• Published 5th Mar 2012
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The Villain - Dashie McCourty

Become one with your inner demons. Embrace the darkness in your heart.

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The Villain

Thunder and lightning loudly clapped as I began to gather my thoughts on what just happened. The bad weather symbolized the current atmosphere and my mood right now.

I would have seen this coming... but, as bad things have been throughout my life, none of it has been as bad as this. None of it. This was unbelievably bad.

I was hurt. No, I was more than hurt. I was damaged both mentally and emotionally. I thought things were going so well, but... looks like it all has to come crashing down again, because after all, I may just represent the word "bad".

I`m a fair man. A fair unicorn, to be more precise. I've always tried to be happy, even though it has never come to me easily. My parents and siblings were all wiped out by gang wars that constantly ravaged our hometown of Neightroit, and I was never in touch with my other family members. This all happened when I was 7 years old.

Flash forward to present day, 10 years later. I`m now 17 years old, having spent my life going from town to town, city to city. I`ve seen many different landmarks, such as the great Celestial statue in Fillydelphia, and the Statue of Harmony in Manehattan. These experiences, however, were all overshadowed greatly due to my rather, less than stellar other experiences.

Other people would always berate me and put me down, no matter what city I went to. Perhaps it was because of my looks, or my appearance. Or maybe perhaps they did not appreciate orphans such as myself. I was never the type of kid that could make friends easily, but I tried... and rarely did that ever work.

I`ve made a couple of friends along the way, but they both had to leave me because of relocation purposes. One of them found a job in Coltifornia and one of them had to move back to his hometown of Canterlot. Those days were sad days, and I was sad for a while until I came to Ponyville, where I stayed there for a few months...

Let me tell you, this small town was very welcoming. Very friendly. The ponies here were kind and warm-hearted... heh. They sure were kind, alright.

My cutie mark is a star with a black color and red dot in the middle. I had received it when I was 10 years old, when I got into a fight in an alleyway in Baltimare. Three hooded stallions cornered me, attempting to beat me for my personal belongings...

I hated these kinds of stallions. These were the kind of ponies that killed my mother and my father, and raped my dear sister when she was coming home from night school. I hated them so much.

Every fiber of my being yearned to put an end to these 3 wretched ponies that had me cornered here. And that`s when my horn unleashed a large stream of black energy that appeared to drive these 3 stallions out of their minds... and also proceeded to mutilate them to pieces. As I watched in horror, I quickly fled the alleyway, praying I wouldn`t have to go through this again.

As I studied my rather unnatural power, I found out that my emotions controlled my magic. This would explain the time where I was able to teleport away from danger with my father when a gang member had approached us back in Neightroit. I was scared, very scared.

In Ponyville, I was able to further study my talent with a mare, Twilight Sparkle. She was smart, gifted with magic and even represented the element of magic to boot. In fact, I was able to to learn a ton about magic during my stay here. I was able to grasp spells very easily as well, even though I transformed all of them into "darker" forms to suit my cutie mark`s power.

Her other friends also taught me quite a lot. One of them, Applejack, helped to realize that I was quite the athlete. I now understand I`m able to run very fast, and my agility is apparently off the charts. I guess with all the hiking and running I do, it adds up.

But there was one special mare that always made my day...

Her name was Pinkie Pie. Oh dear, she was something else. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way she was able to cheer everypony up, was a sight to behold. I`ve never met a pony who was able to become friends with anybody so easily. Being the introverted kind of person I was, it warmed my heart to see her put a smile on everybody`s face. Eventually, we became good friends and I would tell her things about my personal life, such as how it was back then for me. She looked to be honestly sad with my past times, and she would always tell me to stay happy now that it`s all in the past. This made me feel a lot better about myself...

I would always remember that beautiful smile of her own. It made my heart explode, twice even. Every morning I would go to Sugarcube Corner and she was there, standing behind the counter. She had the most beautiful eyes that I had ever seen. Blue eyes that would gaze into mine and it would always touch my soul, and make it ever so happy. Her soft, fluffy mane looked ever so gorgeous. And she was extremely cute to boot.

It took me a while, but the answer was always right there.

I was in love with Pinkie Pie.

It seemed all to natural. I was the shy, introverted guy and she was the exuberant, extroverted girl. Every time I saw her, I felt like pulling her into a deep kiss and into a tight embrace and I wished that I never had to let her go. I was truly mesmerized by her.

One morning, I woke up with the thought that I should confess my feelings for her. You see, that day was her birthday party, and her friends arranged a surprise party to really rock her hooves. I was sure that she loves me back... I always thought she liked me back, not because I wasn`t like her, but that I was special enough to her that I should be her`s forever. And she would be mine forever...


"Quiet, everypony!" Twilight said to the crowd of ponies cramped in the library. "We want this to be a SURPRISE!"

The library`s door opened, and in came a pink pony with a confused look on her face. The library sure looked dark, she thought...

"SURPRISE!!!!!" Everypony cheered. Pinkie Pie looked to be at a loss for words.

"Happy birthday, Pinkie Pie!" exclaimed Rarity, as she and the gang pulled her into a group hug. "You`ve done so much for us, and we figured it`s time we repayed you since you`re always putting a smile on our faces."

I looked on with happiness as the group continued to embrace one another. Those six truly are the best of friends, I thought.

The party itself lasted for quite a while. Eventually, it spilled out onto the streets connecting Sugarcube Corner and the Library. Good move, since the library was getting cramped.

Lots of games were played, such as Pinkie`s favorite game, Pin the tail on the Pony, and other games such as Hoof wrestling and even a Pie Eating Contest. Pinkie, being the party pony she was, managed to win most of them.

After a while, it was getting late. Most of the ponies had left except Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Rarity, and some other ponies were in the library chatting away the night. And of course, Pinkie Pie was still here.

She was alone, outside the library, gazing at the stars. I figured this would be the time to confess my feelings for her.

"Hey, Pinkie Pie." I said, trotting over to her side. "I hope you`ve enjoyed the party!"

She gave me a smile. So far, so good.

"Thank you, Silver Wind." she said to me. "It`s been really enjoyable with my friends around! I hope you`ve enjoyed the party too!"

I tried not to stutter with my words. The way she talked was just so mesmerizing... and she looked extra beautiful today.

"Pinkie Pie..." I started, hoping for the best. "I need to tell you something. Something very important."

"Yeah, what is it?" she asked me.

"Well..." I continued. "These past few months have been very life changing for me... before this, I was just a shy guy with no friends, and I didn`t know what to do with my life until now. You`ve helped me a lot with changing my life around for the worse. You and the gang. But, there`s just something about you that always made me feel... more than happy."

"In fact, every day, whenever I visit you, I feel free. I feel so happy. And it`s all because of you. Your movements, your ability to put a smile on my face no matter what, and your beautiful blue eyes is what drives me."

I managed to speak out this much before I said my final words.

"Pinkamena Diane Pie... I... I... I love you!"

And so I grabbed hold of her and tried to lock lips with her...

However, Pinkie Pie let go with a small flinch. I ended up kissing her nose instead for about a second, and she had an uncertain look on her face.

Just like that, she looked at me with that same uncertain face and ran off into the library...

I felt hurt. I felt rejected... but maybe she needs some time to think about what happened... yeah.

I waited outside for about 10 minutes, until Pinkie and her friends stepped outside of the library, with angry expressions on their faces. I was confused at this notion.

"Hey." Twilight began. "Get lost. We don`t want to see you ever again."

... Huh? Did she just say that?

At this point, I was not only hurt, but scared on what the others would say next.

"Earth to idiot, do you copy?" said Rainbow Dash, in a harsh tone. "She told you to GET. LOST."

What`s wrong with my friends? What have I done to make them so angry? Finally however, Pinkie spoke.

"You." She began. "I`d never love a guy like you. Ever, in my life. If only I had known earlier that you would corrupt us with your dark emotions - which is what your cutie mark represents - I would have also rejected you."

Tears began to form and fall from my eyes. I could not believe that this was happening.

"I now know why you`re a loser." she told me. "Nobody in your life will ever love you. Not me, not my friends, and not your past friends. You can`t control us because that`s exactly what you are and what you always will be. A loser. And for the record, I never thought of you anything but a friend... which I can`t even call you anymore."

No.... this IS happening... and it's all too real... but why are they saying this? What have I done to make them so angry with me...?

I kept thinking about what Pinkie said to me until Twilight spoke...

"Your kiss on Pinkie`s nose brought out your true colors." explained Twilight. "A form of black magic erupted within Pinkie's mind when you did this... not only did she become highly unsettled, but you had just shown her that you have a very dark heart. Princess Celestia always warned us that ponies with dark emotion cutie marks spell very bad news. It took us a while for us to look past your image of false bravado." I was too distracted by Pinkie Pie`s words of hurt to take Twilight`s words into account.

"But..." I started to say, in choked sobs. "I only wanted to be your friends...!"

"No! Get out of my face, and get out of my life!" Pinkie shouted. "And don`t ever come back here again! I hate you!"

With my heart - and my spirit - both completely shattered now, I let out a big sob and ran in the other direction, heading towards the outskirts of Ponyville...

End of flashback

Thunder and lightning clapped heavily. A large drizzle complemented it rather well.

It was all a lie - my stay in Ponyville was nothing more than a sad epiphany. How could I think that anybody would care for me in my life? After all, the godforsaken Elements of Harmony had rejected me. They weren't just ordinary ponies. They were Celestia's greatest assets who loved everybody.

Everybody except me, that is.

And how could I possibly think that I was special enough to be Pinkie Pie`s special somepony?

Why, you might ask? Because... that`s not who I`m supposed to be. Not after thinking about what just happened before.

No. I`m destined to be something else.

I`m supposed to be a man with a sinister mind. A man with a very dark heart....

This form of magic I possess, it's not given to me by mistake. It is not my special talent for no reason. I was given dark magic to terrorize people. To wreak havoc among all forms of life.

After all, my special talent is to murder with absolutely no mercy. Such a wonderful talent it is, hahahahaha...

The evil spirit within this stallion would be in every living being`s head and heart. I would torment their feeble minds with an unspeakable malice. I would torture them both mentally and emotionally. I would leave rivers of blood in my wake. Mountains upon mountains of devastation. Pony folk would cringe at the very comprehension of me.

And they would all cower in fear.

I let out a sinister laugh. My cutie mark suddenly transformed into a black star with six shapes, with a blood-red blade in the middle...

I let out another sinister laugh. I would destroy all of Equestria. Because after all, people have destroyed me. Everywhere I went. Even in Ponyville, where I thought I was loved. But alas, it was never the case. I embraced the darkness in my heart. I let it consume me. I let it devour me until I felt nothing but wickedness.... because I now know that I was destined to be Equestria's true enemy.

And so I rose...

And so, I transformed into the stallion that all of Equestria would fear at the very thought of.

And with that, I became... The Villain.

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