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Death Moon


It is said that once there was a town called Dite whose inhabitants are known in the world as shape-shifting statute did the good and the bad weather of the whole earth.
But one day the queens pony united in a great army and went to war to the city.
For nine years the war dragged on until victory smiled on the ponies and their allies, and this is the story of the last days of the war furriosa.

Inspired by the Iliad of Homer and Virgil's Aeneid, I also tried to use the same system used in the epics of verses mentioned above but I am afraid that I have not succeeded well.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 5 )

While I'm not sure if your suceeded

I am incredibly pleased that you tried

God I love Virgil


You can not imagine how much I struggled to even be able to publish this work.


Thank you so much for what you said, I trust that soon the work will be seen by many people, however, I'm glad you put it as a favorite

3198141 This was good but having not read vergil I got a little confused. I still liked it. Would you care to explain this a bit more? Also I'm Greek so have a point for using influences from my country.

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