• Published 16th Feb 2014
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Puella Pony Twilight Magica - Rebellion Against the Devil - jxz

After travelling to the human world, Twilight negins having visions... Visions of a goddess... and a corrupt magical system. And maybe... she will have to stop it again.

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Chapter 1

"I... I want to protect everyone!"

"I want you to become a Magical Girl!"

"What would you wish?"

"STAY AWAY! why do you make me hurt?!"

"Wishing for someone else..."

"I'm not alone anymore!"

"Despair is the way of Magical girls."

"Burn that image into your minds. This is the path of a Magical girl."

"Why kill Familiars?"

"Despair always waits."

"You're an awful person!"

"Don't enter into this without knowing what's happening."

"I'm... a fool."

"Please, I know you're here!"

"She's no your friend anymore. She's a Witch now."

"If we die, we won't become Magical Girls!"

"I'm not scared anymore."

"Grant my wish, Incubator!"

"I... Am... Hope."

"YoU WiLl Be MiNe! I LovE YoU!!!"


"AAAHHH!" Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, Element of magic, and Ponyville's library resident, woke up sweating.

Again, those dreams. Or rather, Nightmares.

Since she ascended to an alicorn, those dreams had always repeated, each night more livid.

The thing was, they became more livid, and more clear, when and after she traveled to the humans' dimension.

Since that experience, the figures in her dreams had changed from sticks, to skin-colored humans without knowledgeable faces, to...

Those girls. Her faces were really familiar, though she didn't see them before. It was... weird, but... familiar.

She used to forget the dreams, hinking they were nothing more that dreams, but now...

They were...

"Like someone's life..." she whispered.

"Huh? Whose life?" Spike said. He was already awake, and made her breakfast to bed.

"O-Oh, Spike..." Twilight suttured. she didn't want to scare the little drake with her dreams. afer all, he was still a baby, and thus, his responsability.

But now, she needed to tell someone about it. And he was the only one in the library who could talk with her. (Owlowlicious didn't count as he couldn't talk.)

"Thanks, Spike. Um..." the alicorn said, after finishing her breakfast.

"What's wrong, Twi? the food wasn't ok?" Spike asked.

"N-no! is just..." she sighed. "I had a bad dream."

"Oh, really? and how it was?" Spike asked.

"I... I saw humans..."

"And? you may be thinking about how much you miss the girls from-"

"And... a white cat with red eyes..."

Spike stopped. "And..."

"And... a girl. A pink-haired girl. I saw some things through her eyes."

Spike was silent through the entire story. However, his fists were strongly closed by now. "And... since how have you had this dream?"

"Since... since we returned from the human world."

"So... being there and seeing humans was the trigger... But she didn't know until then...why?"

"H- huh?" Twilight was confused.

"Tell me, who were you?" the dragon muttered.

"H- Huh?! what do you-"

"Tell me! Who were you?!"

"S- Spike? what's-"



The entire castle/tree became silent after that outburst. Spike just stood there, shocked, while Tilight had to breath in order to calm herself. her head was pounding with each breath, but she managed to calm down.

"Ma... Madoka... Kaname..." Spike whispered.

"...Spike? What's wrong? What is happening?"

"... You really don't know?" Spike asked. Twilight shook her head no. "I... I can't explain it... but... you were one human."

"Well, i was. When we traveled to the other world-"

"No!" Spike interrupted, abruptly. "I mean, you were human... before."

"Wh-What do you-"

"The dreams you have... those were memories."


Suddendly, the nightmares returned to her mind... but clearer.

She saw herself as the pink-haired girl. She saw the creatures- Wicthes... She saw them fighting girls, who fell into despair, and urned Witches too, and the cycle repeated.

She saw a girl like the others, yet unlike them. She wanted the cycle to be broken, even if for one person.

She saw her trying to save the girl whose eyes were the guides on the alicorn's dreams.

She saw the second girl-Homura, her name was,- fail. Each time more and more into despair. changing her appearence, and with it, losing her humanity even more each time. She saw Homura return time, trying to save Madoka.

She also saw other girls, friends of Madoka.

Each one died. More than once she saw them suffer the pains of being a Magical Girl.

She saw the perpetrator of those acts, a cat-like alien, die more than once, only to return wih a new body. Even if he died, he didn't have feelings. He did it "For the Universe"... but at the cost of a few lives.

Then she saw Madoka... Ascend into a god. Become Hope incarnate. Create a heaven for Magical Girls.

Then she saw Homura... Descend into a devil. Become Love incarnate. Destroy the goddess. Trap her into her world in order to be always with her.

And then... obscurity.

Then she woke up, Spike looking at her, serious.

"S- Spike? Wha-what's happening?!" She asked, the words leaving her mouth, but feeling numb.

"Mado- Twilight. Come with me. We need to talk."

"And... You'll explain me what's wrong, right?"

Spike suffled some of his spines, showing that some of them glowed with a green light. "Explain?..." He said, opening the door.

"I'll beter show you, Goddess."

Author's Note:

I've been having this idea since long ago, and with the Rebellion movie ou, i finally was able to fully form it!

The idea, plot and twists are completely ready, so get ready for a good story, filled with existensialism, fights, Wiches and what everybody wants: INCUBATORS SUFFERING!