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Death Moon


That the legends in the heart of the forest near Ponyville live two giant beings from time immemorial. No one has ever dared to investigate but the time of the myth is over and the truth is going to turn out.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 6 )

It is obvious that English is not your first language. this story's syntax is strange, and your verb tense is often wrong. You use Italian words instead of English.

You should write in Español, or Italiano until you english improves.

PS: Affollavtevi is "To crowd" in English. Applejack's farm is called "sweet apple acres", not "garden sweet apples".


You guessed it! Only the Regulation prohibits non-English stories so I translated this work into English.
Unfortunately I do to punch and English!

That sucks. The story sounds really cool. Keep working on your English and you'll make a great English writer!

The main 6 are all FEMALE, not male.

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