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Puella Pony Twilight Magica - Rebellion Against the Devil - jxz

After travelling to the human world, Twilight negins having visions... Visions of a goddess... and a corrupt magical system. And maybe... she will have to stop it again.

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Chapter 4

A few weeks passed, and everything had returned almost to normal. Fluttershy had healed so fast, the nurses and doctors thought it was a more advanced magic han what they used. Of course, it was Rainbow, in Sayaka's form, had healed her, but they didn't need to know. Applejack and Pinkie Pie, her friends, were preoccupied by Fluttershy, but she had assured them that she was ok. She had to Pinkie Promise that she wouldn't treat animals inside of the Everfree for a while, though.

Right now, Twilight and Spike were runnning to Flutershy's home, to practice their powers within Fluttershy's Barrier.

"Come on, Twi! Faster! Faster!" Spike shouted, on Twilight's back.

"Spike, I could go faster, if you hadn't insisted to bring the violin with you!"

"Well, sorry for trying to do what I like!" Spike replied.

"You like classic music?"

"Of course. I've even talking with Octavia on how to make good duos."

"Huh, so that's where you are when you say you are looking for gems?"

"Yeah, half the time. Oh, look, we're here." Spike finished, as both of them entered to Fluttershy's cottage. There, Angel was looking at the backyard, looking at the weird wall in front of him, and thus, he didn't notice when Spike and Twilight arrived.

"Hey, Spike!" Twilight called Fluttershy's "pet". The bunny was startled, and turned to see the two arrivals. He pointed to the wall, scared because Fluttershy was in the Barrier with Rainbow Dash.

"Oh? It looks that Fluttershy is already training." Spike said, nonchalantly.

"Really?! And I asked her to wait for us." Twilight said.

"Well, maybe we'll reach the training before they end it." Spike said, as they stood in front of the Barrier. Twilight opened her wings, which glowed, and she opened the way to inside the Barrier, much to Angel's shock.

"Maybe. Well, let's not waste any time, let's go." Twilight declared, and jumped into the portal. Spike followed her. Angel only sat there while he saw them disappear.

Inside the Barrier, Spike and Twilight saw the place was transformed into an almost perfect copy of the Makitahara school. In the yard, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, both in their Puella Magi forms, fighting. Guns and swords were scattered everywhere.

"Wow, Shy, you're as good as Homura!" Rainbow said, summoning three cutlasses, and throwing them to the black-haired.

"Well, I have had practice." Fluttershy said, making her shield bigger and blocking the swords. She then activated her shield, and disappeared, only to reappear behind Rainbow, and hit her with a kick.

"Hey, girls!" Twilight called both of them, stopping their fight.

"Twilight! You sure took your time." Rainbow teased.

"Hey, it was Spike's fault! he wanted his violin tuned, and he didn't let me come unil it was tuned."

"Hey, don't lie! I told you to go ahead, but you wanted to wait me!" Spike replied.

"Well, anyway, you're here, so now I can do that." Rainbow said, smirking at the confused faces of the others.


Rainbow raised her right hand, and snapped her fingers. "This."

And then a Witch appeared in Fluttershy's Barrier.


"Wh-WHAT?!" The two girls and the dragon shouted. Twilight summoned her bow, and Fluttershy summoned a big cannon from her shield.

"Wait, girls!" Rainbow stopped them. "She's still me! Remember, Homu-Homu's barrier?"

"I still prefer not to hear that nickname." Fluttershy said, blushing.

"So... You sill have the powers Madoka gave you?" Twilight asked.

"Yep!" Rainbow said, as Oktavia lifted her free hand, and made a thumbs-up sign. Weird.

"Ok... So, why did you summoned her?" Spike asked.

"Well, wht better way to practice how to kill Witches than with a Witch?"

Okavia made a sound, which sounded more lively than the Witches the group had encountered lately. And it oddly sounded like if she was whining to Rainbow.

"No, we won't kill you! Gezz, don't be mad!" The Puella Magi-turned-pegasus said. "It will be like those training sessions we have almost every month."

The Witch made another sound, which sounded like 'Alright, alright' for the non-Oktavia speakers.

"Ok. So, who wants to go first?"

After a long training, Fluttershy dissipated the Barrier, allowing the girls and Spike to return to normal. Every one in the Barrier fell down in their backs, Oktavia included.

Of course, Angel screamed like a little filly, and ran away at the sight of the Witch, but they couldn't stop him.

"I just hope he's ok..." Fluttershy said.

"I just hope he doesn't annoy anyone else." Spike muttered.

"Well, let's get back to buissness." Dash said. Then she turned to Oktavia. "That means sorry, bu you have to go back."

Oktavia "Whined" again.

"I know, I know. Is a pain for me too, but we can't go arround Ponyville. You remember the Manehattan incident, don't you?"

Oktavia stayed silent, while she remembered parts of it...

"Run, is Mermaidzilla!!"

"Oh god, this is the end!!"

"My Cabagges!"

Oktavia returned to reality, and seemed to sigh. Then, she glowed cyan, and disappeared.

"Two questions: What happened with her... And what the hay did you do in Manehattan?" Spike asked.

"She's back in myself, for whenever we need her." Rainbow said. "As for the Manehatan incident-"

She was cut short when her wings glowed, as did the ones of her friends and Spike's scales.

"Promise us you'll tell us later, we have a Witch close." Twilight said.

The four Equestrians ran to the place were the Witch was waiting, just as Angel returned with someone.

"Why are they running there?" The unicorn asked herself, following them, unaware of the glow in her tail.

"Here it is... Sugarcube Corner." Twilight said, sighing.

"Do you think..." Rainbow asked.

"I heard the Cakes decided to make a big cheese cake... So..." Spike said.

"Oh, well... Let's do it." Fluttershy said, opening the Barrier.

The girls and Spike entered the Barrier, unaware that Angel and the unicorn were looking at them.

"Oh... My..."

"Oh, my Celestia!! This is delicious!!" Rainbow said, eating the Barrier, Oktavia following her... Somehow, as she didn't have a mouth.

And she was eating it. There were sweets everywhere, from the floor to the roof.

"Dash! Don't eat that, Celestia know how many familiars have passed here!" Twilight said.

"By the way, who are we looking for?" Spike asked.

"We're looking for-" Twilight was interrupted for an explosion. From the place, some Familiar mice apepared, followed by Familiar nurses.

"Pyotr and Polina." Twilight said, bringing her bow. Spike brought his own bow, and setting the chord in fire.

"The Familiars, I guess."

"Yea-What are you doing with your bow?" Rainbow asked.

"Using it as a weapon." Spike said, swinging the bow against the mouse. It burst in flames, and disappeared.

"So that's why you asked me to make it flame-proof." Twilight said, impaling five Familiars with one arrow. Then, she slashed two more behind her.

"Hey, where's her?" Rainbow blurted out suddendly.

Oktavia made a sound that sounded like "Who?" while she tail-kicked some Familiars.

"The Witch! We've been fighting Familiars, but she hasn't appeared."

"Well, who knows? Witches are weird as they are." Spike said. Just then, he saw something. a little yellow doll.

"What's a doll doing here?" Spike asked, reaching for it...

And inmediately avoiding a shoot from Fluttershy.

"Shy?! What the Tartarus?!"

"She..." Fluttershy said, before the doll started to move. Twilight noticed it, and shot an arrow to it.

It ate the arrow.

"W-Wha-" Rainbow shouted, before having to dodge the doll, who appeared behind her.

"Charlotte's changed too!" Twilight said, dodging the creature too.

"That's right, she never became that form in any timeline!!" Fluttershy said, dodging the doll and using her powers to shoot a bullet to her tiny chest.


"Out of my way, darlings!" They heard someone shout suddendly.

Then a shot crossed Charlotte's head. The Witch screamed in pain, as a new girl appeared from the floor, along with a white bunny.

The yellow hair made the girls and Spike recognize the girl.


"Hello, darlings." Mami said. "How are you all?"

"Darling?" Rainbow asked. "I don't remember Mami saying that..."

"Well, let's say I've been doing some things in my new life." Mami said, briging another gun from nowhere and shooting the Witch more times. "But, enough about me, can you help me now?"

"Oh, right! Okty!" Rainbow called her other self.

The Witch made a groaning noise.

"Hey, you said I could call you that!"

Another groan.

"Let's talk about this later!" Rainbow shouted her Witch/Other self.

The creature made a noise of understanding, and smashed Charlotte to a wall, While Mami shot the yellow Witch, confused by the tide of events, but understanding.

"Miss... Oktavia, can you move?" Mami asked the Witch. She nodded, and moved out of the way, while the Puella Magi made a big cannon from her two guns.

"This is! Mami's special technique!" Twilight said.

"Take this, my revenge! TIRO FINALE!"

The shot oliberated the Witch completely. As th Barrier disappeared, Angel hid behind Mami, as she turned to see the guys.

"Well, we'll be seeing next ti-"

She couldn't finish, as Twilight trapped her with magic. "Oh, no. I had enough with Homura doing that in our past lifes, not you too!"

Mami blinked, as she heard that. Then she smiled. "So, you're Madoka? I'm not very surprised, darling."

As she said that, the Barrier dissipated, making eerybody reurn to their normal forms. Including Mami, who became a white unicorn.

With three diamonds as a Cutie Mark.


"Yes, dearies. I'm Mami."

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