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"I guess if I can't be your friend... I'll just have to be your enemy."

NOTE: There will be more short stories added here!

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A shame that this is complete. I wouldn't mind seeing moar! :rainbowkiss:

Still though, it seems almost odd how the Mane 6 reacted. He was just trying to be their friend.

This seems so out of character for, well, everyone that I just can't enjoy it. Good premise and what not but... *shrugs*

Needs to be rewritten so my suspension of disbelief isn't done away with completely to enjoy it. I'll wait for that before rating this.


I mean the ponies were kinda out of character at the rejection scene.....BUT EVERYTHING ELSE WAS COOL!

Sad to see that its complete thought, would have LOVED to see Silver Wind exact his revenge and RULE AND CONQUER Equestria.:rainbowkiss:

291378 I updated it! Maybe now you can make more sense out of this. :pinkiehappy:

291351 I'm actually thinking of making a parallel story to this.

does anybody know how to upload stories off abiword? if you do tell me pleas:pinkiehappy:

292354You can't just copy and paste?

293712 Highlight the text, right click, and click on copy. Then go to where you type your story on here, click edit so you can start typing, and simply right click in the typing space and click paste.

293741 thank you the book is called sorry dash can you be the first to read?

293805 Sure. :twilightsmile:

It hasn't seemed to have shown up yet though. You have a link to it?

Well, it did seem, that the Mane 6 overreacted, but then again, there could be some background story about ponies with "dark cutie marks", that gave a good reason for the reaction. Twilight could have read a book, that doesn't hold the complete truth or knowledge about this issue, thus they do not realize how they give birth to the actual problem with their action. I mean, i get that apparently the dark cutie mark makes it impossible to have feeling for someone without dark magic affecting your partner, but if Twilight learns that this was not on purpose..

So yeah, i kind of liked it, but i do not like the fact, that you "completed" it. I mean, Twilight could find out, that their reaction was wrong. Lets say she sends a letter to Celestia, explaining what happened, thinking she did the right thing, but then gets an angry reply from the Princess. If there is somepony that knows the truth, it would be Celestia. Twilight will have feelings of guilt as she is unable to fix the situation that she caused, blaa blaa blaa.. yea i'll stop. Your story, do what you want :twilightblush:

293900 I'm planning on making a parallel story that'll explain all of this! Don't worry about it. I'll probably be making a sequel as well.

293814 i do not know how to put on a link:twilightblush:

NOW I want to see a continuation!:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: MOOOAAAR!!! :rainbowkiss:

A shame it is already complete though.

305670 Whoops, I forgot to put it as "incomplete". You'll see more of this.

I was originally planning on just making it a pure oneshot of The Villain, but the thought of an alternate ending got to me so I decided to continue this :pinkiehappy:

Not bad so far I would like to see more.

But I want to know about the line

"Celestia told me you would kill me." Luna said, suddenly. "I came to find out.

Did you get that from the story Just Lather Thats All?

309180 We read the story in English class recently

Hmm. So the negative emotions momentarily spread to the Mane 6? So that explains their uncharacteristic hatred. :moustache:

Good chapter! MOOOAAARRR!! :trollestia:

What's up, Devin? I've been too busy to read any stories lately, but this looks good. You can be sure I will give it a read soon! :twilightsmile:

Oh, and I will be posting a story of my own soon (collaboration to be more precise), so keep an eye out. :moustache:


Thanks, Vex! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your story! :pinkiehappy:

Girls, if anything Pinkie saw happens, it'll be your fault.

3881813 I'm afraid that this story is dead.

4534725 It's dead. I, uh, stopped caring about ponies a long while ago... :derpytongue2:

4553991 You are very dissapointing. Now We'll never know what happens.

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