• Published 16th Feb 2014
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Puella Pony Twilight Magica - Rebellion Against the Devil - jxz

After travelling to the human world, Twilight negins having visions... Visions of a goddess... and a corrupt magical system. And maybe... she will have to stop it again.

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Chapter 2

A baby dragon and an alicorn were walking trough the center of Ponyville.

For some ponies, this would be normal.

For Twilight though, it was like if she and Spike were alone, with only figures at he distance, like mannequins. Spike was leading her through the streets, not stopping for anything. Twilight noticed the dragon's scales were glowing each more with each step. She felt some of her feathers glow too.

And... she felt something too. hatred, darkness... Dispair.

"Spike... What's happening to me?" The alicorn asked, worried. The dragon didn't answer.

Suddendly, Spike stopped. "We're here."

"Huh?" Twilight wondered, looking at the place the two were.

It was just an alley... But it had... something...

"Stay back, please." Spike said. "This would be shocking to you."

As he said that, his spines glowed brighter, and the alley began to distort itself, like if realtiy was tearing itself apart.

And then, a portal appeared. Twilight was scared... but she wasn't at the same time. felt she knew it... But she had seen never like it before.

"Spike?! What's that?!"

"It's a Witch's barrier." Spike answered. Twiligh recogized that term... And sent shivers through her back.

"A... Witch's Barrier? here?"

"Yes. Now, please, come with me."

Without waiting, the dragon jumped inside of the portal, leaving a shoked and scared Twilight.

"Spike!" Twilight shouted. She wanted to follow her... but she was scared for what would be inside of the portal. If the memories she had were of some indicaion, the thing was very dangerous, and she would die.

Still, his Friend had entered. If he did that, he would have a reason.

With fear, but decision, she jumped into the portal, as it closed behind her.

Once inside, she noticed the barrier was "known" to her. The classical music, the red and blue colors, and the vibe of an opera house...

It was painfully familiar.

A name appeared in her head. "Oktavia Von Sekkendorf."

"So you remember this place." Twilight heard Spike. when she turned to see him...

She saw a human. He looked like a teenager, with purple skin. His clothing was a green t-shirt, over a purple jacket. He was also using purple pants. His t-shirt and pants had the same symbol: a thing that looked like a crown and an orchestra at the same time. It also had a red flame and blue wings behind it.

"Spike? You look..."

"Before we do what we did in the other dimension, look at yourself." Spike said.

Twilight was confused, but did as he did. she made a mirror from some clattered instruments, and saw herself...

Human. She had the same clothes she had when she was in the other dimension, but the picture of her Cutie Mark was different. She also had her horn and wings.

Her clothes also had an image of a gem instead of the normal pink star. For some reason, it felt... good.

"This is... familiar..."

"All your doubts will disappear when we find what we find." Spike said.

"And this is..."

"... You will see." The dragon said, moving. the princess followed him, still confused, but less tthan before.

While they moved, they heard the music stronger and more memories "returned" to Twilight's head.

A blue-haired girl...

A crushed love...

A twisted creature...

An Angel.

When they reached the center of the Barrier, the two humanoids saw a mermaid-like, female-like knight, with a black, broken sword, and a broken helmet was swinging her sword back and forth, trying to hit a dot in the distance. At her side, a blue silhouete of someone, like an orchestra conductor, was playing the music.

Twilight's eyes, however, fixated on that moving dot. It was a girl, human, black haired.

The black wings and her shield showed who was, a memory from days past... or days that never were.

"That... is..."

"Homura Akemi, Old Puella Magi and previous demon." Spike finished, holding Twilight from her hand. All of a sudden, the drake/human threw a bolt of green fire from his empty hand, which impacted another blue silhouete that almost hit them. The creature flew to the head of the mermaid.

"No... No mermaid... Witch. Oktavia." Twilight recalled the name again.

"Twilight? Wake up!" Spike shouted, regaining the mare/human's attention, in time to avoid another of those things.

"Spike?! What's happening?!"

"The Familiars have spotten us. We need to fight if we want to survive." Spike said. A quick look into her memories showed Twilight whatt were these "Familiars" capable of.

"Fight? And how?!" wiligh shouted, dodging more of the silhouetes.

"Just let your memories guide you, Goddess!"

When Spike said that, it triggered another memory.

A bow...

Arrows made of magic.

Using her magic and the batons the Familiars had thrown, she created a bow like the ones in her memories-dreams. Taking it with one hand and stretching the string, a pink arrow appeared.

She pointed it to Oktavia's head.

"If you shoot this arrow... YoU WiLl DiE!"

The voice she heard seemed to come from nowhere... and from her mind. The pulse on the bow seemed to falter, and she almost dispelled it...

But she recovered.

"I don't care. It seems like I already died once, and I survived. Now, I don't know who you are, or What you are... But that girl- My friend is in trouble, and I'll help her!" Twilight thought.

She shot the weapon to the head of the Witch.

The witch screamed, in pain.

The scream didn't sound normal...It was distorted... Like if the thing wasn't alive.

And from what she could recall from those memories... it wasn't.

Homura disrtacted to see where did that arrow come from.

A deadly error.

Oktavia saw her oportunity to attack, and tried to slash Homura. She managed to dodge the sword, but no completely, as it managed to slash her legs. Homora fell, while the gash in her legs began to gush blood. The puella Magi tried to move, but she couldn't. She was at Oktavia's mercy.

"HOMURA!" Twilight screamed. With an impulse from her wings, she threw herself to the Witch, dodging as many Familiars as she could, and killing others with her arrows. Meanwhile, Spike attracted the Familiars' attention to him.

Twilight landed in front of Homura, as Oktavia was going to land the finishing strike to the once-great-demon.

Homura's eyes widened, as Twilight tensed the bow's string.

"I LoVe YoU! dOn'T dO THIS!!!!!"

Twilight pushed the voice outside of her head. "I don't know who you are, or what are you talking about, but I won't leave her! She's a friend, a good person, AND I WON'T LOSE A FRIEND AGAIN!!!"



The arrow increased it's size by five times.


The arrow turned into a laser that obliterated the sword... And the Witch.

The Familiars disappeared as the Witch was destroyed, allowing Spike to reach the two girls.

Twilight turned to the Puella Magi, as the Maze disappeared. "It's taking a lot of time to disappear..." She muttered, as she took a good look at the girl in front of her. She had her haid fixed into two braids, and red rimmed lenses. She looked innocent, but also experienced.

"Twilight... you are..." Homura whispered. Suddendly, she started to cry. "I'M SORRY! I'M SO, SO SORRY!" She shouted. "I ONLY WANED TO HAVE YOU AS MY FRIEND, I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE!!"


"Sorry... Ma... do... ka..." With that, Homura lost consciousness, and fell limp to the ground. As she did that, the Barrier disappeared, completely. While that happened, Twilight and Spike's bodies reirned to their normal forms.

As did Homura's body, who turned into a yellow mare with pink mane and wings.

"F-Fluttershy?!" Twilight shoued, recognizing her friend.

"Fluttershy is Homura?!" Spike exclaimed.

"We have no time for this Spike." Twilight said, picking the pegasus in her magic. "She's bleeding, and if we don't do something..." She shook her head. "We have to go to the hospital, now. Come on!"

Without waiting, Twilight started to gallop as fast as she could to the hospital, her dragon behind her.

Author's Note:

Yeah... Who guessed this outcome? Anyway, part of the sory will be explained next chapter.

and, by the way; Who likes violins?