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Hey guys, I registered because I really wanted to start writing fanfic for MLP. I am a huge brony, and am proud to be one.

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Hmm, i must be the only person here other than you. I only came here because you posted. You've been here for about twenty months, and you haven't even reached ten followers. Are you still there?

This is a message to all those following me, and anyone else still looking forward to new additions to stories. I am terribly sorry about the huge wait for new chapters, and I will hopefully get started on them again soon. I may have over worked myself a bit by putting up multiple stories at once, which won't happen again, I promise (my imagination just flows sometimes). Also, I'm in the last few years of my schooling, and so my assignments and study caught up to me quickly. The holidays are coming up however, and so I intend to try and get as much as I can done in that time. If you are still watching me, thank you for your support, and again, I am sorry for the massive delay.

Yours sincerely,
Zoom Star

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