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The Crusaders set their sights to do some gardening for their marks, but things turn out a bit positive when Diamond Tiara starts coming clean when going to the Crusaders. She really wants to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders to get their cutie marks.

Proofread by Mudpony. Entry for the EFNW 2014 Writing Contest
Originally called "Diamond Tiara's Coming Clean"

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Always good to have a fic with earth ponies gardening and enjoying their connection to nature.

Two other things:
1. Sent you a note about some grammar issues.
2. This is "slice of life" rather than "adventure".


cute fic but still kinda came out of nowhere.

4029346 4029286 Yeah, thanks. It's my first story ever so I'm still an amateur at this stuff. :)

Sometimes bullying is a phase that kids just grow out of. It's not often but it does happen.

Constructive criticism:

I'll admit, for a first-time story, this isn't half-bad! However, the situation feels a bit too clean-cut and simplistic; I would've preferred to see a bit more doubt from the CMC regarding Spoon and Tiara's sudden mood change, and it'd probably take a little longer for some to accept the idea than it did here. But the grammar for the most part was well-written, the general premise is good, and it's nice to see all 5 of them working together on something like this. All this story needs is just to be fleshed out a little better, and it'd make an excellent short story!

7.5/10 :)

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