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An article of blood - Death Moon

A newspaper article, a princess offense, an ancient people and Sanguinaro.

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Chapter 2 Assault on the city

It was a beautiful sunny day in the city of Ponyville and the bearers of harmony dell'elementi had gathered at the beauty center and they were commenting on some articles Foal Free Press.

"Of course this Chewing chat is really good at not getting caught ! "

Said Rarity

"I know that the Mayor tried to stretch them but there is a trap failed! "

Said Rainbow Dash.

" And what do you think Twilight ? "

Fluttershy said with a sweet tone

"Honey ? Hey what's the matter ? "

Said Applejack noticing the blank look of the unicorn in question

" Eh .... You excuse me but I was thinking about the letters do my brother ! "
" What did he say? "

Said Pinkie Pie dipped in a tub of hot water.

"I would not start a panic but my brother saw The Immortals From Canterlot full asseto war , something that has not happened for thousands of years ! "

" The what?"

Did all those present in awe surprising element of magic.

" The elite of wendom , the beings that inhabited the caves and forests of Equestria well before the great migration of the ponies.
We do not know much of the first meetings between the various race but certainly we know that shook a treaty of military alliance with the Commander Uragano, a treatise on economic aid to Princess Platino and a commercial with Cancelliera Bombolana.
Although there are no received goods of their art and their culture , they are still a nation of warriors , we know that it was they who build Canterlot according to their ideals as a city .
And this makes us understand their abilities since its foundation no one has changed the face of the city! "

"Hey brakes brakes ! "

Said the element of Loyalty

" We are not understanding anything , then that aspect would these beings ? And how do you know all these things? "

The unicorn did not have time to answer the door was broken open and moaned strange beings , armed with swords and maces , half pony , half bear broke into the rooms of the beauty center cha grabbing everything happened in their hands and binding the resulting immuli present even look at Fluttershy .

" We have taken all ! "

Said one of the creatures turned to a superior.

"Good! then bind them closely and watch out for the horns of unicorns , if you have to stop them light up , luckily mom gave free hand this time ! "

Once out of the center of the guardians of the elements he saw that the city was occupied by creatures that were plundering the buildings and the people massing in the central square commanded by a unicorn black , covered with a heavy armor , equipped with eight legs that Twlight recognized :

" But that's James ! "
" Do you know who he is? "

Dash said as she tried to break free from the ropes that held his legs.

"This is the last heir of Iacopo unicorns, of pagasus , the Diomedi and Sleipnir that once inhabited the land of darkness and if he's here means that those who have captured are wendom ! "

Iacopo at that moment spoke:

" Well guys with the ponies in the field H we took all those present. Now you can prepare the irons for the interrogation of pony -related newspaper! "

And here are some wendom Head reached the commander .

"Head according to our accounts missing three fillies all the soldiers of the fifth legion are looking for in the Forest ! "

" Great ! Now I 'm going to write the report to mom , from the order that the ponies are put in cages except that we need to question ! "

Then the chief took a letter to be delivered to another wendom who dictated the letter:

" Reverend Mother ! We lowly creatures of the shadows that live in the shadows for centuries we have taken the enemy city and now we will begin the interrogatoi to find the perpetrators of the crimes !

James, King of Slepirn by eight legs ! Commander of Diomedes meat eaters and sputatrici of fire! Head of wendom humble sons of Nigtmare Moon !
Send it out to our Queen! "

Iacopo then began to make the pony rinchiuddere the cages.

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You obviously do not have much experience with writing in English. You should find someone who knows how to speak both English and Italian. Translation programs rarely work well.

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