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Anthony is a earth pony who has only a few friends. But when a assignment becomes a travling trip, he is stuck living with a alicorn who is the complete opposite of him: Princess Molestia. Will he make it with her and will become a better pony from this?

The mind of Molly(AKA Molly's human counterpart): Ms. Regan
Cover art by: Bootsy Slickmane

Chapters (5)
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3494145 :rainbowlaugh: I can't wait to see what you all like of chapter 2. Chapter 2 will be longer thought.

Anthony is a earth pony


Give him a real pony name.

4445152 Sorry, but I didn't think of a name to ponyfy


Most of the time the name is related to the physical appearence/cutie mark/job/mentality of the pony. And if a part of the name sound " cool " ( Dash, Lightning, Fire ) it's always balanced by a less " cool " adjective ( Rainbow, Dust, Spit ).

4445188 but not all the time, cadence is the princess of love yet her name is related to music. :derpytongue2:

i think he is digging his grave now

bet Anthony would scream so loud that everyone in 5 miles would hear it

Probably jot the best sensation for our little friend. But I can't wait to see how he handles it!

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