• Published 8th Apr 2012
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Nature's Wrath - Zoom Star

The story of the power of nature. And the changes it can bring to the lives of ponies.

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Chapter 2: Problem Solving

Twilight opened the door, looking out at the streets full of ponies in scarfs and jackets. Standing there was Rainbow Dash; her head hung low, her wings pointing to the floor. “Can I come in?” she asked, not lifting her head. Twilight nodded, standing to the side as Rainbow walked into the library, her glum mood immediately spreading throughout it. “You seem a bit down Dash, is everything okay?” asked Twilight, closing the door to remove the cold temperatures.

“I need your help Twilight. I’ve been assigned to figure out what has happened to the weather” she replied, her words slightly muffled due to her seemingly talking to the floor. Twilight became excited, eager to find out what had happened. “What did you find out?” she asked, her excitement evident in her voice. Rainbow Dash frowned even more, and simply continued to watch the intricate wooden floorboards before replying.

“Nothing! That’s why I’m asking you, I need you to help figure out what’s going on!” she shouted, her voice echoing. Twilight flinched a bit, before frowning herself at the addition to the bad news. “I’m sorry Dash but I haven’t the slightest idea. And before you ask, no, my books have nothing on sudden temperature changes” she said, patting Rainbow Dash on the shoulder, trying to comfort her. She shrugged her hoof off, and began pacing up and down the library.

Then, suddenly, the door burst open filling the room with cold once again. Standing in the doorway was Applejack, who looked just like Twilight when she had not slept at all the night prior. She slammed the door shut behind her, looking at Twilight with a worried look. When she saw Rainbow Dash, she immediately ran over, pouncing on her like a lion on its prey. She stared straight into Dash’s eyes, as if peering into her soul.

“Why have you done this? What made ya think that makin’ it cold would be a good thing?!” she shouted at her, prodding her in the chest with her hoof. “Ma entire orchard is ruined! And this cold is what caused it!” Rainbow Dash had had enough at this point, shoving Applejack off of her with her forelegs. The two ponies stared at each other with blinding anger, neither backing down from their onslaught of staring.

Then, the door was once again slammed open, and standing in it was Fluttershy. Not normal, shy Fluttershy though, but an angry Fluttershy. She stormed in, bucking the door shut with her back legs. “Can someone explain to me why a beautiful summer’s day is now a cold blizzard?!” she shouted grabbing everyone’s attention. Seeing everyone staring at her caused her to calm down slightly. “If you don’t mind, of course” she finished, her voice once again a soft tone.

“Nobody knows Fluttershy, not even my books could tell me. Rainbow Dash had nothing to do with it Applejack so calm down!” Twilight shouted over the top of everyone. Everyone calmed from anger to worry, Applejack moving to Twilight. “Ah beg ya Twilight, my family won’t survive without the money we get from dem apples!” she pleaded, grabbing Twilight on either side and shaking her.

Just then, for the third time in a row, the door was slammed open. “Would you all stop slamming my door down?!” shouted Twilight. Rarity and Pinkie Pie burst in, but instead of frowns, they were both practically beaming with joy. “Darlings, we have good news!” Rarity proclaimed to the room, her voice as glamorous as her appearance. “Oh boy, do we ever!” acknowledged Pinkie Pie. She was literally bouncing up and down on the spot.

“The cold weather has gotten every pony in Ponyville to buy a winter jacket from me, so my profits went over the moon!” Rarity said, smiling at her accomplishment. “Did they ride on the back of the cow?” asked Pinkie, getting confused looks from everypony. “Anyway, Sugarcube Corner is now full of ponies who are buying loads of hot chocolates! Its extra amazing!” she beamed, bouncing even higher as she said this.

“Well I’m glad somepony gained something from this awful, dreadful weather” said Twilight, sighing as she looked at Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack, who were all looking at the floor with shame. “But that still doesn’t explain why it’s so cold!” As she said this she began pacing, thinking hard as to how they could find out. Then, she had an instant brainwave, as if a light bulb had lit up in her head. She turned to Spike.

“Spike, see if you can order some books on strange occurrences to do with weather” she said to him, lifting her head high. Spike nodded, and pulled out a small reference book from a nearby shelf. “According to this, there is a book called ‘The Weather and What Happens’ in Manehattan Library, and the library in Canterlot has a book called ‘The Magic Properties of Weather’. Shall I order them both?” Spike said, looking up from the book. Twilight nodded.

Spike pulled out two pieces of parchment and a pot of ink. On the first parchment, he wrote an order for ‘The Weather and What Happens’ and added the address for Manehattan Library. On the second one he wrote down ‘The Magic Properties of Weather’ and the address for Canterlot Library. He slipped them into two envelopes, and added a small amount of bits to each of them before letting out a stream of green flames from his snout, sending them on their way.

“Good, now can everyone please get back out and do something that does not involve annoying me?” Twilight commanded. The other ponies nodded, leaving the library to continue their day. Applejack stopped at the door, remembering that she had no work. Twilight seemed to read her thoughts as she walked over and put a comforting hoof on her back. “You need some sleep, go home and rest up” she said, patting her consolingly. Applejack nodded, and then followed the others out the door. The rest of the day was going to be very busy.