• Published 25th Mar 2012
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Nightmare Moon Returns - Deathsia

Nightmare Moon is back....WITH A VENGEANCE! Will the mane six survive it?

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A sister's love


Each pony too turns keeping watch outside of Twilight's home making sure to keep an eye out for any signs of Trixie or her forces. By the end of the third day Applejack was able to move around normally thanks to Fluttershy's medical knowledge and Luna was fully recovered within a few days time as well. With both ponies fully recovered they made their way towards everfree forest.

“Is it me or does the forest look more creepy than usual?” Twilight remarked looking around herself as they began to walk through it.

“Do you sense it Sweetie Belle?” Luna asked as she looked around herself.

“Yeah...an evil spell has been cast on this forest.” Sweetie Belle replied looking around herself with Pinkie Pie not far behind her.

“That bitch Trixie's work i'll bet...” Rainbow Dash said in a whisper hovering next to Applejack.

“Everypony keep an sharp eye on your surroundings. If Trixie's altered this forest, the smallest vine could be our enemy here.” Luna said making a glance around then back to her daughter who walked at her side.

Without warning Sweetie Belle let out a shriek as she felt something wrap around her hind legs and yank her to the ground and begin to drag her. Before anypony could do anything Rarity appeared a next to Sweetie Belle as she was being dragged and used her horn to snap the vine from her legs then proceeded to use her magic to set it on fire much to everypony's shock. “Touch her again and I’ll incinerate you next time!” Rarity exclaimed fiercely at the vine as it slunk into the shadows.

“Wow...umm...y'all think setting it on fire was necessary thar?” Applejack asked apprehensively.

“Of course it was. No one touches my little sister and get away with it.” Rarity replied and walked over to Sweetie Belle. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Rarity asked in a worried tone as Sweetie Belle got to her hooves.

“Yeah, i'm fine.” Sweetie Belle replied with a smile although she was slightly curious as to what caused Rarity to take such an aggressive action to protect her.

The eight ponies made their way deeper into the forest warding off several vines along the way and soon found themselves in a small clearing.

“Does anypony have a clue as to where this lake actually is?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Maybe no pony does...but I think a certain zebra might....” Twilight replied and lead the ponies to the right of the clearing towards Zecora's home.

Once there Twilight knocked on her door but got no answer. “Oh come the heck on! She never leaves this house except like once a month!” Twilight exclaimed irritably.

“Calm down there Twi. Maybe she's just out for a night stroll?” Applejack suggested curiously.

“No! I know she's in here!” Twilight exclaimed and used her magic to blast the door down.

“What in the world are you doing Twilight? Have you no regard for those trying to get some sleep this night?” Zecora asked in an annoyed tone however one look at Twilight made her gasp.

“That was abit over the top Twilight.” Luna remarked in a stern manner however Twilight wasn't listening.

“Where is this lake Zecora? I know you know!” Twilight exclaimed as her horn and eyes began to glow darkly.

“Twilight be mindful of your actions and words you speak! The dark magic within you is nearing it's peak!” Zecora exclaimed in a panicked yet worried tone.

“Don't make me repeat myself!” Twilight roared as a surge of dark magic erupted from her being knocking everypony and Zecora away from her.

“Somepony must subdue her now! Or her quest will end without even a bow!” Zecora exclaimed in a fearful tone.

Luna was first to her hooves and the first to begin casting a spell on Twilight however Twilight's dark magic repelled the spell at which point Twilight turned to face her mother. “You want to stop me from finding out where this lake is? Maybe the others were right and your just waiting to betray us!” Twilight's voice boomed as dark magic began to surge through her body ejecting sparks of dark magic from every part of her body practically.

“Twilight, please listen to me! The dark magic is trying to overpower you!” Luna exclaimed in a worried tone as she looked at her daughter.

“This is goin to hell in a hand basket mighty fast! I reckon if somepony don't do something soon we won't be able to help her!” Applejack exclaimed over the loud sparks of dark magic that were flinging from Twilight now.

At this point Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie combined forms in a flash of magic and began to cast the same spell they cast before to calm the magic around Twilight at which point Twilight's gaze shifted to Pinkie Pie. “You're against me too?! You're all working for Trixie aren't you?!” Twilight's voice boomed as the dark magic around her began to form a dark orb of magic around her repelling Pinkie Pie's spell.

“Oh this can't be good....” Rarity said with a fearful expression as Twilight began to float off the ground with the dark orb of magic around her becoming larger by the second.

“Enough!!!!” Luna's voice boomed in the same tone as Twilight's as blue magic erupted from her horn striking Twilight sending her flying into a tree, knocked her out cold, and slowly lowered her to the ground in front of them.

“What did you do to her?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in shock.

“I hit her with a powerful stun spell. I may have overdone it a bit but I wasn't going to take any chances of her dark magic repelling it.” Luna replied in a calm tone.

“Is she going to be alright?” Fluttershy asked in a concerned tone.

“She'll be fine. She should wake up in a couple hours.” Luna replied with a gentle smile.

“Twilight got a spankin from her mama for throwin a tantrum.” Applejack said in a joking manner trying to earn a laugh from the ponies and succeeded in doing so much to her relief.

“I suppose that's one way to subdue the darkness when it's at it's peak . But now more importantly this lake you speak.” Zecora said suddenly causing everypony to look at her. “You speak of the lake of purity I assume. However due to the change in the forest the journey could spell certain doom.” Zecora said after a few moments.

“Please Tell us where it is Zecora. We have to know or Twilight doesn't stand a chance.” Pinkie Pie replied to this and in the next moment they revealed their separate forms in a flash of pink magic.

“Far you must go to the west. There you're true abilities will be put to the test.” Zecora replied.

“Thanks Zecora.” Sweetie Belle replied with a smile.

“One more thing I must must speak. Stay true to your element even when things look most bleak.” Zecora said looking at each pony then turned and went inside.

The ponies then proceeded to leave Zecora with Luna carrying Twilight on her back.

“What y'all reckon Zecora meant by our true abilities being put to the test?” Applejack asked curiously.

“I haven't the slightest darling, but if I went out on a hoof i'd assume that the area surrounding the lake is very dangerous.” Rarity replied as they walked along the path which was lined with brushes and odd looking flowers. To the left side of them they could see a steep cliff making the ponies all the more nervous as they walked it.

“Watch you footing y'all. You wouldn’t want to slip and-whoooaaaaaaaa neelllllly!!” Applejack exclaimed having been cut off mid sentence by a vine yanking her over the side and plummeting.

“I got ya Applejack!” Rainbow Dash shouted as she took off after her.

Moments every other pony with the exception of Luna thanks to her swift use of magic was also flung off the side of the cliff. Rainbow Dash looked up to her horror as flashbacks of seeing her fellow friends falling to their deaths came rushing to her head sending her into a panic. “No! Not again!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed holding her head having stopped mid-air for a moment before she jolted her eyes open and narrowed them.

(Play Angel of Darkness now)

“Never again....I WILL NOT watch my friends die before my eyes again!!!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she speed with all her might towards Applejack. Unknown to even Rainbow Dash at first an golden necklace began to appear around her neck that wore the emblem of a lightning bolt on it in a soft glow. It wasn't till moments moments later glowed brightly in a blinding light that she finally noticed something. Something she felt only once before. The rush of magic and power she felt within herself the day her and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon. Rainbow Dash embraced this power without thinking at which point the light enveloped her in a flash. When the magic faded Rainbow was covered in a suit of armor brazen with rainbows,clouds, and lightning as she sped down at Applejack in a flash. It was as if time itself had slowed down for her as she set Applejack down to safety and rushed down to get the others. One by one she had rushed to them picked them up and set them down to safety until finally only Fluttershy remained. Looking back down she saw that Fluttershy's wings had been bound by another vine and she was once again in a state of horror however instead of being quiet as she was last time she was shrieking out in terror the jagged ground below on mere feet away now.

Rainbow Dash flew down as fast as her wings would carry her caught up to Fluttershy and unbound her wings with a single yank on them from her mouth. Fluttershy's wings sprung open mere seconds before she hit the ground allowing her to lift off the ground with so much as a hoof touching it to give herself a push. Once back on safe ground the others looked at Rainbow Dash in shock and awe.

“Oh, yeah! I'm awesome! I just saved all of you from plummeting to your deaths! Go Dash,Go Dash, It's your birthday!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed doing a moonwalk along with a few other gestures of strutting her stuff.

“It's not only that. Look at yourself.” Sweetie Belle said causing Rainbow Dash to give a decent look at herself.

“Whoa! What's with the outfit?!” Rainbow Dash asked in shock.

“It looks more like armor....from ancient pony times.” Luna remarked tapping a hoof on it which gave off a soft clang as she did so.

“But it feels light a feather. Isn't armor supposed to be heavy? And how did I get this suit of armor anyways?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Not all armor crafted was crafted to be heavy Rainbow Dash and well judging by the pattern. I'd say this represents your element.” Luna replied with a thoughtful glance.

“My element? You mean the element I represent as one of the elements of harmony?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“If that's true then ah reckon you must have done or thought somethin to activate one of it's hidden powers.” Applejack said after a few moments.

“Not hidden Applejack....it's true power.” Luna stated simply earning a look of shock from everypony.

“Does this honestly surprise you all? The elements of harmony are after all the greatest magic in all of ponydom.” Luna said after a few moments when no pony could speak it seemed.

“I suppose it shouldn't, but it does all the same.” Rarity replied finally breaking the silence among the ponies.

“How do I get it off anyways?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously. As if answering her question the armor began to glow brightly and faded away leaving only her necklace with the bolt shaped gem in it.

“So let me get this strait. The elements of harmony we representin here are the key to unlocking their true power?” Applejack asked curiously.

“I haven't the foggiest Applejack. I've only witnessed it's power twice or do you not recall both times?” Luna said flashing an annoyed look.

“So how can you be sure that what just happened to Rainbow is her elements true power?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

“Oh,oh,oh! I know! I'll throw a bunch of parties! That'll get us our element right?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed jumping around.

“I doubt it Pinkie Pie...if I recall correctly our element is laughter.” Sweetie Belle replied with an eye roll.

“You know little sis..i didn't want to say anything till now but....” Rarity said giving a look at Pinkie Pie and then to Sweetie Belle. “Pinkie Pie got her element even before you two knew you were the same pony.” she said giving a uneasy look.

“Your point?” Sweetie Belle asked in an annoyed tone even though she had a good idea where she was going with this.

“What i'm trying to say is...” Rarity replied trailing off as if trying to figure out how to word what she was about to say as tactfully as possible. “The element of Laughter is Pinkie Pie's, not yours” Rarity said in the kindest tone she could muster however this didn't lighten the blow any.

Rarity's words felt like a sharp knife had been stabbed into her gut as Sweetie Belle's eyes swelled up in tears. “You don't think I don't know that?” Sweetie Belle replied in a hurt yet pouty tone.

“I didn't mean for it to sound so harsh....” Rarity began to say only to trail off.

“Well you failed miserably! I know I don't represent any element of harmony! Hell I’m not even a pony! All I am is the end result of Selena's magic finding a will of it's own to survive!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed angrily yet tears of pain could still be seen flooding from her eyes as she shouted this.

“Don't say things like that! You are a real pony. And my little sister!” Rarity replied tears now swelling in her eyes as well.

“Oh give me a break! You don't think I don't know the truth?! You told Selena after the war ended that you had lost your little sister! She was dead! And you know it!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed much to everypony's shock and horror.

It was Rarity's turn to feel as if she had been stabbed in the gut now. “My little sister may be dead but Celestia gave me you! And i'll be damned if let another sister of mine get hurt!” Rarity retorted as tears flooded her eyes now.

“I'm not your little sister! I'm just a bunch of magic that turned itself into some pony!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed then gasped at the sudden realization of what she said looking at Rarity's hurt expression.

“That's how it's going to be then....?” Rarity said after a few moments feelings of pain and anger surging through her.

“Rarity...i....” Sweetie Belle began to say but her words faltered.

“If's that's how you truly feel...then be gone with you!” Rarity exclaimed angrily leaving Sweetie Belle wide-eyed in shock.

“F-Fine!” Sweetie Belle retorted in the same angry tone,turned and ran off into the woods.

“Sweetie Belle! Hold up a sec! You can't go! What about me?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed looking in the direction Sweetie Belle ran off in.

“Now you gone and done it! Rarity you hot-head! Sweetie Belle may not be your blood sister but ah reckon she's as close to your living sister as you will ever get!” Applejack exclaimed in angrily.

“Ohh.....what in the heck is going on?” Twilight's voice spoke up causing everypony to forget what just happened if only for a moment as Twilight got off Luna's back and to all fours.

“This hot-headed unicorn over here just told Sweetie Belle to run off!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Huh? But I....WHAT?!” Twilight exclaimed in confusion at first then shock in a similar fashion they could recall from when Twilight found out that the doozey hadn't happened yet just before she accepted Pinkie pie's strange behavior as the normal.

“She wants to treat me like that after all I’ve done for her then she can go rot for all I care.” Rarity said in a huffy manner only to get bitch-slapped by Twilight much to everypony's shock.

“Rarity, you foal! Sweetie Belle may act older because of her being apart of Pinkie Pie but she is still just a young filly! Do you realize what she is going through right now?! She confused and scared! She just recently found out she was the product of Selena's magic having a will of it's own! Even though that may be true she IS a living breathing young filly! Why do you think Celestia gave her to you to protect?! She gave you your little sister back and how do you repay her? By sending her off to her death?!” Twilight exclaimed at the top of her lungs in a angry yet compassionate manner.

Rarity didn't know if it was the slap or the full blown lecture or a combination of the two but either way her senses had come back to her. “Dear Celestia........what have I done?” Rarity said aloud in a shocked and horrified voice, turned around and ran in the direction that Sweetie Belle went calling her name.

“How did you know about that before we did?” Rainbow Dash asked after a few moments.
“While our consciousness were together as one when we were combining the spell to save Fluttershy some of Sweetie Belles memories flowed into my mind. I don't think it was intentional on her part but that's how I found out.” Twilight replied.

“Umm...i think we should follow them....that is...if you all think that's a good idea.” Fluttershy said out of the blue at which point the ponies exchanged panicked glances.

Meanwhile Sweetie Belle was making her way through the forest sobbing silently until a sudden rustling made her jump. “H-hello?” Sweetie Belle asked in a scared tone. The sudden realization coming to her that she was very alone having left Pinkie Pie behind she had no way to defend herself if she was attacked right now. Despite her vast knowledge of magic and her past she couldn't help but feel scared as she looked around herself.

Sweetie Belle backed away as the rustling became louder the fear in her becoming stronger by the second. In the next moment the rustling bushes revealed what looked to be a pack of wolves.

“Well,well,well...what do we have here Becky?” One wolf said with a malicious grin. Judging by the voice this one was male looking behind himself clearly asking the wolf behind him.

“It looks like a young filly in our territory Merch....what do you think willy?” Becky asked looking behind herself to another wolf who wore a crazed expression.

Willy however didn't seem to make a response and simply laughed hysterically.

“Looks like trespasser!” Merch exclaimed earning a scared yelp from Sweetie Belle as she fell onto her rump as Merch lunged his head at her but didn't take a bite.

“I-I didn't mean to...i'll be going now...” Sweetie Belle replied in a scared tone and began to trot away only to get a paw stomped on her tail stopping her mid step which made her fall to her face.

“Wait,wait....I know you. You're that young filly who hangs out with those six ponies Trixie is after....” Becky said with a grin.

“Didn't Trixie offer a reward to anyone who could get rid of them?” Merch asked as the three wolves were now pacing around her.

“Why, yes I think she did....didn't she willy?” Becky asked looking at willy who simply laughed hysterically once again.

“Looks like filly is on the mane menu!” Merch said with a laugh. Looking at Becky now.

“Wait! I got one! I'll take menu item number foal!” Becky chimed in as they both laughed at their own bad puns until Willy began to jump between them making an urgent gesture in a direction.

“What willy?!” Becky exclaimed annoyed.

“Did we order this meal to go?” Merch asked suddenly looking in the direction Willy was pointing.

“No why?” Becky replied in a confused manner.
“Because there it goes!” Merch exclaimed causing Becky to jolt her head in the direction of Sweetie Belle who was making a frantic run for her life.

Sweetie Belle managed to make some distance between her and the wolves but they were catching up quickly to her. “No matter how much I don't want to admit it.....” Sweetie Belle thought to herself as she continued to run through bushes. “I'm just a young filly! And I’m scared! I don't want to die!” Sweetie Belle thought to herself fearfully. As she climbed a hill dodging a snap from one of the wolves jaws barely letting out a fearful scream as she looked behind herself to see the wolves just behind her now.

Sweetie Belle gave a quick buck behind herself as she managed to make it to the top of the hill hitting Becky squarely a crossed the face but the wolf seemed to be merely briefly stunned giving a low growl as she resumed running after her.

Sweetie Belle continued to run frantically until she ran face first into a wall and gave a sudden gasp as she turned around to see all three wolves now walking towards her. “End of the line filly...” Becky said with a growl.

“I-I'll cast a spell on you!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed and began to concentrate with all her might to try and cast a spell making the wolves stop in their tracks. Without Pinkie pie close by however she only managed a mere spark that feebly fell to the ground in front of her.

“That's it?! Come on try again!” Merch jeered with a laugh.

Sweetie Belle began to concentrate once again however this time Merch found himself catapulted to the sky much to to Becky and Willy's shock. In the next moment Rarity appeared jumping in front of Sweetie Belle. “I'm here Diamond!” Rarity exclaimed without thinking looking at the two other wolves as they paced back and forth.

“She called me Diamond.......” Sweetie Belle thought to herself then it became clear. She must look exactly like her little sister did or at least similar. No wonder Rarity hugged her so much after she got her memories back. Her words made perfect sense now.

“You caught us off guard but this time we got you!” Becky exclaimed and lunged at Rarity with Willy close to follow the two wolves however found themselves stopped mid-leap mere inches from Rarity suspended by magic.

“I don't know who you are.....or who you work for....but nothing...and I mean NOTHING harms my little sister!” Rarity exclaimed and with a burst of magic catapulted both wolves away from her deep into the forest.

Sweetie Belle immediately after seeing this ran to her sister and hugged her front legs as she began to sob loudly. “I'm so sorry I said those things! I didn't mean them!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed between sobs.

Rarity looked down with a soft expression on face as she smiled placing a hoof over her. “I know you didn't. And I’m sorry I said those things to you. I was such a foal for treating you like that. You're going through so much and I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for you. But we will get through it...together.” Rarity said with a smile lowering her head now and placing it on her shoulder. “I love you little sis...and I’ll always be here to protect you...I promise.” Rarity said as a tears shed from her eyes.

“I guess...I’m just a helpless young filly after all....” Sweetie Belle said after a few moments.

“A young filly perhaps. But not helpless. You are smart and wise beyond your years and that's a skill no pony should ever disregard.” Rarity replied still hugging her.

“The only reason for that is....” Sweetie Belle began to say by Rarity hushed her gently with a hoof. “It does not matter how you came to be...what matters now is that your alive and what you do with the life you've been given.” Rarity replied with a smile looking into Sweetie Belle's eyes.

Sweetie Belle dug her face into her big sisters shoulder sobbing loudly as Rarity patted her on the back gently and rubbed her back giving her a shoulder and a mane to cry on. “That's it...let it all out. So much pain you've kept bottled up for so long. I don't know how you managed to keep it locked up for so long...” Rarity said softly.

Moments later the others could be heard galloping in their direction calling out Rarity's and Sweetie Belle's name.

“We're over here Twilight!” Rarity called out and moments later the six ponies filed in a line and stopped short at the sight of Sweetie Belle sobbing into Rarity's shoulder and mane.

Pinkie Pie looked at Sweetie Belle about to lecture her based on what she told her not so long ago but stopped herself at the sight of Sweetie Belle sobbing into Rarity's shoulder and mane. She couldn't bring herself to do it. Being the other half of Sweetie Belle she knew how much pain she was in, no matter how much Sweetie Belle tried to shield that part of her thoughts from her. And now seeing her crying like this, that scar deep within her heart the scar that she too felt from the day they were split apart, was finally beginning to heal if only slowly, it was healing now. Pinkie Pie knew it wouldn't happen over night but she knew from this moment on there was a faint rift between them now. This rift is what made them individual ponies. With a smile and a sigh Pinkie Pie shut her mind off to Sweetie Belle's thoughts. “We're not the same filly anymore....I have no right to venture into your mind any longer.” Pinkie Pie thought to herself with a smile beaming with pride for her other half. “You did it...” Pinkie Pie said aloud with tears of happiness in her eyes.

Sweetie Belle tore herself from Rarity's shoulder at these words puffy-eyed. “Did what?” Sweetie Belle asked between sniffs then gave a gasp. “Pinkie Pie...what have you done?!” Sweetie Belle asked in a shocked tone.

“What did she do?” Rarity asked in confusion.

“Why did you do it? How can we communicate anymore?!” Sweetie belle exclaimed still sniffing.

“Sweetie Belle. You knew this day would come one day. And I am so happy for you!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a smile.

“Would somepony explain to meh what in the hay is goin on?” Applejack asked in a confused tone.

“Sweetie Belle has become her own pony. We are no longer the same pony anymore.” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.
“What does that mean exactly?” Rarity asked curiously.

“It means that Sweetie Belle has finally accepted her own existence. She can now grow on her own and even use magic without Pinkie Pie's help eventually.” Luna spoke up much to everypony's surprise.

“But if they are not the same pony anymore...just what did Pinkie Pie do?” Twilight asked confused as everypony else was.

“She severed our connection...” Sweetie Belle said after a brief silence earning shocked gasps from everypony.

“But then what about your combined form?” Rarity asked after a few more moments of silence.

“It's no more.....” Sweetie Belle replied earning even more shocked gasps.

“Pinkie Pie, why would you do that?! Your combined form was our ace in the hole against Trixie!” Twilight asked in a shocked tone.

“I did what I thought was best for the both of us. If we remained connected Sweetie Belle may have begun to doubt herself again. And I couldn't let that happen. Not when she was finally feeling true happiness for herself as a pony.” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

“But Pinkie Pie. How could you do that to us? What about our past?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

“Selena died the day her horn was removed. You and me both know this. However on that day we were born from her death. Celestia knew this. That's why she separated us like she did. But her memory will forever live on inside of us. In a way she is our mother.” Pinkie Pie replied with a smile.

Twilight had no idea which was more shocking. The fact that Pinkie Pie had in fact permanently severed their connection or the fact that she was being completely serious for more than five minuets!

“That's a crude way to put it...but it does make sense.” Sweetie Belle replied after a few moments.

“If you could cut the connection at anytime then why didn't you do it sooner?” Rarity asked giving Pinkie Pie a glare.

“If I had severed it any sooner than now she would have ended up poofing from existence completely. It's complicated but umm....hmm....i don't know how describe it really. My brain has gone cupcakes all the sudden!” Pinkie pie exclaimed with a smile.

“oh that's just great! Now she goes off the deep end when she's about to get to the good part!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed then shook her head. “That was weird....suddenly I feel like I did before I got my memories back.” Sweetie Belle said after a few moments.

“What's happening to them mom?” Twilight asked looking to Luna.

“I'm guessing that their connection is what gave them a linked personalty. Without that connection their souls are resetting themselves to the point before their memories returned.” Luna explained.

“Y'all got an explanation in that thar infinite knowledge of yours to fill in for Pinkie Pie's words that were suddenly cut off.” Applejack asked curiously.

“Don't patronize me Applejack. I can only speculate but if I went out on a hoof I would venture to guess that Sweetie Belle's existence was unstable and their magical connection is what kept her alive. When she accepted herself as a pony a magical spark occurred within her that gave her body a will and a soul of it's own to exist. This brand of magic is foreign to me even though I studied it for a little while before the the war began.” Luna said flashing a glare at Applejack as she spoke.

“That's about right in a nutshell!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed hopping around Rarity and Sweetie Belle now.

“So if Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle are two different ponies now does that mean that we need to get Sweetie Belle somewhere safe?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Out of the question Rainbow!” Rarity exclaimed standing up. “Sweetie Belle may be reverting to who she was before her memories returned but her magical knowledge remains and not to mention I refuse to leave my little sister behind again.” Rarity said giving Rainbow Dash a piercing stare.

“Forget it I mentioned it then....” Rainbow Dash replied with an uneasy look and tone to match it.

Sweetie Belle looked at Pinkie Pie then back to Rarity then back to Pinkie Pie. “I'm scared though...for the first time in my life I feel alone..i don't know if I can do this.” Sweetie Belle said after a few moments causing Pinkie Pie to stop hopping around and look at her.

“Don't you worry you little head about it Sweetie Belle! You'll figure it out! Besides you've got your big sister to protect you!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a smile.

“Yeah...but.....” Sweetie Belle replied looking unsure of herself.

“No buts. You're your own pony now. Besides you got all of us as your friends!” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

“I guess your right.” Sweetie Belle replied with a smile.

“I think we should get moving though. Who knows when those wolves will be back and they may come in greater numbers....” Rarity said with a look of unease on her face as she stood up.

However just after saying this many howls could be heard and in mere seconds Becky,Merch, and Willy were back with a lot more of their friends.

“How many of them are there?” Twilight asked fearfully looking about herself.

“I reckon somewhere in the hundreds....whelp it was nice knowin y'all.....” Applejack replied in the same fearful tone.

However much to everypony's shock Fluttershy stepped up with a soft expression on her face. “Now come on...is this anyway to treat others? Why don't you just go back and leave us alone.” Fluttershy said in her kindest voice only to get a roaring laughter from the wolves.

“We aren't some little bunny rabbit you can tell what to do. Trixie has promised our entire pack a town to call our own if we get rid of you.” Merch said with a grin.

“Do I need to remind you who you're dealing with?” Rarity said taking a step forward.

“And how quickly can you cast a spell to get rid of all of us at once? Even with all three of you unicorns you can save everyone....” Becky replied to this with a malicious grin.

“I am Princess Luna. Sister to Princess Celestia and ruler over the night skies of Equestria. I order you all to leave us at once!” Luna exclaimed taking a step forward now.

“You ain't calling the shots anymore princess.” Merch replied with a sneer.

“Now she tries to assert her authority....” Rainbow Dash said under her breath with an eyeroll.

“This all my fault....if I hadn't run off this would have never happened.” Sweetie Belle said griping Rarity's right leg as she quivered in fear.

“Don't go blaming yourself Sweetie Belle. It wasn't your fault. It was mine for telling to you run off like I did.” Rarity replied to this.

“Can y'all decide who's to blame after we get out of this with our flanks intact?!” Applejack exclaimed in part annoyed and part panicked tone.

“It's dinner time!” Merch exclaimed at which point all the wolves charged in at once.

Sweetie Belle looked to everypony who was ready to fight to the death if need be and felt herself filled with a strong feeling of courage.“I won't let you hurt my friends!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed at the top of her lungs suddenly lunging in front of everypony as her horn glowed brightly still in the air.

At first nothing seemed to happen but then the glowing intensified and in the next moment all the pony looked on in shock and awe as Sweetie Belle's horn began to emit waves of pure white magic still in the mid-air as if the magic itself was holding her up.

“That's it Sweetie Belle.....go for it! Show everypony what you can do!” Pinkie Pie thought to herself proudly watching Sweetie Belle's display of magical power.

With each wave of magic that shot forth the wolves who were charging forward found themselves being repelled backward with each wave of magic that hit them. Becky,Merch, and Willy however seemed to be strong enough to stand their ground and even took steps towards the ponies even if it was at a slow pace.

“What's with the filly?! She couldn't even muster a spell a few moments ago and now she's pushing our back back like a bunch of wolf pups!” Merch asked as he took another step forward grunting against the wave of magic as it hit him but didn't budge.

“I don't know, but I know how to stop it!” Becky exclaimed lunging at Sweetie Belle.

Everypony gave a shocked gasp of horror as Becky's claw neared Sweetie Belle's throat however Rarity teleported herself directly in front of Sweetie Belle taking the claw head on as it gashed her side wide open. (Play My Immortal now)

“Rarity!” Everypony shouted in horror except for Sweetie Belle who looked on in horror no longer casting her spell as she watched as if in slow motion as the claw dug into Rarity's side and she gave a shrill cry of pain as she fell to the ground.

“R-Rarity......big sis?” Sweetie Belle asked in a scared tone however Rarity did not reply as blood began to pool under her.

Becky gave Rarity a glance then back to Sweetie Belle. “They are sisters?” Becky asked aloud in shock if only for a moment then looked at Sweetie Belle who had seemingly forgotten she was even there now holding Rarity the best she could despite her size.

“Big sis. Say something! Come on! You can't leave me!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as she shook her sister.

“What's your deal Becky?! Kill the filly!” Merch exclaimed in annoyance however Becky seemingly was frozen in place as if she had been turned to stone as she looked at Sweetie Belle holding Rarity sobbing loudly shouting her name.

“Big sis! Answer me please! You can't die on me! Not now! Not ever!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed between sobs.

Rarity's eyes fluttered open as she gave a weak smile at Sweetie Belle. “You're safe..... thank Celestia....” Rarity said weakly.

Fluttershy looked on tears in her eyes at this sight that beheld her. “No.....she can't lose her...not now.....not after everything she's been through....” Fluttershy said quietly to herself unknown to anypony.

“Big Sis....stay with me now.....” Sweetie Belle said tears still flooding from her eyes.

“I'm afraid I don't know if I can Diamond....” Rarity replied weakly.

“If you're just going to stand there like a dumb mutt i'll do it!” Merch exclaimed lunging forward however much to his and everypony's shock Becky stood between Sweetie Belle and Merch.

“What the hell is you're deal Becky?!” Merch asked in a pissed off tone.

“We're done here.” Becky said simply.

“Done? You can't be serious! We get rid of these fillies and we got a whole town to ourselves!” Merch exclaimed.

“Go on if you want then. But I’m done. I've got enough guilt weighing on my conscious and I refuse to add anymore.

Merch gave a look past Becky to Sweetie Belle then back to Becky and gave a look as if he understood. “I can't believe this.” Merch said putting a paw on his forehead in annoyance.

Becky gave one last fleeting glance at Sweetie Belle and Rarity before she walked away.

Merch looked back to the ponies then back to Becky then back to the ponies. “Ugh! Blast me for a fool!” Merch exclaimed in frustration then turned to the pack of wolves. “Lets move out!” Merch exclaimed at the top of his lungs as he began to walk away as did the rest of the pack of wolves.

“What in the hay just happened?” Applejack asked clearly confused by what she was seeing at which point Merch turned a head in there direction.

“My mate had a sudden stroke of conscious. I suggest you get out of this forest. There are thing far worse than us in this forest.” Merch said then turned his head and began to walk away along with the other wolves.

“Big sis......please.....you can't....” Sweetie Belle said between sobs.

“I'm sorry Diamond.....sorry I couldn't protect you so many years ago...” Rarity said in a weak tone as her voice seemed to be growing weaker with each word she spoke.

“Don't talk like this! Fluttershy can't you do anything?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed looking at Fluttershy.

“I....wish I could...but the wound is too deep....” Fluttershy said in a saddened tone as tears streamed from her eyes.

“No! There must be something somepony can do! Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Luna?! Can't any of you do anything?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed tears in her eyes looking to each pony who each wore tears of sorrow in their faces.

“Listen.....Diamond....you...have....a beautiful heart......don't let anypony ever tell you different....” Rarity said in a weak voice and a few moments later her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing began to slow.

Sweetie Belle's eyes grew wide as tears continued to flood from them as she looked at her big sister's breathing slow and come to a halt. “R-Rarity? Big sister? Nooooo! Don't leave me!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed sobbing loudly now as she hugged Rarity tightly as ever.

A faint glow appeared above Rarity and Sweetie Belle unknown to her until it glowed brightly enough that it was revealed to be Rarity's necklace she wore as one of the Elements of harmony. Sweetie looked up tears still in her eyes as the necklace floated down toward her and in a flash of bright light appeared around her neck.

“Wh-what's this?” Sweetie Belle asked between sobs.

“That is Rarity's necklace she wore as an element of harmony. She must have willed for it to pass onto you before....” Luna said trailing off.

Sweetie Belle looked at the necklace then back to Rarity who lay lifeless now. “How can I go on now....without her.....she said she would always be there to protect me...” Sweetie Belle said still sobbing.

“And part of her always will...” Fluttershy said putting her front right leg around Sweetie Belle and held her close. “That necklace you wear is her final gift to you.” Rarity said trying her best to now break down into a sob like Sweetie Belle was.

“I-I'll...make you proud big sis...” Sweetie Belle said between sobs.

Fluttershy however couldn't hold back any longer and wrapped her head around Sweetie Belle sobbing loudly as she was.

The ponies spent the remainder of that day finding a suitable spot to bury Rarity and once she was buried they spent the rest of it consoling each other as they shared their grief for having lost a true friend.

The grave stone Twilight had built for her read:






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