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Was watching Llamas with Hats (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZUPCB9533Y first one, if you haven't seen it yet.), and thought this would be an interesting crossover with ponies. The problem was which ponies? My thought: Pinkie and Twilight! So here it is, Ponies with Hats!

A/N: I did the text in color so you could differentiate the two talking. Twilight = Purple. Pinkie = Red. Sorry if it bothers you.

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I love Llamas with hats. Now I love Ponies with hats. moar.

285712 285926 Sorry but I can't see your guy's comments. I don't know if its Fimfic or my computer.

286169 its fimfic dude its happenen every where

"Griffins." HA! :rainbowlaugh:

286224 that explains it, happened on my fic too, really confused me

I was just watching the Mentally Advanced Abridged series. And this fits their characters in that to a T.

Commence the invasion when I complete the equation! OK NOW!
'SWEET CRIMSON HOT DOGS! Lucky lucky! These are for me! They will complete the prophecies!'
And '.......cheese, and vommited up the cast of Battlestar Galactica. 0_0 Shrimps...'

This was cool twilight should try the flanks....they might be tasty

286169 I cant see them either

Uh... ok. It's like Llamas with hats to a t. But, I didn't like the story thing, NOT that it was bad but u could have just put all the Llamas with hats together in one. Pinkie, you sicko u just ate a griffin's butt.

Purple's note is missing.[ Insert raisins face here]

That awkward moment where you're so bored that you search up your own username, and find a fic where someone thanks you for writing an inspirational fic in the author's note. My day has been made. :pinkiehappy:

But seriously, I've only written one fic, and it's my first published piece ever. I don't think I'm that good of an author. Chapter 1 wasn't meant to be the sad part yet. I'm surprised at the number of people who are already calling it the saddest fic ever, even before it's done.

614486 It is a pretty sad story, I hope Dinky makes it :fluttercry: But I think it's a wonderful story nonetheless

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