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Hey guys, I registered because I really wanted to start writing fanfic for MLP. I am a huge brony, and am proud to be one.


Nature is just like us. It has different moods, like anger, happiness, and sadness. It can change dramatically if it wants to, and has the power to change others. But the one thing Nature has that we don't, is power itself. Power that can be unleashed in a raging tornado, or a vengeful tsunami. In some cases, you could say, Nature has power over us. But what happens, when a pony discovers it has changed this rule, to dramatic standards.

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Very interesting beginning, the Nature element caught my eye. Having the characters vulnerable this early in the story is interesting. I like the concept of Nature being a source of conflict, rather than another character. I'm looking forward to more chapters!:twilightsmile:

Pretty good so far. Tracking!

426319 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I am going to have a few situations during the following chapters where Nature shows its teeth, as you say. But I also wanted to add the small twist which I hope you will enjoy. That said, I'm hoping to stay with the "Nature as an enemy" idea for this story.

426441 Glad to hear it. Thanks for the feedback.

So...is this a Spike Twilight fic or what? It said romance if I remember right :rainbowderp:

429514 I usually put characters onto my fics when they appear often during the story. The only characters who appeared in more than 1 chapter were Spike and Twilight, so they are there. As for it being a Romance, I was planning on having one later in the story. I'm sorry about the confusion.

lol....i was checking my email when i found out about this. thought process went like this:
"oh, im almost done reading all of my chapters and read laters. email check!"
"zoom star has posted a new story, better go check it out"
-sees multiple chapters and awesome cover-"FUUUUUUU!!"

SO now I have more updates on top of still unread updates -grumble- looking forward to reading this all the same.

435704 :pinkiehappy:

435995 I'm sure that if you enjoyed the other stories I have written, you'll love this one. :scootangel:

if i didnt i wouldnt be a watcher

*bits in the 2nd last paragraph.

447432 Woops... thanks for pointing that out.

soooooo, is he like a god or something:derpyderp2:.

447813 He isn't a god... Atleast, from what you've read, you can pretty much say he's an average pony who has strange powers. If you want to kno how he got them, then read on.

I have a feeling the chapters could have been merged or made longer, but they were good all the same. Forest kind of reminds me of the Forest Guardian from a movie called "Princess Mononoke". Looking forward to more.

469135 I did feel that my chapters were too short, but I wanted to try my hand at making shorter chapters so that i could add more detail into them. I'm glad you liked it, and I hope that you will enjoy the chapters that will follow. :pinkiehappy:

Overall it went well. I wasn't trying to insult or anything hehe. Not that I assumed I did.

Thanks. I'm glad you think so. I think I'll try a few more stories with the 1,000 words per chapter. It gets a lot more detail in. I wasn't implying yo had insulted, don't worry. I was just agreeing with you.

...That was WAAAAAAYYYYY too sudden, it can't fucking end like that, mate!

562430 I was worried I had rushed that last one a bit, but my school work and assignments have begun catching up to me. I'll try and extend on it as best as I can later, and I'm open for any suggestions for things to add. But I am very sorry for rushing the last one.

i really hoping for mother nature herself

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