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Joyous Apple

I enjoy writing. Getting an idea and typing it out is great. I write for me. Getting followers are just perks.


Twilight sent Fluttershy to earth. It was a test run to see if she could do it. So she sent her there, and it was only to be for a few minutes. When Fluttershy got there, a guy named Jake saw her on the ground and helped her up. While touching her though, the spell brought her and Jake. So Twilight tries to fix the problem, but it backfires. Twilight tried to use old magic and unleashed something during the process, and this thing stole Fluttershy, and flew off. Can Jake get her back with the aid of the others? Also, can he do this before this thing turns Fluttershy into it's mate and queen?

Advice and editing by Golden Skies. You can find his story HERE

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Very good chapter totes ready for more!!!

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