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At the heart of Ponyville lies a crossroads. Years ago, before the Friendship Express was established, the intersection would be the resting point for many a weary traveller. These wanderers would sit and stay a spell, peddling wares and exchanging news with the ponies of Ponyville. Though the railroad’s rise led to the fall of carriage-travel and no ponies needed use the Crossroads Station, it never fell into disuse. The new travellers who stopped there came from further afield and had much stranger tales to tell: those of their deaths.

Four humans and a pegasus suddenly appear at the Crossroads Station, joining its previous denizens as they try to escape from limbo and find a new unlife.

Limbo is a plane of existence that has existed in some form or another in most human cultures and many religions, in this instance, Ponyville. It is that dreaded place where souls sit and wait to be judged by their God or deities. It is here that several ponies must find their way to the own destinies, while dragons rained down from the sky.

The results of an extraordinary experiment where seven confused (and some inebriated or high) writers got together to write a story!

The Cast:
Lewdy and Memphis played by Ex-Nihilos
Abigail Miller played by Azore24
Haku played by Haku1013
Imperious played by Imperius
Loro played by DarrParrot
Chubs played by Periphery
Lucky Money played by Sixinthehood

(All rights of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic goes to hasbro and its rightful owners. All original characters as well belong to their creators.)

Chapters (11)
Comments ( 73 )

... And thats how Equestria was made.:pinkiehappy:

This sounds very, very interesting.

It also sounds like something I was thinking of writing. Damn.

Edit: Ok never mind, this is absolutely nothing like I was thinking of writing. Interesting first chapter though.

H3adcrabbio approves. Lez do it.

Cool, this is up! This is most exciting, indeed. I guess I don't have much of a point in posting but to say that it is quite awesome this is actually getting posted up.


........I can't help but think: "misfits"

Aaahh, it's up! Panic!

Well, maybe not panic, but it does feel a bit strange to have actually contributed to a story.

Haku is sorta worried that we're the only ones commenting on the story

405269 They will come, they always do

Haku hates to admit it, but Haku agrees with the Sixty

424040 I called you it once and now its stuck as your rapper-esque nickname, mate.


Indeed, interesting.

Wait...how many dead guys are in this group? Because I'm pretty sure I can count Lust, Greed, Wrath, and Gluttony among them...

I saw how this kind of fell apart near the end and school work kept me from posting anything worth keeping, I'll be sure to read this a bit later for a massive amounts of lulz.

442354 Oh oh! Which one is Haku? Haku bets that Haku is all of the deadly sins.

Fell apart? It's still going well enough. We've got enough material for the next few weeks, enough to get to the end of school (for me, at least). The project certainly is in no risk of dying as far as I know.

453359 When I had the chance to look at it for an hour or so around two weeks ago, I found a lot of really crap writers spamming about how awesome their OC's were and at one point I'm pretty sure something in the LSD factory broke and nothing made any sense. Dragons and trixies fell from the sky while fucking each-other apparently. Must have been changed when I looked away.
*shakes fist angrily at teh n00bz*


Oh. Heh, yeah. That. So yeah, by then we were already done with proper writing and on to editing, so that was probably just us goofing around. So, basically, I hope you judge the work based on the writing we post here and not the shenanigans we get up to on the doc. *shudders at the memory*

462150 Haku wonders which one is Haku

Then a headcrab showed up....... in the form of a tannish colored bunny.....:moustache:

Now that you mention it... I think we have seven total

462259 The eighth sin of our destruction.

462237 Haku agrees with this.

462259 Haku also agrees with this.

462285 Haku wishes to be that one.

Does that make Memphis sloth? He likes to lounge around playing his guitar, at least. I'm not sure any of the characters fit envy very well, though, unless Abigail is jealous of the life she used to have, when things made sense and she wasn't surrounded by nut-jobs.

462486 I could see Memphis being Sloth, he isn't exactly one to do much. As for Envy I could see it going either for Abigail or Loro depending on how events go.

Just to clarify, Raeg is Sloth, right?

467682 Raeg would be Wrath I think

Are you sure? He really seems like Sloth to me.

467698 You will be Wrath and like it, sir!

Though on second thought he could be Lust.

472713 Um, yeah... Haku thought he made that obvious. Did Haku not make obvious. :derpyderp2:

...She didn't even think of making the ghosts laugh?

Come on, wasn't that the whole point of giggling at the ghosties?

502247 I concur, who would laugh when you have a overly fat equine trying to nibble on you.....?:moustache:

Well, we did try to establish that she did think of it last time, and it didn't go so very well. Thus, her reaction in this instance.

Sweet, Haku is finally first. Eat it Imp.

548786 That seems a bit rude. One would think that Lucky would be kind enough to at least let RD hold her own food.

And Haku has best speech skills, thank you very much. :trixieshiftright:

550139 Or is it possible that you are the one who is jealous at Haku's Illeism?

So can chubs even walk, or does he just roll around?:moustache:

Gawd dammit I would have slowly and painfully murdered chubs a hundreds times over...:ajbemused:

awww I finished all 9 chapters already... :pinkiesad2:

Lucky has the worst of luck.

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