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Chapter 1: The Bored Inventor and His Quest

Fallout Equestria: Reverence of the End

Chapter 1: The Bored Inventor and his Quest

By NitoKa

“My dear, what fun is there in making sense?”

“Why?” I asked the unicorn, with her light orange coat and dirty blond mane.

“Spritzle, how in the name of Luna do you expect me to make a solar powered watch? We’re in a Stable, possibly miles underground!”

Spritzle wasn’t the smartest mare in our Stable, but solar powered technology in an underground bunker with no access to the sun? Just plain stupid.

“Oh, but you know, I’m planning on leaving Stable 7 soon!” Spritzle exclaimed with a sense of excitement that was lost on me. She looked at me with her blue eyes, filled with ambitions, hopes, and dreams. Man, I hate those eyes.

“Okay, two things: One, you have a Pipbuck, like me, and it has a perfectly good watch without a need for solar power. Second, we don’t open the door, ever, for anypony, not even you, Spritz.”

I swear, sometimes it was like I was speaking with a foal. Spritzle walked away from my office with a disappointed huff. I, Gizmo Garren Gearturner (Nice name choices, Mom and Dad…) had no time for idiots who just wanted me to make them toys of some sort, or gifts for other ponies! I am an inventor, Luna dammit! I deserve to be treated with respect, not like some sort of social pariah that stays in his lab and tinkers the days away…

My office, Gearturner’s Gizmos, (“Need a way to make life easier? I’m your stallion!”) was cluttered with orders, all for toys and trinkets. I don’t do that, I am not a toy store, I am a scientist! I leaned back in my chair with a sigh.

“It’s so stressful and boring here.” I said out loud to nopony.

I had started to feel guilty; Spritzle was my foalhood friend, but if I didn’t keep her in line she will never learn from her mistakes! I mean how stupid is it to want to exit our safe, boring Stable and go to the outside, dangerous, exciting and lethal wasteland?

Actually, it would be pretty fun to go out there, it was certainly better than staying in here and rotting to death.
I could test my new battle saddle, the lightweight model that requires no use of the mouth! All you do is hook it up to your hooves and click them together and it fires!

This is either one of the worst decisions of my life or one of the best. I would need to go and tell Spritzle about what we were going to do! She would be estactic! But… There was the problem of Nightshade.

Nightshade was a Pegasus foal here in Stable 7, one of few after a small scale revolt about 30 years back. Her mother was a terrible drunk after her dad died. She beats her almost everyday she comes home, and after Spritz and I became her friends, she tends to stay with us whenever she gets the chance.

“What am I going to do? We can’t take her with us, it’s too dangerous…” I said with a humph as I sat back into my chair. Instead of thinking the problem through like a smart pony, I looked at what I was packing.

My state of the art battle saddle, a new invention I had made that is a modification on our traditional Eyes Forward Sparkle, I called it Eyes Forward Gizmo. it allows me to not only see in the dark, but also it measures how much I am detected when sneaking, as well as measuring how hostile an enemy or friendly is, ranging the colors from forest green (very friendly) to crimson red (get the fuck away from) too bad I’m kinda Colorblind…

Nothing severe, I just confuse colors alot… I pressed a Button under my desk and smiled as the wall behind me swirled out to reveal a ton of monitors, all of which was a seemingly devoid wasteland. “Check droids 4, 10, and 7.” I commanded as the screen switched to three shots, two of which was just a sideways look at some ground. “Fuck, two more taken out.” I cursed almost silently.

I’m not a stupid pony, I knew someday either I or Spritzle would want to leave the Stable, so in preparation I made around 20 search droids to explore the outside. How you might ask did I get them out? Well you see, being a direct descendent of one of the lead Stable designers gives me some access to some let’s call them ‘back doors’. Many of my droids were dead, but I had collected enough information to make a new modification for my Pipbuck, the Wasteland Informational Almanac! I might just refer to it as W.I.A for a bit. But this thing had enough information for us not to die three steps out of the Stable, including sections like a bestiary, lists of towns nearby, and of course raider habits.

Spritzle had glanced over the bestiary before so she knew a few monsters, but I doubt she read anything more interesting than the rarest or most dangerous beasts.

It was getting late, but oddly enough I was wide awake! I was finally leaving this damned Stable! Nothing can stop the great inventor Gizmo Garren Gearturner! Nothing except a small filly named Nightshade, who had flown into me from behind and was in tears.

“G-g-Gizzymo! Momma is after me again, hide me!” she cried and I simply nodded, shoving her under my desk and hoped for the best.

“Where ish she?!” I heard the drunken slur of words that can only come from one unicorn, Alcrea. She came into my office with a bottle still levitating next to her. “Where is she you fucking peice of shit inventor?” she asked.

My smile was forced and if she had been sober she would have noticed my eye twitch in annoyance. “Nightshade? I think she finally left her poor excuse for a mother who can’t stay sober for more than 3 minutes and can’t help but find some poor stallion and invite him to be the foals next ‘daddy’.” I countered.

She gave me a stare then took a swig of her bottle. “Ahh fuck you! I don’t need her! I don’t even want her!” she said as she slumped out of my office and Nightshade came from my desk. Her tears stained in her beautiful dark purple fur. Her normally straight and long blue mane in a tangle. Her red eyes stared up at me with a sense of love.

“G-Gizzy… Thank you.” she said before crying into my chest. I petted her mane and kissed her head.

“It’ll be okay Shady. I’m here for you.” though I won’t be for much longer. I added in my head.

This will be a terrible experience, for her. I-I don’t think I’ll tell her we will be leaving, it’d break her heart, and I can’t handle that…

_ _ _ _

I had entertained thoughts of leaving the Stable 7 for a few days after my conversation with Spritzle. After a little internal debate, my logical side came out on top (as always).

I had made my decision: I was going to leave the Stable, and have Spritzle come with me. After all, she was going to leave anyways, wasn’t she?

_ _ _ _

“Sure! Just let me pack my things!” chortled Spritzle after I confided in her my plans to leave.

“Well, that was way easier then expected,” I thought to myself as she went to her room.

Spritzle and I really only had each other in the Stable. Neither of us had parents anymore, they had succumbed to old age some years back. I was a loner, and she dared to be my friend. Sadly, her rather ditsy nature had made her few other friends in the Stable.

I loaded up my Pipbuck’s inventory management spell. Battle-saddle prototype, check, bandages and health potions, check, canteen, check, and a full week’s worth of provisions, check. I switched onto Stable 7’s broadcast station, and listened to the Overmare’s voice for what may have been the last time.

“Remember, my little ponies, in Stable 7, we all have to try to be our best; somepony may be a good teacher, and somepony else may be a great garbage incinerator. All that matters is that we do our best and make life easier for our fellow Stable residents.”

I shut off the radio. I had heard enough of that load of horseapples.

_ _ _ _

“Alrighty! I’m ready to go!” Spritzle trotted out of her room carrying two saddlebags adorned with pink butterfly stickers and oddly enough, more than a few stickers that looked like mushrooms. Each bag was weighted down with dozens of health potions and packages of bandages.

“You seem awfully prepared,” I noted.

“Well you never know what you’re gonna face out there,” Spritzle said excitedly, “We could face some really mean ponies, or maybe even a manticore!”

I shuddered at the thought. I was no fighter, all I had was my wits and a lightweight battle-saddle capable of delivering hot lead into my target’s face from a couple hundred trot-lengths away. If I could shoot it, that was. I was a work in progress when it came to marksmanship.

_ _ _ _

Spritzle and I stood at the door of Stable 7 with lumps in our throats. Stable 7 had been pretty lax with it’s security, only posting one guard pony near the door, one whom Spritzle talked away with some bone-headed claim about a fight in the classroom. I had to give Spritzle some credit, sometimes an effective liar wasn’t the most eloquent one.

I approached the control panel for the Stable door. One lever-pull, and the door would swing open, a process that upon observing the door itself, I imagined was very noisy and not very fast.

“Are you ready?” I asked Spritzle, hoof on the lever.

“You bet I am!” she exclaimed. “Let’s get out of here, we’ve got a world to explore!”

I admit, her enthusiasm will never cease to impress me. I swallowed hard, my thoughts heavy with the knowledge of just what I was leaving behind.

“Oh wait, I’m not actually leaving behind anything.” I mused, knowing that the only thing in this Stable I cared about was right next to me, ready to follow my lead out of this place.

I pulled the lever and stepped back from the control panel. The door slid out of position, and ground back on it’s track, screeching loudly. Spritzle and I put our hooves to our ears. The door rolled on it’s gears, and off to the side.
Spritzle and I stepped through the threshold, and into the darkness.

_ _ _ _

Spritzle and I stumbled our way off the metal grating in front of the Stable entrance, desperately seeking some manner of light.

An epiphany struck Spritzle before it did me.

“Duh! Lemme just turn on my Pipbuck’s light!” she said joyously. She pressed and held a button on her Pipbuck, and a dull green ligh illuminated the cavern. Well, what I had taken for a cavern, that was.

We were in a sewer, no doubt about it. The stench of decay and other assorted foulness assaulted my nostrils, forcing me to double over in disgust. After my fit of retching was over, I lifted my gaze down the passageway. It was made of concrete, with a veritable moat of waste gently flowing down it’s center. There was an identical concrete walkway on the other side of the waste river.

“Ew,” whispered Spritzle, a champion of understatement.

“We’d best to get to finding our way out of this piss-hole,” I uttered.

“You know it Giz, this place is gross with a capital G.”

_ _ _ _

After what felt like hours wandering the dank and stench-filled sewers, a thought came to my mind that I just had to mention to Spritzle.

“Hey, Spritz, why in Equestria would they build the entrance to a Stable at the bottom of a sewer? Think about it, who’d want to flee for their lives, and possibly be caught in a blaze of balefire in a sewer?”

“It is pretty icky,” she replied, “this is probably the last place I would want to caught in with dozens of other ponies fleeing for their lives.”

I started to think that the ponies behind Stable-Tec had a pretty sick sense of humor, or were very strapped for good Stable locations. I brought up my Pipbuck’s auto-mapping spell, and breathed a mighty sigh
“Spritz, does this wall of concrete look familiar to the one we passed a few hours ago?” I queried.

“Maybe, after a while though, they’re all starting to look the same.” she sighed.

“Well, my dear, that’s because they are the same. We’ve been going in circles.”

I showed her my Pipbuck’s map, upon which a large O was drawn around our current location.

“I think it’s time we re-thought our plan for getting out of this Goddess-forsaken place. I think we should just head in one direction until we can’t go any further, and hope that we’ll eventually hit the side of this sewer, then follow that wall until we find some kind of ladder.”

“Ooh, good idea, Giz,” she said excitedly, “It’s a good thing I’ve got you here, I’d be lost in this place for ages if I came out here all alone.”

I couldn’t help agreeing with her.

_ _ _ _

We both agreed we’d head east until we hit a wall. We had wandered for maybe thirty more minutes, until we struck gold. Well, concrete gold that was. We’d found a passageway that led only north and south, and didn’t seem to have any turns.
Our celebration would be short-lived though. A red dot appeared on my Pipbuck’s Eyes-Forward-Sparkle, a spell for keeping direction and detecting hostiles.

“Do you see it too, Spritz?” I whispered.


“Do you want to try and go around it?”

“Gizzy, we don’t really have any way of going around it.”

Luna dammit, she was right. We were on the side of the sewer, and the turn we made to get on this stretch of wall was minutes behind us.

“I…I think we’re going to have to fight it, whatever it is. Stay here, I don’t want you to get hurt.” I said.

“Okay, Giz, whatever you think is best.”

_ _ _ _

I loaded my battle-saddle with a clip of low caliber rounds. Side note: my unique model of battle-saddle could hold and fire more than one caliber of ammunition; anything from a lowly 32 caliber round up to the mighty .308 round chambered for sniper rifles.

I swallowed as I neared the hostiles location a ways up the passage. I gazed around in the dimly lit passage for a sign of movement. Seeing none, I called out.

“Anypony there? I’m Gizmo Gearturner, legendary inventor, and I don’t mean you any harm!” I waited for a response and got none.

“O…Okay then! Here I come! I’ve got a battle-saddle and I’m not afraid to use it!” I tried to sound brave, but the wavering in my voice told another story.

I trotted up the walkway, nearing the hostile that I still had yet to even see. I gulped as I came closer and closer, but then stopped in shock.

I had passed it! I gazed at my E.F.S., and saw that they were now behind me! I had gone right past them, and I didn’t even see. I started back in their direction.

Now, I was mere meters away from their location. I broke out into a sweat, and looked intently down the wall, finally meeting a pair of tiny eyes. The creature was the size of a parasprite, and it walked on all fours.

I used my Stable-Assisted-Targeting-Spell (or S.A.T.S.) to get a better look at it. Stopping time and zooming in, I observed that the bug had six legs, each one offering a different targeting opportunity, and it had a shiny orange carapace of a back, and a tiny head bearing two antennae. S.A.T.S. labeled it “Radroach” I slipped out of S.A.T.S. and sighed. I was so worked up over a little radiation-affected cockroach. I trotted up to it, raised my hoof, and brought it down on the whelp.

_ _ _ _

“Didja get them?” Spritzle squeaked as I trotted back to her.

“You bet I did, now you can call me Sir Gizmo Gearturner, the mighty slayer of radroaches!”

“A rada-whatsit?” questioned Spritzle.

“It was just a bug, Spritz! I stepped on a bug! We got all worked up over a little bug!”

Spritzle fell to the ground in laughter.

“Hehe, Gizmo, you’re my hero! Saving me from the scary bugs of the sewer! I’ve got some good news for you Giz, I found the way out!”

I did a double-take. “How?”

“Look at your Pipbuck, Gizzy.” she commanded.

“What am I looking for?”

“Look at the time!” she said, hint of song in her voice.

The clock on my Pipbuck read 9:07 AM.

Reading it back to her, I responded, “So? What does it mean? It’s morning.”

“Look!” she pointed down the passage.

A small shaft of light was coming down through the ceiling of the sewer. I couldn’t believe it. A shaft of pure light, like a gift from Celestia herself, beaming into the dark and musty tunnels. We might actually make it out of this hellhole after all, I thought to myself. Spritzle began a joyful bounce towards the exit. Quite literally; she bounced, skipped, leaped, and jumped for quite a while. Her energy amazed me. How somepony could be so energetic and happy in a time like this, after crawling through muck and darkness for hours on end was astounding.

“Yay!” she cheered, “Look Giz, we’re gonna make it!”

“Indeed,” I sighed. Any place in all of Equestria was better better than here.

_ _ _ _

I may have spoke to soon.

Spritzle and I poked our heads cautiously out of the manhole, and took in our surroundings. We were in a metropolitan area for sure, skyscrapers soared above us. I got a sense of vertigo just looking at them. I hope we never had to climb up one of those behemoths.

Crashed sky-wagons littered the road, some still lit with small fires. I could make out the charred skeleton of a pony or two inside of them. Rubble was strewn about, covering every square inch of the road we were now standing in with rocks. We kicked them as we trotted along the byway.

“So, Gizmo, what are we looking for?” asked Spritzle after a few hundred meters.

I admit, I didn’t have a good answer for her. I really wanted test out my battle-saddle on something, but I thought that if I fired a single round in this concrete jungle, I could attract the attention of somepony (or something) that I didn’t need. So, I was a little but stumped.

“I don’t know, Spritz, I’d like to meet some friendly ponies or something.” I replied.

“Well,” she said, “What about them?”

She pointed a hoof down the street. At the corner, around a fire lit in a barrel, were three ponies; after I zoomed in with S.A.T.S., I saw that the trio was made up of a unicorn and two earth ponies. My S.A.T.S. labeled them with green. Friendlies.
The unicorn had a gray coat and an alarmingly red mane, her two earth pony companions had orange coats, and white manes. I guessed that they were related somehow. Loading my battle-saddle, I began trotting towards them.

“Stop!” yelled the unicorn, “Who the hay do you think you are?”

She drew out a pistol and held it aloft with her magic. Her companions drew knives out of their packs, and turned towards me. I considered my possibilities; I could just slip into S.A.T.S. And line up a few head-shots, BLAMBLAMBLAM, and it’s over with. But I wasn’t somepony to jump the gun like that. I chose diplomacy.

“I am Gizmo Gearturner,” I shouted back, “And this is my friend Spritzle!”

“Hiya!” Spritzle shouted cheerfully.

“Whaddya think, Maxie?” said one of the orange-coated twins, “Do you want Slice and I to run ‘em through yet?”

Maxie, the unicorn gave a soft reply, “No no, not yet. Let’s see what they have to say. What are you doing wandering alone in the Manehattan ruins?” she yelled.

I lowered the grip on my battle-saddle’s rein, and told her our story.

_ _ _ _

“…and then I crushed a radroach and climbed the ladder out of there.” I concluded, “We’re really glad you all didn’t shoot at us, but would you happen to know where we could find any more friendly ponies?”

“Yeah,” Maxie responded, “But it’s going to cost you for the information.”

Of course, I thought, there had to be a catch.

“Look, it’s nothing big,” she said with a sigh, “Slice, Dice, and I were scavenging around some ruins yesterday when we were ambushed by raiders. Slice and Dice’s brother, Chop, got lost while we were fleeing those sick bastards. We have no idea if he’s still alive. If you can bring him back, or,” she paused, “Or tell us if we should keep mourning, we’ll point you towards the nearest friendly settlement.”

Ouch. Losing a stranger was bad enough, but your sibling? I looked at the orange-coated brothers. They were visibly tired, their eyes bloodshot after numerous tears had been shed.

“Okay, we’ll do it. Spritzle, we’re going on a rescue mission.”

_ _ _ _

Twilight was falling as we trotted to the south, bathing the skyscrapers in shades of soft blue and orange. Red dots on my E-F-S came and went, marking hostile after hostile as hours wore on. Luckily, Spritzle and I had avoided any confrontation on the way to our destination: The Manehattan Garden Hotel.

“Do you think we can save him?” queried Spritzle.

“I hope so,” I replied, “I can’t imagine what Slice and Dice must be going through. Losing somepony you love must be awful.”
“We’ll find him,” I said with an unearned sense of heroism, “We owe it to them for not shooting us on sight. I doubt these raider ponies will be as kind.”

_ _ _ _

Night had fallen by the time we reached the Manehattan Garden Hotel. The tower grew about 20 stories into the night sky, and a small balcony wrapped around the uppermost floor. Almost every window was shattered, and the granite facade was crumbling. Rubble gathered around the entrance.

“Spritz?” I asked, “Do you have any way of protecting yourself should I not be around to shoot these bad ponies?”

“Sure do!” She drew a small pistol from her saddle-bags, and held it in her hoof. “I found this by a skeleton in the sewers while you were squashing that nasty radroach. I think it belonged to a police-pony.”
“Can you shoot it?” I asked.

“Uh-huh!” She took the pistol in her muzzle, took aim at a stop sign a few yards away, and fired.

BLAM! The round struck the sign near the edge, but she did manage to hit it. Odd, I had taken her for a pacifist pony.

“Alright then, no more of that unless the rest of your ammo is going into a raider pony’s hide.” I said.

_ _ _ _

In retrospect, testing Spritzle’s shooting skills outside wasn’t the best move. When we snuck our way into the hotel, I could hear somepony a floor above me speaking in hushed tones.

“Who the fuck would go around shooting at this time of night?” she whispered rudely, “Did Splatter go out filly-hunting again?”

Oh yuck, I thought. These ponies were such a fun bunch.

“Okay, Spritz, we need to be very quiet. These ponies will not hesitate to kill us if we give them a chance. We need to be stealthy, and try to find Chop as soon as possible. Follow my lead, please, and we’re going to try to keep out of their way.” I said in a whisper.

“Okie-dokie-loki,” she whispered.

My plan of action was to follow blood trails as we found them. One had to lead to Chop, either bleeding out, or already dead. I spotted one near a staircase, and signaled to Spritzle to follow. I could tell the raider pony and her companion had gone away from their speaking spot, possibly upstairs.

I prayed to Celestia that we wouldn’t have to ascend more than a few stories to find Chop. I don’t think I could handle being anywhere near the tenth floor, or Luna forbid, that balcony. The sense of vertigo made me queasy.

_ _ _ _

A dead end. The trail we followed from the staircase and up to the second floor ended in a supply closet. I gulped. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy.

I looked around. The hallway was lined with a moldy red carpet, and peeling wallpaper covered the wall. Long-dead potted plants were knocked over at the end of the hall. Numbered doors, starting with 200, and descending as the hallway went on. I counted ten rooms.

“Alright Spritz, we need to check all of these rooms. We have no idea where Chop could be, and we need to be thorough.”
I opened the door to room number 200. A stench of decay and mold permeated the air, and I suppressed a gag. The room had a suite layout: a small kitchen was to my right, a bed in the corner, and a door to a bathroom on the far wall. The same drab, yellow wallpaper was in this room, and cheap linoleum covered the kitchen area floor. The collapsed bed was covered with dust, and the window was broken (a design trend that I’m sure was to continue as we explored); but other than that, nothing was in the room.

I gave the room a quick once over, searching the carpet. Nothing but some cigarette ashes, and a pan in the kitchen.
“Okay Spritz, we nee-” I stopped and looked around the room in disbelief. No Spritzle. “Spritzle!” I whispered as loudly as possible without attracting attention.

“I’m over here!” came her quiet reply from the hall.

I trotted out of the room. “Spritz! Why didn’t you follow me?”

“Not so loud,” she scolded, “Look what I found!”

She handed me a tattered note. It read in black markings and blood;
S, D, I’ve made my way back to room 181, where we held up earlier. I’ve got supplies, I can last, but these fucking raiders just won’t quit! - C
Good boy, Chop.

_ _ _ _

We made our way up to the third floor. Rooms 189 through 181 stretched down the hall.


A gunshot echoed from the end of the hallway. Room 181. A white-coated earth pony covered with bloody and spike-covered armor fell out the door, blood seeping from his chest. Spritzle and I quickened our pace down the hall.

“How’d ya like that, ya fucker?” rang out a voice from inside the room. Chop’s; I assumed.

“Chop?” I yelled, my back to the wall of room 181.

“Who’s there?” came the response, “I swear, if you fucking raiders found my brothers and Maxie, I’ll rip your hearts out and make you eat them!”

“No! Slice and Dice sent us! We’re here to rescue you from all these raiders!”

“It’s about fucking time!” he chortled, “Come on in, we need to get our escape plan ready!”

_ _ _ _

The orange-coated stallion laid out the plan. “Okay, going up is out of the question. There’s no need to, and there are only more of these bastards as we ascend. They’ve been hearing me pop off shots every once in a while, but they must think I’m no threat because they’ve only sent two ponies to come and kill me. You just saw number two get a slug in the chest moments before you came in the save the day. Now, I know there’s going to be more coming down in a minute. I can hear the fuckers above me planning. Idiots.”

Very resourceful, I thought. We could use somepony like this on our travels throughout Manehattan.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” asked Spritzle, breaking the silence, “We need to get you back to your brothers!”

I nodded in agreement. “Let’s go, Chop.”

We poked our heads out the door of room 181, and looked down the hall towards the stairs. I could hear more than one raider descending the steps.

“Oh, mister bad-ass gunslinger pony thinks he can just get away? Well, fuck you! We’re coming down to kick your sorry ass and feed you some of your own innards!”

Classy. “Look!” I shouted, “There’s no need for anypony else to get killed!” Since when did I become the diplomat?

I continued negotiating. “We’re just trying to get Chop back to his brothers! Try and stop us, and you’ll get a bullet in the brain pan!”

“Just fucking try it!” shouted the blue-coated unicorn descending the stairs, wielding a rifle covered with blood. He loaded six rounds in the chamber.

“This little bitch killed two of my men,” he continued, “He owes me a couple of rounds in his head if he thinks he’s gonna just get aw-”


Chop interrupted his rant with a bullet to the unicorn’s face. Blood splattered across the ponies trotting down the stairs behind him.

“RUN!” he shouted.

_ _ _ _

We collapsed in the lobby of the hotel exhausted, and took cover behind the front desk.

“Okay, we killed their leader, I hope,” panted Chop, “We just need to mop up the stragglers, and we’re home free.”

Easier said than done. A half-dozen raiders were in hot pursuit, and came crashing down the stairs into the lobby.
“Let’s kill this son of a bitch!” one of them screamed.

“We’ve got one shot at ending this easily. Gizmo, that’s your name, right? I need you and your mare-friend to pop off a few rounds and try to get these bastards into a corner.”

I face-hoofed. “She’s not my mare-f-” my rebuttal was cut short when a bullet struck the desk, inches from my head. “Spritz, help me out!”

I flung myself around the edge of the desk on the opposite side of the stairs, and unloaded a clip from my battle-saddle in the general direction of the raiders.

“Get him!” one shouted. The group began shooting at me as I ducked back behind the desk. Now it was Spritzle’s turn. She lifted her head above the desk, and shot a few rounds at the group.

“Oh fu-” one yelped, “There’s another! Everypony, on me! Group up, we need to watch our backs, don’t let them flank us, and keep an eye on the one with the fucking battle-saddle!”

Perfect. They were falling right into our trap. I shot Chop a glance, he nodded, and pulled out a metal apple. He twisted off the stem if you will, and chucked it over the desk, right next to the stairwell where our unfortunate foes had gathered. I rolled a few feet, and a raider pony screamed.



A deafening roar ripped through the lobby.

Level up!

Perks added:

Pest Control: Your epic slaying of insects gives you an advantage over other bugs! You gain 10% more damage when in S.A.T.S. against incectoid enemies!

Technological Royalty: You are decent from some of the greatest minds that had existed in Equestria! You gain +5 in Repair, Science, and Energy Weapons.

Companion added: Spritzle

Companion Perk:

Ignorance is Bliss: By staying with your foalhood friend Spritzle you gain an extra 33 points to use in S.A.T.S.! But you lose 10 points in your Science skill, sorry about your luck.

(Hi everyone, welcome to ‘Fallout Equestria: Reverence of the End’. I’d like to say thanks to my wonderful editor and co-author My Little Nerdy. going with that name until he tells me his google docs username. Well, I’d perfer to be known as the owner of the ask Gizmo blog on Tumblr, but that aint happening, so just call me NitoKa. It’s a short version of my Google Docs name. I really hoped you all enjoyed the first chapter and apologize for any inconsistancies and my terrible spelling down here, i need more editors. Dont worry if Gizmo seems over powered right now because he is and that will be fixed very very soon. I’m looking forward to gaining fans and such, also any artists please contact me at my tumblr http://askgizmo.tumblr.com/ if you want to make a cover art for our submission to Equestria Daily, which might be after a few chapters becausei dont want to just be lumped in with the rest of the Fallout Equestria stories. Damn, this is a long author’s note, get used to these i guess, i like to talk. I hope you enjoyed once again and look forward to more chapters! We also need someone to make a page for us to put our chapters into...)

Nitori Kawashiro:
Hey, i do need artists and editor's for this if you please! Direct any offers to the Tumblr account at the bottom

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