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Twilight has had dreams about another world; one filled with magic.

One that was doomed by the magic.

Wih some memories, Twilight and other ponies must unravel the thruth of why they are alive in Equestria, while fighting creatures made of despair.

The way of a Puella Magi won't be despair anymore.

The past never forgets, but the future can change...

Puella Magi/MLP crossover, set after The Rebellion movie and after some undefined time in S4.

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Am I correct in assuming my story inspired this? I ask because you used my idea of Twilight being Madoka and Homura being Fluttershy.


4080494 ehh, half and half. I had this idea formed a few months ago, but your story made me decide to write it and upload it.

hmm, interesting. I love the idea of Madoka as twilight and the idea of reincarnation. Sweet chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

My only major problem with this story are all the grammar errors.
(I can be your proofreader, if you'd like.)

Aside from that, it's a very enjoyable story, and I look forward to the next chapter.

PLEASE update soon!!!!!!

Kyosuke as Spike makes an...odd amount of sense. Not only just because they're both guys in an all-female world.

Good chapter, though I still prefer my casting of Rarity as Hitomi rather than Mami.


4640758 Ah, But Hitomi also has a place in this story...

She better not be AJ or Pinkie.


4643548 ... Oh. Well... Spoilers.

*sigh* You're just as good as me when it comes to not giving spoilers away :facehoof:


4643627 Eheheh...:unsuresweetie:

Rarity as Mami?
Called it!

Good chapter!
I got a kick out of the Oktavia bits.

My guesses for the rest of the cast:
AJ is most likely Kyouko.
I mean, she has a sister, and she does not fit the "Hitomi" personality.

Thus, Pinkie is either Hitomi or Nagisa.


4977884 Not saying anything... :trollestia:

Then may I ask when you'll be updating?


4988117 Soon, I promise. Been working on other stories, specially one is not ready for showing. Maybe next week.

… O_O
Sweetie is NAGISA??!!!

I didn't see that one coming…


5559802 Maybe, Maybe... But there are other Puella Magi in Canon, aren't they?

True, true...

While that particular Puella Magi is the most likely, there are others out there…
And depending on who Sweetie is, it has the potential to be epic.


I hate to be THAT person, but will there ever be more. I just discovered this today and I. AM. HOOKED!

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