• Published 8th May 2014
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Sensational Serials: Silly, Short Stories for Silly, Short Ponies - PhycoKrusk

Silly short stories for your entertainment. Not related to anything else I have written. Also not a floatation device.

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Selective Hearing

It was a beautiful day at Sweet Apple Acres when, to the shock of absolutely no one, things had gone horrifically wrong in a way that, while not entirely unexpected, was still kind of outlandish. The fact that it happened right next to Ponyville, and yet could still be considered ‘outlandish,’ should provide all the context that is needed.

Hundreds of apples sat on the ground, locked in place with handcuffs. Hoofcuffs? Applecuffs? Shoot, um… applecuffs. Locked in place with applecuffs. Hundreds more were packed in the back of a caged wagon clearly marked as belonging to the local Sheriff, who would be both upset and confused when she realized that it was missing. Still hundreds more were on the ground and in the trees, just waiting to be cuffed while Applejack — who by that point in the day felt more than a few apples short of a bushel — tried to have a discussion with Pinkie Pie — who at that point was busy trying to cuff another apple.

Bucking, Pinkie Pie,” Applejack said very carefully. “Applebucking!”

“Yup!” With nary a care, Pinkie arrested the apple. “That’s what you said, but this is way more fun!”

Applejack clenched her teeth, and then took off galloping over a nearby hill and disappeared from sight.

It wasn’t clear exactly what she was yelling, but it probably wasn’t anything she wanted Apple Bloom to hear.

Author's Note:

I have a thing for word play, much to the chagrin of my wife.

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