• Published 27th Apr 2014
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Friendship Harder: Collected Microfiction - KwirkyJ

Collection of stories too short to publish individually. There is ostensibly no consistent underlying theme.

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Companionate [Slice of Life; Romance(?)]

I don’t mind it when she can’t meet my eyes. The world’s a big and scary place. Sometimes you gotta hide behind your pink mane and shrink away some. I just sit down and give her the time she needs. It’s a nice day, really. My yoke itches a little, but I leave it. Don’t wanna worry her none. Sure, I got places to be, but there’s no rush. It’ll get done when it gets done, and AJ can just cool her little head about it. Finally, she gives me the slightest of smiles and shares her name. Fluttershy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I don’t mind it when she runs out of firewood. Not like we’d use our pile anyway, and I can take an hour here or there to get some extra set out for her. Winter’s cold, and that little hut of hers ain’t too insulated. I feel bad for her little critters. I got cows and pigs, myself. I can find the time through the winter—I can get her firewood.

I don’t mind it when she needs a stretcher pulled. That bear’s a big guy, and she can’t carry him back to her cabin by herself. AJ’s pretty upset about my disappearing for the afternoon, but she’s young yet and got it all up in her head about the east orchard. Nothing that couldn’t wait on account of a bear with a broken leg. I stay around some time after she sets the splint… just in case. We keep an eye on him, just watching together.

I don’t mind it when she can’t pay at the market. Sometimes ponies just won’t pay up for her animal care. She gotta learn to stand up for herself, just a little, but I can help her with this. Granny ain’t too pleased about it all, but I reason it out with her. A bushel of apples here or there ain’t gonna break the Acres. She never takes more than she needs, and she pays back what and when she can. Most times, it’s enough to see her smile.

I don’t mind it when she needs me to drive fence posts for her. I know I’m being a fool, taking two days out of applebucking, but it’s early in the season and AJ can cover what needs done. I think she asked me because she knows me—she won’t have to stay inside the entire time as some strange pony works around her home. She doesn’t have to worry about some strange pony trying to talk to her if she doesn’t want it. She tells me about a family of squirrels, a family of otters, and she sings a little.

I don’t mind it when she needs help with that timberwolf. It’s just too big for her, and who knows what would happen if that glowing shard was left in its neck. At least Granny understands, even if she ain’t happy about it. It’s nothing I wouldn’t do for any of our cattle, even if they have blood and hooves instead of wood and claws. Besides, none of the cuts are too deep, and the scars’ll heal.

I don’t mind it when she talks about Caramel. Good on her that there’s somepony she likes. I don’t think the date will go well, as he’s a talking pony. She’s gonna dress up a little, even if I think she doesn’t need to. I meet her smile and wish her well, but she goes on her way I don’t wait up.

I don’t mind it when she won’t talk to nopony. Having your heart broken like that can hurt. I can understand. But I miss sitting with her and having her smile.

I don’t mind it when she saves the world. Sis helped, and that new pony. Good on her. I don’t see her near as much anymore, what with her going every which way nowadays. She’s got better things to do now. She’s got friends, and she sits and talks and smiles with them. The things she’s doing are away from me now, but they’re bigger and better than anything I could offer. I think it’s enough just to see her smile.

I don’t mind it.

Author's Note:

Third-place medalist in the 44th Writeoff event, "Things Left Unsaid."

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