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Twilight has always had the best intentions, and her life has been fairly decent. A few hiccups here and there, a falling out with Celestia, but she still has her friends. All four of them. There's a strange marking on her hoof, but with her cider habit, who knows where it came from? Her main problem was her debts, a problem that may well be on it's way to being solved, thanks to Pinkie Pie and her Twin Brother. They just have one condition, Twilight has to bring them a certain mare, from a certain city, high above the clouds...

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Aw SWEET!!!:twilightsmile:
Finally someone decided to do a story on bioshock infinite!!!:twilightsmile:


Would you kindly write some more?

Next Chapter is (Hopefully) Going to be quite a bit longer. This first one was mostly to see if I could adapt the BS:I story into the MLP-verse while putting my own little spin on it. Don't expect Twilight and the Mare to fight the battle alone however, friendship is a large part of Twilight's life, and what she's hiding from everypony, including herself, may very well be her downfall more than any bullet.

Of course, I may need to play through BS:I again to make sure I don't beef anything up. :fluttershysad:

Expect it, and the reintroduction of some old friends within the week.

-Mint Copy

I shall have to check this out later when I'm not sleep deprived.
4305090 I hate to burst your bubble but it's not the first Infinite fic on this site. Just type "Bioshock" into the search bar up at the top of the page and you'll get quite a few results.

Hey everypony,

sorry it's been taking so long, but... I got kicked out of my place. I have a place to live now, and I'm working on chapter four, but I don't have any time estimates as to when it'll come out. Expect it soon(tm)

-Mint Copy

Dusk Glimmer

I can't believe I just got that. :facehoof:

4671250 :twilightsheepish: Heh. Why, I have no idea what you're talking about...

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im hope in that the story dosent have a dark version of twilight in it like comstock did in the game because that would make me furious of the games main hero booker dewitt
where twilight has to kill her self just to prevent her self from being reborn as comstock and all of those other variables

especially since theres also the chance that she helps luna fight off celestia for whatever reason

yes yet woudn't twilight at least be smart enough to be a beliver of multiverse theory and all that stuff i mean come on

Eh depends if it's twilight or a mixture of twilight and booker

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