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Thinking about hiatus · 12:42am Sep 18th, 2012

I haven't really been in the mood for writing lately guys. It also doesn't help that I can't really think of what to write for Twilight. I've gotten a few suggestions, but I still feel lost and not really into it. I'm sorry guys, I feel like I've failed you guys. I'll keep you all updated as to whether or not I will go into hiatus.

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Help · 3:54am Aug 17th, 2012

Does anyone know a good way to get over writers block? I always seem to get it near the end of my stories :S

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Hi · 5:38am Jul 5th, 2012

Just thought I'd share this nightmare fuel with you guys (Honestly, I love these!):



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Side Note · 1:12am Jun 28th, 2012

Hey guys, just wanted to say there's only two more chapters left in EHJ. Y'all may hate me, but Twilight will have her heart broken, sorry! After I finish the story, I'm thinking of taking a brake with the whole children stories. Yes that means the Ballad of Frostfyre will be postponed until who knows when. But there is some good news: I'm thinking of doing something different depending on the answers I get. I'll let you guys know! Take care y'all.

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Hey, listen! · 10:34pm Jun 27th, 2012

So guess what y'all? I finished Pinkie's chapter! Parties for everyone!! Now the question is, how bad do you guys want me to finally update the story?

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Good news! · 2:31am Jun 14th, 2012

Well I got some good news: I finally managed to start, and even wrote a rather large chunk, of Pinkie Pie's chapter! Feels good to be writing again. I don't know when it'll be finished yet, I'm a little scared that might feel rushed like RD's with how I've progressed it so far. So I have two questions for you guys: first, since these chapters might feel a little rushed or like some information is missing, who here's wants clopfic chapters between the main six and their stallions (Warning: I've

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Weeeeell, it's that time again... · 4:31am Jun 6th, 2012

Well for once, I got some good news! I'm graduating this Friday, which means I'll have 99% of my time being able to write stories, if you guys still want them. Now for some news to counteract the good, I'm also going to be spending my time working out and losing some body fat/weight so I can join the Navy. And I also figured out why I can't write the Pinkie Pie chapter! The "writer's block" turned out to be an issue I've had since I was a kid: I can't think of a darn intro! So, and I know this

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It's being that difficult to think... · 1:01am May 24th, 2012

School's almost done, yay! Which means I'll hopefully have more time to write! So don't think I forgot anyone or the stories, I've just been hammered with school assignments and I, for the life of me, can't think of a solid story for Pinkie Pie. So while I continue to think of how to control Pinkie's love life and we wait for the last 5 days of my school time to pass, who wants to see Lyra, Bon Bon, and Luna have children? Not together obviously, that'd be awkward...

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4/21/12 · 2:35am Apr 22nd, 2012

So I just saw the Season 2 finale, and it was amazing! Loved the music and the story line behind it. The fight scene with the Mane 6 and the Changelings, gotta say it was probably the best and funniest fight scene I've ever seen. Only downside was after seeing finale, got me thinking of a few stories which'll drive me nuts unless I write them... Which I can't do because I'm already working on 2 stories at once... Can't wait for Season 3 though!

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4/16/12 · 1:02am Apr 17th, 2012

Anyone out there good at drawing? I don't need like a professional artist, just someone that can draw a relatively good looking pegasus pony. The specifics I don't quite know yet, but I would appreciate it if someone could draw me a cover art for Ballad of Frostfyre. Message me if you're willing to help!

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