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I enjoy writing many stories for MLP and as such here I am! I have experiance with other fanbases as well. I am trying to step into new styles such as romance and dark over adventure based stories

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Welcome to my little part of Fimfiction! This account is part of my "Luminous Chaos" Network string of many accounts. the Tumblr update blog can be found here: Link to blog I am a huge brony. I will be at anmieNebraskon for anyone else who is going to be there. I have a lot of experience in adventure fanfictions however I am trying to step into new grounds with dark themes, romance and maybe a few others. I am not the best writer in the word but I won't say I am the worst. My goal is to make a story that gets featured so give me a chance and you might be surprised what I can cook up.

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Hiya Lunar! Tis Lyipheoryia from Canterlot!

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