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Hi I'm a Brony that likes anime and Fallout. I'm a new writer so please don't hate. Also my email is gizmogearturn@yahoo.com


Inspire is a Ghoul in the Equestrian wasteland who just doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, or much of things to remember. So follow him on his journey through this wild wild wasteland.

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Current Level reset to Level 1 due to purposes of storytelling and system mechanics.

How... blatant :rainbowlaugh:

Welp, I like where this is going so far. Also, yay, Breezies in FO:E! :yay:

Just so you know your story was added to the Fallout Equestria Group by G-man64. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :twilightsmile:

Anyone who does read my work here, please I want comments and criticism. Any will help me become a better writer! And if you did like it, please share with your friends about the story.

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