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Puella Pony Twilight Magica - Rebellion Against the Devil - jxz

After travelling to the human world, Twilight negins having visions... Visions of a goddess... and a corrupt magical system. And maybe... she will have to stop it again.

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Chapter 5

"So, that's what's happening..." Rarity said. The group was now sitting in a table in Fluttershy's home. At Rarity's side, Angel was sitting, eyes and mouth wide open. Who had thought that Fluttershy had that much abilities and age? And that she could kill him if she wanted...

He shivered a little. Mostly because of the big mermaid sitting at his side.

"But, why?" Rarity asked. "All I know was that we were in Homu-Homu's Barrier."

"Really, girls, stop it." Fluttershy muttered, as the girls chuckled. Oktavia chuckled too, which seemed weird. Yet again, there were four magical talking ponies and one dragon who had previous lifes, so it wasn't that weird.

"I don't get it either, but now we have a new life, a new oportunity. We won't chastise ourselves for our errors." Twilight said.

"I'll remember it, darling." Rarity said.

"I hope. You don't know the problem we had with Fluttershy." Rainbow whispered. "But now, let's rest. After all, we've just finished training, and attacking a Witch." She said.

"Good idea, my whole body is aching." Spike said.

"Well, I have a date in the spa. We can go there now." Rarity suggested. "And Angel and Spike can come too." At that, Spike blushed, and Angel pointed to Oktavia.

"Don't worry, she won't come." Rainbow said.

Oktavia groaned.

"Hey, remember the problem we had in Appleloosa!" Rainbow replied. Oktavia seemed to remember...

"What in tarnation is that?!"

"Run!! Everypony run!"

"Protect tha' apples!"

"Mah cabbages!!"

She sighed, and groaned again.

"She asks if we can at least go to the jacuzzi." Rainbow told Rarity.

"Well, of course we can, darling." Rarity said. Oktavia smiled (Again, weird), and returned to Rainbow.

"Well, let's go, I need a rest." Twilight said, and they walked back to the town.


A few minutes later, the girls and Spike were in the jacuzzi in the Spa. Fluttershy had made a Barrier in order to Oktavia to rest at their side.

"Thanks for this, Okty and all of us needed it." Rainbow said, as the mermaid Witch submrged into the tub, making bubbles with her helmet-mouth.

"No problem, Dashie." Flutershy said, submerging herself in the tub too. It felt nice.

The group stayed silent for a while, relaxing.

"..." Then Twilight broke the ice. "But... I have a question."

"Huh? What is it, dearie?" Rarity asked.

"... If I was Madoka, then why don't I change to her when I'm inside a Barrier?"

All girls and boys (Angel included) became silent at that question, pondering it.

"You know, I was wondering that too." Rarity said. "When we are in the Barriers, we become who we were in our past lives, like now. but you only turn... What's the word?"

"Anthro?" Spike offered.

"Yeah, that. You become an anthro version of yourself." Rainbow said. "And? So is Spike."

"But he was trapped in the Barrier as Kyousuke." Fluttershy remembered Twilight. "He absorbed enough magic to let him transform,
but he wasn't a Puella Magi... Or Puer, in his case."

"Puer?" Spike asked. Angel tlited his head in confusion at that word.

"Masculine for Puella." Twilight said, as she pondered that. "Why, indeed..."

After resting for a while, the group separated, each one back to their homes.


Fluttershy finished feeding her animals, and sat in her bed, Angel at his side.

Why was this happening? Why was Twilight Madoka? Why were her other friends the other Puella Magi? Was Nagisa here, too? What about Hitomi? Like Kyousuke, she was trapped in her world...

Angel looked at her, worried about her. He now knew her caretaker suffered a lot. She was a devil. She loved and lost.

And he felt like a douche for behaving like he did.

With a few movements of his short arms, he told Fluttershy 'I'm sorry. I don't know about that.'

The mare saw Angel "say" that. "Oh, Angel, you don't have to say sorry. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry."

Angel made some more signs. 'But, Fluttershy, I've been treating you bad because I wanted you to have a Celestia-damned backbone. If I'd known you had it...'

"That's the reason? Oh, Angel... You don't have to worry about that.I'm still as brave as I was when I was a Puella Magi." Fluttershy said, an smile in her face.

Angel looked at her, a bit calmed. Then he smirked. 'Ok... But I'm still going to see if you haven't lost it, ok? So don't expect any change on me, ok?'

Fluttershy smiled a bit more. "Of course, I wouldn't even think about that."


Rarity sighed, as she cuddled in her bed. Who had thought Madoka had reincarnated. And tthat she was Twilight.

But she was right. If she was Madoka, why didn't she transform? It was a mystery.

She was entranced in her mind... But not so much, as she heard someone made a sound outside her room. Not making any sound at all, the mare rised from her bed and looked from a litle hole in her door.

And she saw Sweetie Belle, her sister.

With her tail glowing. She realized that hers was glowing too.

Realization appeared in her face.

And fear.

"Oh... My..."

Author's Note:

Shor, I know...

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… O_O
Sweetie is NAGISA??!!!

I didn't see that one coming…


5559802 Maybe, Maybe... But there are other Puella Magi in Canon, aren't they?

True, true...

While that particular Puella Magi is the most likely, there are others out there…
And depending on who Sweetie is, it has the potential to be epic.


I hate to be THAT person, but will there ever be more. I just discovered this today and I. AM. HOOKED!

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