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Hi I'm a Brony that likes anime and Fallout. I'm a new writer so please don't hate. Also my email is gizmogearturn@yahoo.com


Inspire is a Ghoul in the Equestrian wasteland who just doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, or much of things to remember. So follow him on his journey through this wild wild wasteland.

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Page Turner is a stallion who enjoys living by himself and his books. He has done so for a good long part of his life. Though, when he is finally persuaded to leave his home for a short amount of time, he is reminded of why he holed himself in there in the first place.

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Gizmo is and Inventor from Stable 7 and he is bored. Not just hey lets go and have a party bored, no he wants and adventure. Which is what he gets when Spritzle Regen, his foalhood friend and him decide to leave the safety of their stable for an adventurous life out in the Wasteland! Follow Gizmo and Co. as they go out and search for weapons from a prevous time, weapons that let them remember exactly how the world they live in now, came to be.

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