• Published 27th Apr 2014
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Friendship Harder: Collected Microfiction - KwirkyJ

Collection of stories too short to publish individually. There is ostensibly no consistent underlying theme.

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Stalemate [Adventure, Drama, Thriller(?)]

The cot heaved, taking Rainbow Dash’s stomach with it. She twisted about, coughing hoarsely as she fought back bile. She pulled at the ropes again, the pain bringing the blurred smudge of reality back into sharp relief. There across the room, a book propped up before her, the thing that looked like Twilight sat; the thing that brought this upon her.

“I hate you.” The words failed, muted and croaking in her parched throat.

Twilight’s ear twitched absently.

Another cough. “I said,” this time her voice worked, “I hate you.”

Twilight startled, instantly on her hooves. “Rainbow Dash!” The appearance of genuine concern was immaculate. “You’re up. Here, you need to drink some water.”

“Don’t want it.”

“Rainbow, please! You’ve lost so much… you wouldn’t take it even while….” The fake Twilight looked away to examine the mattress.

“Maybe if I wasn’t tied up.”

“I know. I’m sorry, Rainbow. But… but you have to stay—”

“You’re not Twilight. She would let me go.”

“I know it hurts, but if you just stopped struggling—”

“You’ll never take me, changeling.” Rainbow hacked another dry cough. “Never.”

Twilight sagged. “You’ve gotten even worse. You were tugging even while you were asleep.” She cautiously drew closer, making a face at the vibrant red welts. “Can I see your legs, please?”

Rainbow tried to bite her.

“I’m sorry, Rainbow, I really am. You tried… you could have drowned.”

“Drowned? Me?”

“We’re in the middle of the sea, Rainbow.” The false Twilight gestured to the room, obviously a ship’s cabin swaying with the motion of waves. “You agreed that you shouldn’t fly when you….” She gulped. “Please, Rainbow. You have to drink something. You’ve lost so much fluid.”

Rainbow pretended to consider it for a moment. “No. Poisoned.”

Twilight twitched in apparent shock. “Rainbow!”

“Daring Do and The Astral Sceptre, the Vi’e camel horde. The real Twilight would understand.”

“We read that book together, Rainbow, you and I! But… but….” She trailed off.

“Gotcha.” Rainbow grinned in feeble triumph.

“No, Rainbow. You… you were poisoned. Are poisoned. Very badly. Don’t you remember anymore?”

Rainbow squinted. “What’s to remember? You‘re just trying to pump me for information! I figured out your game, changeling. You won’t get anything outta me.”

“The map sent us, Rainbow. To Zecora’s homeland. Remember? The zebras? We helped the zebras. But you ate something… Something cursed. It’s been eating your sanity for two days now.”

The purple imposter unrolled a map that had been sitting on the bench. She pointed to the right of Equestria, down near the twin marks of the Royal Sisters. “The pilot says we’re still only about here. Just west of the moon. Celestia and Luna will know what to do. I hope.”

Rainbow just glowered at her in sullen defiance.

“Please, Rainbow, let me help you. Give me something, please, I want to just help you remember. Like with Discord, remember? I can use my magic—”

“Don’t you dare.” Rainbow snapped her teeth again. “I remember Shining Armor; what that changeling’s magic did to Twilight’s brother’s head. You’re not gonna do that to me.”

Twilight sat, folded in dejection. “Of course I won’t.”

“Twilight would help me. Twilight would know what to do. Twilight would let me go.” Each mention of ‘Twilight’ was lye. “Celestia’s student would do what’s right and take care of a changeling like you. The Element of Magic would blast you into oblivion. Again, remember? The Princess of Friendship would be there for me. My friend. My friend. Not you. Stop crying, you monster, you aren’t her!”

Twilight dragged herself away, wiping at tears. “I-I’m going… I’m going to double check with the pilot.”

Throat rasping Rainbow shouted at her. “Don’t you dare, go, thing! I’m not done with you! You’re not going to get to me that easily! Get back here! I said get back in here! Don’t leave me alone!

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