• Published 27th Apr 2014
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Friendship Harder: Collected Microfiction - KwirkyJ

Collection of stories too short to publish individually. There is ostensibly no consistent underlying theme.

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Ponyville: Subsidiary of Spikecorp, Inc. [Slice of Life; Comedy]

Twilight Sparkle gasped as she stepped out of Spikecorp Magnifique.

“Princess Celestia!” She ran forward and embraced her mentor, which was eagerly reciprocated. “I’m glad you made it! It feels like forever since I saw you last, things have been so busy!”

“Not all, my most faithful student. It is alway a pleasure to—”

“Walk with me? I’m on my way out to Spike Apple Acres, Applejack might be overworking herself again. Gotta get there!”

“I—Of course, Twilight.”


She set off at a quick trot, Celestia shortly behind.

“Gosh, it’s been a while since you were here last, things have changed so much! Everything’s so much bigger and grander and more productive since—” The ponies within earshot chorused ‘Spikecorp!’ “—since we got that extra rail service! Rarity’s boutique is now a fully-fledged workshop, Spikecube Corner—you stopped there once when it used to be Sugar Cube Corner—is now a name known across the entire province… it’s amazing!”

“I certainly am surprised to find it so urbane,” offered Celestia. “And so… full of pennants.”

“What? Oh, you mean the directive banners!”

“‘Rawr’?” said Celestia.

“RAWR!” cheered everypony in the street.

“Oh, it’s Spikecorp slogan, really. They all mean something different. Like that one,” Twilight pointed a wing, “means, ‘Be more productive: Spikecorp!’ And that one over there, ‘Do everything you can today: Spikecorp!’” She smiled at the ponies sharing their voices. “Over there is probably my favorite, ‘You are the sum of your labor potential: Spikecorp!’ And to think it used to just mean ‘I love you!’ Now it means that and more besides!”

“Hi Twilight and Celestia!” yelled Rainbow Dash, zooming overhead with a massive cloud before her. “Bye Twilight and Celestia!”

“Hi Rainbow Dash!”

“I… see,” said Celestia, frowning slightly.

“Is something wrong? This is all so amazing, it’s glorious to be part of something so constructive. Excuse me—hi, Fluttershy! Hope your chickens are meeting their laying quotas!” Twilight waved to a blushing Fluttershy. “Sorry, I know keeping ponies’ spirits up is Pinkies job, but I chip in when I can.”


“I know, I’m the only one here without an official job, so I just make sure everything keeps running smoothly. I love it! Just ticked off Rarity, got Fluttershy on the way, and now we’re about to meet Applejack and the rest of the Apples. I love seeing my friends working so hard: Spiiii…” she trailed off before coughing. “Sorry, bit of a verbal tick we’ve seemed to pick up around the town. Don’t know where it came from.”

“Hey Twilight, do you ever feel like some days—!” Rainbow yelled again, then she was gone.

“Don’t worry, she’ll pass by a few more times to finish whatever she was about to say. She’s moving a lot of water to the Spicarrot Expanse today, I checked her schedule. See? Here she comes.”

“—That everything you do just goes—”

Twilight and Celestia continued walking quickly between the trees, the occasional lavender and emerald pennant dangling from the branches.

“—To benefit a dragon at the top—”

Really, it felt rather awkward. Why was it feeling so awkward to walk with her mentor in companionate silence.

“I don’t even miss my crown, Prin—er, Celestia!”


“—Of some giant corporate mountain?” Rainbow Dash finished, zooming by, above the branches.

“Right. Spike took it first. Definitely for the best.” She looked up just as Rainbow made another pass. “Some days, Rainbow! Some days!”

Author's Note:

Originally written for the Thirty Minute Ponies legacy prompt 23, It's a Living

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