Nature's Wrath

by Zoom Star

Chapter 7: Making Amends

Twilight smiled, panting heavily after trying to keep up with Rainbow Dash. She could see Ponyville emerging over the top of the hill. Looking behind her to check on Forest, she was surprised to see that he was not out of breath. He simply trotted past Twilight, a smile on his face. “Come now, Twilight. Surely you can’t be exhausted already?” he asked. Twilight chuckled, trotting behind him after catching her breath.

“Come on you two! We have some weather to fix!” shouted Rainbow Dash, her wings flapping as she hovered above them a few feet ahead. She lowered herself so she was a metre from the ground, and the three ponies began walking over the hill and toward Ponyville. As they walked, Forest could see many ponies wearing coats and scarves, but still smiling. “You Ponyville folk sure know how to adapt” he said in surprise. Dash and Twilight smiled at each other at his kind remark.

Suddenly, as they neared their approach, a huge wave of cold wind hit them. Twilight shivered, cowering down to gather more warmth. Dash, still in the air, flew backwards and landed face first into the floor. Forest, still surprised, simply stood firm, looking straight into the wind with the same striking stare as he had given Twilight a few moments ago. As if upon command, the wind began to recede back, slowly drowning itself back into the atmosphere.

And as quick as it had come, it was gone. Twilight stood back up, looking behind her to see Dash dusting herself off. “Did you just do that?” she asked Forest. He nodded, looking over to her. Twilight once again lost herself in his golden irises as they stared at each other. “It was harder though. As if it was fighting me. Something else is causing this. Something powerful” he said, his face turning from determination to worry.

He began a fast-paced walk, his hooves stomping into the ground hard with fury. Nothing should have control over Nature. And he was going to keep it that way. Twilight and Dash looked at each other with scared faces, and then began racing after Forest. When they had caught up to him, they noticed that around them, ponies were staring as Forest began waving his hoof through the air. That was when it all changed.

As if he was shaping the air, his hoof began emanating rays of heat into the atmosphere. The cold wind began to die down, and the many ponies that had gathered began taking off their coats and scarves, with looks of astonishment mixed with fear. Who was this pony that could change Nature? Was he dangerous? Suddenly, the sun’s warmth finally broke through the cold, and the summer weather had returned.

“You did it! It’s not cold anymore! Woohoo!” shouted Dash, becoming immensely excited, jumping up and down and zooming around the ponies heads. The ponies began smiling, beaming at their saviour from the cold weather. But Forest began heading off once more, toward the edge of the Everfree Forest. Dash had zoomed off to Cloudsdale to give them the good news, so Twilight followed him by herself.

Many of the ponies were following them at a distance, eager to witness what he would do next. He paid no attention, his eyes full of determination to get to his destination. Twilight followed behind him, her face full of a mix of fear and admiration. She seemed to be warming up to him now, just as he had warmed up the weather just before. All around them, ponies began coming outdoors to find the source of the change in weather, and surprised to see Twilight and a new pony walking by.

Finally, they reached the small little house on the edge of the forest that Fluttershy called home. “This is the home of your friend? The one who is having trouble with the animals?” Forest asked, turning to Twilight. She nodded, opening her mouth to explain what she had been going through. “I know what is happening. I had to fix the same problem with a family of honey badgers near the grove. Luckily, they didn’t need much help, since most of them just pretended it wasn’t cold” he said, cutting her short.

Twilight looked at him with a confused look, and then shook her head. No need to look for an explanation with this pony, since he seemed to mess up your mind from just looking at him. They approached the house, and Twilight knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing a rather tired looking Fluttershy. “Oh, hello Twilight. I’m sorry I’m in this state, but I didn’t get much sleep because I had to…” she said, trailing off when she saw Forest.

“Fluttershy, this is Forest Growth. He is here to help with the animal problem” Twilight replied, pointing to him. Fluttershy seemed to cower a bit, her shy nature beginning to seep in. “H-hell-o” she stuttered, hiding her head behind her mane. Forest smiled, walking into her home and causing her to back away into the nearby couch. “You are very kind, going out of your way to help these poor animals. They are very lucky to have you” he said, walking to the back.

She smiled from behind her mane, her cheeks going red. “O-oh, thank you. I-I do wh-what I-I-I c-can” she mumbled, unable to gather up all the words. Forest smiled as he pushed open the large window that looked out into the garden. He closed his eyes as he waved his hoof over the small holes and tiny homes that the animals were sleeping in. One by one, they began filing out, surprised at the short hibernation, and the sudden warmth they felt.

Forest pointed a hoof at one of the bunnies, and waved it over. It seemed to hop towards him, it’s face screwing up in pain each time it landed. It hopped through the window and onto his back, before lying down, relieved of its pain. “I believe this one in particular might need medical attention, it seems to be limping” he said to Fluttershy. She had already been standing attentively after seeing the animals being woken up at last, and she dashed over to pick up the bunny.

“Don’t worry little guy, I’ll take good care of you” she cooed to it, rocking it in her hooves as she floated up the stairs and out of sight. Forest turned and nodded to Twilight, and the two of them headed out of the door and back to the path. “Only one last place left, Sweet Apple Acres” said Twilight, looking out at the barn. She sighed as she saw the dead apples hanging limp from the branches of the orchard. “Don’t worry, I can help her. Come on” replied Forest, who was now heading toward the same orchard.