• Published 18th Feb 2014
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An article of blood - Death Moon

A newspaper article, a princess offense, an ancient people and Sanguinaro.

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Cap 1. Mercenaries depart

The night was calm and quiet in the city of Canterlot and Shining Armor was watching the sky from his room along with the princess Cadance .

"Ah tonight the stars are so beautiful you do not find my love? "

" It is my lady, but no matter how beautiful and shiny will never be beautiful and bright as you! "

" Flatterer ! "

Suddenly, a scream of anger crossed the sky throwing off the bed the entire city.

"What the ......! "

"This is Princess Luna , what can have happened ? "

" I'm going to expect to see you here safe! "

Said the chief of the guard when a dark song start to resonate in the air:

" Gira la cote , turn, turn ! Turn, turn , turn !
Oil it, grind it , the blade glide
flame and blood .
The work is never dull , never slackens .
Never dull ... ...
Princes Moon reigns ...
Princes Moon reigns ...
Oil it ! Grind !
Fire and blood!
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
Seize hooks and knives ...
, We are ready to embroider your skins !
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
We are ... ready to embroider !
Who will strike the gong will appear .
Black as coal
cold as that sword ... is the beautiful Princes Moon !
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
When the gong gloats the Executioner .
Compartment is love if there is no luck.
The riddles are three, death is one!
Death is a ! Oil it, grind !
The riddles are three, death is one!
Let the blade glide through the blood.
Who will strike the gong ?
Death ! Death !
Ha, ha ! Ha, ha !
Princes ... where reigns the Moon! "

At the sound of his head began to sweat look

" Glum ! I was hoping to not have to ever suffer ! "

" You know what ? "

"This is the song that precedes the appearance of Iacopo! "

" One who was born from the union of samples from the four tribes that lived in the lands of Equine Darkness , battling for the few resources exist , and these lands are placed over the Happy Valley where once lived the mini pony from which the our races ! "

" It is the same as that now has command of the last wendom living in the city / state / Helgedad fortress guarding the northern borders ! "

At that moment the door of the house opened and a seemingly endless array of mysterious shadows came out to march step following a winged unicorn with eight legs.

" Gulp! Those are The Immortals , the elite guard of wendom ! "

" If the moon has unleashed it means that a serious threat Equestria ! "

The two lovers could not notice that his head he wore a newspaper.

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