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Wasn't much of a brony til some of my friends turned me onto Diaries of a Madman by whatmustido. it was really good and actually got me involved.


You're Pierce Collins, just a young man who is living pretty good, if you say so yourself. Until a night at the bar leads to some pretty crazy events, landing you and your house inside Ponyville. Worst part is, you don't remember anything from that night. Now you, Celestia, Twilight, and the rest of the gang have to figure out how you got there and, more importantly, if there is a way back home.

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a fanfiction so please comment about anything that may help the story. Thanks and enjoy!

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This...seems interesting. I'll give it a like, but not a fave. For all I know it could turn into a cliché HIE story. I hope not, this seems alright.

4322401 Thanks Ill try not to let ya down but this is my first attempt at writing something. i hope you enjoy it

My Pierce Collins? Oh gosh, I don't even know how to thank you! I... I don't even think I deserve one of my own.

4384451 Im not sure how to respond or take that


4384818 I probably won't be able to write for a while and i lost my jump drive with the original 3rd chapter on it. I decided to go ahead and wrap it up. I may work on it once I am out of school and have solid internet again. I was thinking about doing a sequel... :pinkiehappy:

4384495 But... it's my Pierce Collins! You said so yourself! :raritycry:

4385226 im so confused.. :derpyderp1:
when do i say that?

4385239 On the story description.

4385330 face palm :facehoof: thanks ima actually fix that. my OCD is acting up.

4385099 is this sequel going to be long and have a lot of chapters???

4385635 I plan on it. Ive got the ending and the beginning, just working on the content in between

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