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I'm a fifteen-year old enby who likes ponies. Tumblr Blog: chocolatemintdreams.tumblr.com


Scootaloo has been under the care of Caramel Swirl and Cibo for several years. They have been good to her, paying for her to eat and to go to school. But when Caramel gets ill, and the bills get high, Scootaloo is told that she will have to go somewhere else to live. But it has to be soon.
Rainbow Dash tries to help out. She knows she couldn't handle a filly on her own, but her friends keep insisting for her to take up Scootaloo. Should she listen to her friends?
If somepony doesn't take Scootaloo soon, she'll have to go back to the orphanage, and that's the last thing she wants.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 13 )

Good but mneeds a second chapter on how rd takes care of scootaloo

Yea it does need another chapter, and i loved the plot it was a interesting story. But your transitions was a little choppy at the least, yet still it was a great read.

Pretty good. i agree with there being a second chapter

Well Rainbow couldn't leave her hanging...

Comment posted by Charcoal Breeze deleted Jul 18th, 2014

you do realize that their are quite a few typos. Right?

5888038 probably, I wrote this like a year and a half ago

2nd chapter or riot. :scootangel:

two years later, i can safely say jesus this story is terrible

6750743 WTF? This story is great

7154567 *look at your avatar*:rainbowkiss: . . . *DED Not big surprise*

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