• Published 27th Apr 2014
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Friendship Harder: Collected Microfiction - KwirkyJ

Collection of stories too short to publish individually. There is ostensibly no consistent underlying theme.

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Day in the Mind of Raindrops [Slice of Life; possible shipping; stream of consciousness]

I haul myself out of bed in the glow before dawn, make breakfast of a few pieces of jammed toast — how that thing works I wish I knew, ‘electricity’ — and wake up my younger brother. He takes forever, but I get him up and eating before I need to leave. He has school. I give him a hug, he hugs me back, and I’m off to the weather station.

When I get to the board, there’s no one else there. Great. Eight tickets for cloud-pushing, and I’m covering for the other four ponies today. Great. None of them are for rain. Just great.

So I’m pushing clouds and that Carrot Top mare is giving me the look. That look, the one that says ‘Why did you have to put that cloud over MY field, or over MY shop. Oh, because it’s you, Raindrops.’ I hate that look. Then she looks away too quickly. They always do that, look away too quickly„ ashamed and afraid that I’d seen it. As if I’d swoop down like a griffon or something and beat them into a pulp for their insolence.

I’d never hurt anypony.

Well, never want to.

Never intend to.

Right, the overwork bits need to go towards paying off that wagon I’d mangled. It was either that wagon, or that stubborn farmpony’s face, what would you choose? Still, wish I’d remembered that sooner, I was thinking about what Snails could use…

Now that fashionista’s giving the the look. What, Rarity, did I ruin your idyllic lunch with the Insane Pink One and the Timid One? Hey, Pink One, gonna notice and wave to me, huh? No, that’s not nice thinking. Still, why is Rainbow Dash not there? They usually…

She looks away too quickly.

Dumb cloud.

There’s no time for a lunch break, so I eat as I push clouds. I hate doing that. Makes my gut feel all tight, and I lose a hoof to control what I’m doing. It’s important to have control. Like when that vendor tried overcharging me for my half of a sandwich, I controlled the impulse to cave in his skull. I wish I didn’t want to, or, feel like doing it, but I do, but I didn’t. See? Control. He must be new here. Probably isn’t all bad, I’m sorry I scared him. I wish ponies didn’t hate me.

My wings feel like they’re about to fall off, I’m dehydrated, my hooves are quivering and they’re WATCHING ME. STOP STARING AT ME I’M WORKING okay, breathe, Raindrops… breathe… Just two more tickets, and you’ve saved the smaller ones for last. But I should get some water first.

At least I won’t need to disappear into the clearing tonight to work off… stuff. I don’t have the energy. Snails will be grateful, even if I need his help cooking.


There she is. There she is!

"Oh, uh, hey there, Raindrops."


"Sorry about today, you got there early, I guess. We were looking all over for you once we found out ponies left us some tickets, but, eh-heh, well…”

Get to the point, Rainbow Dash.

"Hey, looks like you’ve got only one more ticket there? Um... So, c’mon, I’ll help you out with it. Least I can do. Unless you wanna take off, I won’t blame yo—”

NO! I mean no. I mean, yes.

“Riiiight… Well, let’s get started then. With me giving you a hoof, job’ll be done in no time!”

She may not have said anything, and she’s keeping plenty of distance as usual, but at least she’s not giving me the look. She never has. Gah, I just got my legs to stop quivering, why are you shaking again??

She looked like she thought about giving me a hoof-bump…! She’s gone.

I get home. I hug brother. He hugs me back. We make dinner, then I make sure he does his homework.

Good night, Snails.

I can’t get comfortable. Never could stand this mattress. Someday I’ll get a different one, maybe.

I pushed clouds with Rainbow Dash. Today was a good day.

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