on logic and that was it. I knew reality it wasn't as complicated as you think. I knew my place was here, programming computers and their programs. Yeah I was into some weird stuff on the side but so are a lot of us.

Mine was...more on the strange side than most. You had your anime otakus, crime dramas, British show fanboys/fangirls and all that. Me? Well I'm a brony. I like the fantasy world of Equestria it is a great way to escape my normal life. Where I could sit down for a while and let my logical oriented mind go. I was into it...big time. Fan character, fan art, convention goer. All that stuff.

I knew it was all fake...But that's the strange thing...I could be wrong. I suddenly got pulled into it in my sleep like it was normal! Am I really crazy thinking this is real? Is it just a long dream that might become more of a nightmare? Or is reality not as simple as I thought. Well if it is fake then this is one long dream! I just need to accept it my reality, nay my whole life...has changed.

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Now I'm not saying that this story isn't good, and I'm not saying that I won't enjoy reading it, but the "brony goes into Equestria" story has been done many, many times. What will make this story different?

7273353 Jumping between human and equestrian worlds. It's hard to explain exactly but you'll see what I mean.

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