• Published 8th May 2014
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Sensational Serials: Silly, Short Stories for Silly, Short Ponies - PhycoKrusk

Silly short stories for your entertainment. Not related to anything else I have written. Also not a floatation device.

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Unfortunate Applejack: Barnstorming

With a ‘plop,’ Applejack dropped her brush into the bucket of red paint she’d set aside for the occasion, and turned to look at her work. It was a bright, sunny, not at all windy but also not hot day out at Sweet Apple Acres. Yes indeed, it was the perfect sort of day for painting, and it showed, for standing right before her was a new barn, perfectly painted a perfect red. Unable to help herself, Applejack smiled happily at it.

Exactly three seconds later, without any fanfare, warning, or good or even sort of plausible reason, the entire thing collapsed into a pile of rubble and broken wood.

Applejack nodded to the rubble, giving it a pleased smile for a job well done. And then, she grimaced with rage and threw her hat onto the ground.

Author's Note:

Inspired by any number of Benny Hill sketches that seem to exist for the sole purpose of confusing viewers.

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