• Published 8th Apr 2012
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Nature's Wrath - Zoom Star

The story of the power of nature. And the changes it can bring to the lives of ponies.

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Chapter 6: Explanations

Rainbow Dash had crashed into a nearby tree, the force of the hit almost sending her through it. She was badly cut, and one of her wings was broken. She tried to get herself out of the tree, but was unsuccessful, the pain too unbearable for her to move her body. Twilight rushed over as fast as she could, aiming her horn at Dash as it lit up, enveloping her legs in a purple aura. Twilight slowly pulled her magic back, causing Dash to cautiously leave the small dent in the tree.

Once she was out of the tree, Twilight began working her magic to try and heal the wounds. But, her cuts were too deep, and magic was never able to fix broken bones, or at least her magic couldn’t. She was just about to start crying, when she felt Dash lifting up. When she stepped back, she saw that a stag had appeared, and was lifting the damaged mare onto its back. Twilight was astonished at how this animal could be helping, but then she saw him.

He was holding the gate open for the stag as it walked through into the field, and towards the large tree. Twilight stood there and watched, until the green stallion beckoned her to follow, to which she nodded. She followed the stag to the tree, where Dash was placed inside, onto a small table at the side of the room. The stag then left, the only people in the room being Twilight and the moaning Dash, obviously in unbearable pain.

And then, the door burst open, causing Twilight to jolt. The strange stallion entered, walking over to the table where Dash was laying upon. He began looking over her wounds, checking what damage she had undertaken. He had done this for some time, before being interrupted by an anxious Twilight. “Are you going to explain anything? Or are you just going to examine her while she is obviously in pain?!” she screamed, her nostrils flared.

The strange stallion glared at her for a short time, with a look of concern mixed with annoyance in his eyes. Finally, he nodded, and began waving his hooves over Dash as she writhed around. She slowly began slowing down, slowly closing her eyes. Twilight became scared, unable to decide whether she was dead or asleep. She simply watched, as the strange pony continued to wave his hooves around.

Then, the cuts and bruises lit up, the light growing blinding. It soon engulfed Dash’s body, causing Twilight to cover her eyes. When she lowered her hoof, she stood there, mouth agape. Dash was breathing heavily, her broken wing had been fixed, and she no longer had cuts everywhere. The strange stallion simply left, and for a short while the two ponies stood there staring at each other confused.

Once the stallion came back he had two bowls of daisy soup on a tray, which he put onto a small tea table in front of the two mares. They stared at it for some time before swallowing up most of it. Twilight placed her bowl down, and looked over at the strange stallion. “Who are you?” she asked, unable to find a better question. “Forest Growth” was all he said, as he sat down and watched as the two mares finished their meals.

“What are you?” she asked again, but was interrupted by a very hungry Dash. “Hey do you have any more of this stuff? I’m starving!” she said, pointing to her empty bowl. He simply smiled, leaving the room once more, and returning with another bowl of daisy soup. He placed it in front of her, and sat back down. “To answer your question, I am a pony” he said, catching Twilight by surprise. She looked at him in confusion.

“But, if you’re not a unicorn, how did you command those vines, and for that matter, the stag?” she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. He looked into her eyes, as if searching her soul, his eyes full of stress and sadness. “I do not command them. I ask, and they reply” he said, looking out of his window. Twilight continued to look confused, unable to understand what he meant. He smiled, looking back at her.

“I would not expect you to understand” he said, looking sorrowfully into her lavender eyes. Twilight returned the stare, but felt as if she just wanted to lose herself in his golden iris colours. “Why is that?” she asked. He looked to the ground, showing signs of depression, and the effects of his solitude became apparent. “Because I do not understand myself, nor do I understand your weather problems” he replied.

“How did you know we were going to ask you about that?” she said, a quizzical tone spreading through her voice. He chuckled softly, before looking back at Twilight again. “Why else would you come all the way out here? To pick apples?” Forest joked, smiling wider than ever. Twilight, unable to see the funny side, simply became more nervous. Forest noticed this, and became his serious self once more.

“Look, I know not what Nature plans. But, I can help you fix some of your problems” he finished, trying to comfort her. He had to do something for throwing one of them into a tree, and he felt he hadn’t done enough. Twilight immediately perked up, but it was Dash who spoke. “You really mean it? You can fix all this bad weather?” she asked, a mix of scepticism and excitement in her voice. Forest nodded, causing them both to almost leap through the roof.

“I shall follow you back to your town, unless, of course, you are not ready to fly?” he pointed out to Dash, who immediately went back to her prideful stance in mid-hover. “Of course I can, I’m the best flier in all of Equestria!” she replied, zooming out the door that Forest had opened. Forest shook his head, looking off into the distance. “I didn’t get your names before” he said, turning to Twilight. “Oh, sorry. I’m Twilight Sparkle, and that Pegasus was Rainbow Dash” Twilight replied.