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Golden Skies

I'm just a writer trying to perfect his craft. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Je parle fran├žais et parlo italiano.


Indigo Blossom, a young filly in Ponyville has been struggling with school, bullies, and life for the past few months. How much does it take to put someone over the edge? What does it take? How far does someone need to be pushed to be taken over the edge?

Joyous Apple: "I just read the last two paragraphs, and... oh my gosh the feels..."

1998alberto: "Wow, that was good. Like really good."

Dragonborne Fox : "I am entirely moved by this tale.
Excuse me while I go and purge out my tears from my eyes.
Well done."

Me: "ACK! I'm gone for two minutes, I come back, and everyone is crying."

Thank you to Dragonborne Fox for making the AMAZING new cover art. They also made the original cover art.

A short one-shot that I did just to test my abilities as a writer at writing something sad. Let me know what you thought I did good at/ what you thought could be improved. I wasn't about to go and write fanon about canon ponies. Also, this is not my OC, and this is not in anyway a self-insert.

Disclaimer: The topics discussed in this story are very serious. If you are experiencing any of these problems seek out a group that can help you deal with these problems. There are several here on FimFiction, as well as countless others across the web. The views expressed in this work in no way reflect the views of Golden Skies or his editors, nor do they support or commend any of the action of the characters in this story. Remember, that life always gets better.

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I am getting notification spam from this ;_;


They're everywhere!:fluttershbad:
Really sorry. Just wanted to get my fic out there.

I typically write about sadness, loneliness, and depression inside and outside of fanfiction. I have never read something like this before, and if I have then this is by far the most memorable. I would thank you for writing this, but I would be thanking you for creating something that almost made me cry.

I am entirely moved by this tale.

Excuse me while I go and purge out my tears from my eyes.

Well done.


Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you liked my story! It really means a lot to me to hear that you enjoyed this story so much. Also I'm honored that you would give a first time sad fic writer such high praise. You just made my day. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

eeeeeeee i'm in the description

oh also good story mate


Thank you! I'm glad that it was moving. I hope that you enjoy my future stories just as much. :twilightsmile:

You now skies, this means war.:rainbowdetermined2: now i have to work on my sad stories sooner than expected.:pinkiegasp: i have a friend and a competitor. :rainbowkiss:

May I ask if I can provide a coverart of this story?


YES! PLEASE! Anything to get rid of my horrible attempt use of pony creator!:twilightsmile::yay:

3466310 Will do.

Already started :D


Well then, en garde, and angriff! :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:

we'll battle in docs, where i have been trying to reach you for 30 minutes:ajbemused:


Is that a good mustache?

:pinkiegasp::raritystarry::raritystarry::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: That is so awesome! Thank you! Thank you! You're awesome!:twilightsmile::yay:

Damn, this fic reminded me of my dealings with my classmates and bullies. I was in Indigo's place for many years. However, I was fortunate enough to have martial arts training, so when it got physical I took care of business, though admittedly it caused more problems. I don't regret fighting, only that my hand was forced. Great fic Golden Skies!

3468480 I dealt with the same issue too, except I got kicked out of karate because Sensei was a bit of a prick. That and people envied me for what I had and also wanted me to shut up--had no filter when I was a kid. :pinkiegasp:

Lol, yeah people have a hard time hearing what we truly think. I was lucky enough that my Sensei and Tuhon (Filipino Martial Arts Master) were cool guys, I only had a problem with one student, but a freestyle match took care of that :twilightsmile:

3468862 :pinkiehappy:

I am trying to get to be socially better in person :yay:

Lol, same here. You can say that I'm like Fluttershy at first, but then just...awkward like Twilight is once I get past my shyness.

3468938 I am....put it like this, I am like Twilight Sparkle with a mind that's intelligent but...constantly stuck in the gutter. :rainbowwild:

Really now? I get along well with people like that. Well...I'm pretty easy to get along with for the most part.

3468949 I am easy to get along with provided I get to know the person first. If I find they've done really bad things first day in, I either stay away from them or have a phone on me to call 911 with. :twilightblush:

:rainbowlaugh: can't say I blame you, but you'll find no such trouble with me. I'm a good boy :scootangel: ...if no one threatens me or my siblings. :flutterrage:


Wow, you and Florarena had quite the conversation. :pinkiegasp: Thank you for liking the story, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

No problem at all, Golden Skies. And sorry about that :twilightblush: I always enjoy a good conversation.


No problem. I'm glad that my story was able to spark some interesting conversation. It's a sign of good writing (I hope). :twilightsmile:

Lol, indeed it is IMO. I hope to reach your skill in writing one day.


Oh, thank you.:twilightblush: I'm glad my writing is good enough to be strived for then. Just keep writing is my advice, and have some awesome editors as well. :twilightblush:

3469735 ya know, this actually draws me back to a fic that I wrote called Broken, it really strikes a nerve to know that this happens almost everyday, I really recommend that you read Broken, its a one shot that means a lot to me not because I lost anyone because of bullying, because I haven't had any of my family or friends end their own lives due to bullying, I wrote it for a friend, a very good friend who had lost a friend because of bullying.


It does. :fluttershysad: Luckily, there are people out there who try to help. I would love to read you fic when I get the chance. :pinkiesad2:

This fic can be sumed up in this one song.

Great story Golden :twilightsmile:


:rainbowderp: Well I know what soundtrack I'm listening to when I write my next story.

Thank you, glad you liked the story. Also thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

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