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Hi I'm a Brony that likes anime and Fallout. I'm a new writer so please don't hate. Also my email is gizmogearturn@yahoo.com


Gizmo is and Inventor from Stable 7 and he is bored. Not just hey lets go and have a party bored, no he wants and adventure. Which is what he gets when Spritzle Regen, his foalhood friend and him decide to leave the safety of their stable for an adventurous life out in the Wasteland! Follow Gizmo and Co. as they go out and search for weapons from a prevous time, weapons that let them remember exactly how the world they live in now, came to be.

Chapters (7)
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Im not a fan of Fallout fics...

470327 Then... don't comment on them :ajbemused:

Nope. I must comment on everything.
Its what I do... at least when I can.

I am fan of Fallout fics.... And I wish that all who do not like FoE thrust their downvotes into their assholes.

WOOOO HOOOO UPDATE :pinkiehappy:
PS: you forgot to capitalize some i/I in the chapter


Oh that last chapter is so fuckin win. it is so similar with 'memories' fic. I so love it.

1472762>>1472762 I'm not gonna lie. I was inspired by Memories for the last chapter, but I'm going to try and make it different than Memories. There's a reason I said she had all her limbs and memories :P

OK first off, with out even reading it, it hurts my eyes. I'm not saying it's bad, it probably really good. Anyhow, the reason it hurts my eyes, and by this i mean it's a pain to just have sentence after sentence with out any paragraphing. That to me is the only thing you should work on. Like paragraph after every time a character speaks.
Best of luck, PWNY. :scootangel:

1507017 my luna. You're right! I didnt notice this until you pointed it out, but the first two chapters dont have consistant paragraphing! I'm going to fix this right now

Oh.. this chapter smells good)

Argh! I can't tell which FoE fic is your main one!

.....So I'll have to read them ALL :raritystarry:


Haha, Foreshadow is honestly friend. This is an abandonded project, but I might redo it sometime.

Foreshadow is my main, and Ray of Sunshine is just a short story i wrote about one of my PnP characters.


Oh, well I'll give you some thumbs up before I head off to bed.

I have to make myself log off or I'll start posting threads I regret in the morning :rainbowlaugh::rainbowderp:

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