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Ponies with Hats - Ironhoof

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Chapter 1

Ponies with Hats

“Pinkie, there is a dead griffin in our house!”

“Ohh, hey, how did she get in here?”

“Piinkie, what did you do?”

“Me? Th- tha- I didn’t do this!”

“Explain what happened Pinkie.”

“I’ve never seen her before in my life!”

“Why did you kill this griffin Pinkie?”

“I do not kill griffins, that is my LEAST favorite thing to do.”

“Tell me, Pinkie, exactly what you were doing before I got home.”

“Alright. Well I was upstairs…”


“…I, uh, I was sitting in my room…”


“…Eating cupcakes…”

“Go on.”

“…And, well, this griffin walked in…”


“…So I went up to her…”


“…And I, uh, I stabbed her 37 times in the chest.”

“…Piiiiiiiinkie, that kills griffins!”

“Oh… Oh, wow. I, uh, heh.”


“I didn’t know that.”

“How could you not know that?!”

“Yeah, I’m in the wrong here. I suck.”

“What happened to her flanks?”

“What’s that?”

“Her flanks. Why are they missing?”

“Well I, uh, kind of cooked them up… and ate them.”


“I was hungry. And you know, when you crave flanks, that’s-“

“Why on Equestria would you do that?!”

“I was hungry for flanks. Give me a break!”


“My stomach was making the rumblies…”


“…That only flanks would satisfy.”

“What is wrong with you Pinkie?”

“Well I kill griffins, and I eat flanks; that’s two things.”


Well guys there you are, guess Pinkie Pie got tired of cupcakes. Hopefully you all enjoyed it! I don't know if I'll do others, maybe. I guess this can also work as one of those "just out there" stories while you guys wait for my other one. All I need is the cover art done and it'll get published. And since Fimfiction required a 1,000 word minimum across all chapters, I'll just go into random mode. So you might be asking yourself, "why not do all the videos in one story, a chapter a video?" Well, because I don't know how you guys will like this kind of thing. Oh btw, there's some thanks I would like to do. I would like to thank k12314, Paleo Prints, Arkensaw Pinkerton, Gildor Surion, Erccre147, CoffeGrunt, Lithe Kamitatsy, Corejo, McSqueakers, and Ponyman for writing such wonderful fanfics. It's because of these authors that I dared start writing one, and it's because of you guys I keep writing!

Now a little update on Elements of Harmony, Jr. Applejack and Fluttershy are done. They are now parents. Rainbow Dash is now being worked on (no pun or innuendo intended), and Twilight and Pinkie are on the way! So as a little treat (and a way to get the word count I need) here's a preview from the new story:

“Tummy ache? Who’s got a tummy ache?!” Granny asked.

The yellow filly looked at her grandmother with a slightly confused look. She could never understand her granny’s way of thinking. “Ah do Granny. But it’s alright, it’ll go away.” Apple Bloom said.

Then with unexpected energy, Granny Smith scooped up Apple Bloom and placed her in a chair at the table. She then grabbed a glass, a jug of apple juice, and some honey and mixed it together. When Granny thought the concoction was ready, the old mare placed the glass in front of Apple Bloom. “Drink that deary; it’ll make ya feel all better.”

“Umm, alright then.” Apple Bloom picked up the glass in her teeth and gulped down the drink. She then started coughing from the thickness of the honey and the sweetness of the drink. But it did what it was suppose to do. “Hey, yer right Ah do feel better!”

At this comment, the four ponies in the room laughed. Just then Big Mac spoke up.

“Breakfast is ready.”

The large, red stallion placed all the food on the table while Applejack got the drinks. When the table was placed and the family was about to eat, there was a knock at the door.

Applejack, a little upset that she had to wait longer to eat, got up and started walking to the door while Winona, her dog, started barking her head off.

“Now who the hay could that be this early in tha mornin’?” Applejack thought to herself. Sure it was later than her family was usually up, but it was still earlier than when most of Ponyville got up. When she almost reached the door, the knocking turned into pounding. “Hold on, hold on Ah’m a comin’!” the famer shouted towards the door.

When she reached the door, Applejack opened it and asked, in as nice a tone as she could, “How may I help….you?”

Applejack almost didn’t say the last word. She was standing at the doorway, her eyes showing a mixture of confusion and fear. Standing in front of her was an earth pony stallion, maybe half a head shorter than Big Mac, panting and looking about as if expecting something or somepony to jump out and attack him. His body was a sand-yellow, except for the areas that contained bruises, cuts and splotches of blood, his earth-brown mane was in a tangled mess and the pony was shaking.

“Help….me..” the stallion croaked out, before passing out in front of Applejack.

The stallion shifted about, feeling like he was being watched. After a few moments, he decided to open up his eyes a little bit. When he did though, he became worried. Staring back on him was Apple Bloom’s golden-orange eyes, her face a few inches from his own. His eyes dilated as he let out a scream, causing the small pony on him to jump off as the stallion jumped from the couch he was laying on. Then the stallion sat huddled in a corner, pointing one hoof at the curious, and now somewhat sad, Apple Bloom.

“Y-y-you st-stay away from m-me.” he said in a frightened voice.

Apple Bloom sat down, her eyes becoming wet from tear buildup. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean ta frighten ya. I was just making sure you was okay, honest!”

All of a sudden Applejack walked in, wondering what was going on in the living room.

“What in tarnation is all the commotion about Apple Bloom?” the orange mare asked her sister.

Apple Bloom turned to her sister. “Ah think ah frightened him when he woke up..”

Applejack turned to the stallion, who was still cowering in the corner, looking at him. “Well at least Granny got ‘im patched up” Applejack thought. She then put on a warm smile and pointed towards the couch he was laying on a moment ago.

“Why don’t you take a seat and we can have this mess fixed up lickety-split.”

The earth pony slowly made his way to the couch, still keeping an eye on the two ponies sitting down. When he was comfortable, he looked back at the two and smiled awkwardly.

“Now that we’re all settled in and comfortable. Why don’t we start with introductions? Ah’m Applejack, ‘n’ this here’s mah sister, Apple Bloom.”

“Howdy!” the smaller pony said with a smile.

“I’m, uhh, I’m Quest.” the stallion answered hesitantly.

The orange mare smiled again at him and chuckled a little bit. “Quest? That’s kind of a funny name.”

“No funnier than Applejack…” Quest mumbled under his breath.

Applejack’s eyes narrowed, “What was that?” she asked.

Quest’s face blushed and he quickly answered. “Nothing. I didn’t say anything.”

“That’s what I thought. Now I’m sure you got a whole heap of questions, but I want my question answered first. Why did you show up at my door beaten and bruised askin fer help?”

Quest shifted where he laid. He looked at his front legs, one of which was bandaged, and seemed to be asking himself if he should tell them the truth. After deciding, he looked up at the two country ponies and sighed. “I guess I should tell you. After all you did help me, it’s the least I could do.”

He took in a large breath, and then slowly started explaining. “I’m a traveling pony, as shown by my cutie mark (a blank piece of paper with a rose compass in the middle). But traveling abroad isn’t always easy. Sometimes you run into hardships or problems that aren’t as easy as you think to overcome. A few weeks ago I was in Hoofington thinking of where I could travel to next, when I overheard some ponies talk about Canterlot. After getting some information and spending my last night there, I headed towards Canterlot. When I reached the Everfree Forest, I remembered I was told to not stray from the path. But being somewhat arrogant and stubborn, I thought I knew better and decided to take a shortcut. At the start everything was okay and I couldn’t see why anypony would be afraid of the area, but then I started understanding their fear around nightfall. I was setting up camp and went into my tent to grab something, when I heard howling and noticed a bush rustling off to the side. All of a sudden a group of timber wolves jumped out and started growling at me while approaching. I did the only thing I could think of, I ran as fast as I could. Of course they chased me, but luck seemed to be on my side that night as every twist and turn I took slowed down the wolves. But I made the mistake of not paying attention and I ended up falling down a somewhat deep crevice in the ground. I looked up and saw the wolves staring at me and howling, waiting to see if I would make the mistake of climbing up. After waiting for a while, they decided to leave, that’s when I passed out. I woke up yesterday morning and cautiously climbed out. After getting my bearings, I looked around and saw your apple trees in the distance, so I started running for here. And that’s how I ended up here.”

Applejack and Apple Bloom just stared at Quest, a look of amazement and worry on their faces. Finally Applejack spoke up, “Well, that’s quite a tale there partner. I take it that you’re gonna stay here for awhile and rest up?”

Quest stretched his legs and yawned. “No no. I should probably get going. I wouldn’t want to be in your family’s way or anything. Thank you for helping me out though.” he answered while smiling. He got up and started heading towards the door. But Applejack stood in his way. “Umm excuse me, but I should really get going. Again, thank you for helping me.” He went to get around the farm pony, but she stood in his way still.

“Sorry, but no can do Quest. As much as you would like to go and have your own adventures, ya’ll can’t leave yet.” Applejack simply said.

The stallion gave her a questioning look.

“Ya can’t leave for a few reasons. One, because you ain’t got nothin’ and I sure as sugar ain’t gonna let you go back into the forest to grab yer stuff. Two, because ya haven’t healed all the way an’ three, because winter’s gonna be startin’ in a few days so the pegasus are gettin’ ready for a snow fall.”

Quest looked at the floor and sighed, obviously saddened by the fact he can’t leave. Applejack helped him back to the couch and put a reassuring hoof on his shoulder. The traveling stallion looked at her and she smiled again at him.

“Thanks Applejack. I promise I’ll try not to get in the way and I’ll help out as much as I can.” Quest said, smiling back.

“No problem partner. If’n you need anything, don’t hesitate ta call me or mah brother Big Mac. Come along Apple Bloom; let’s let Quest here rest up.” Applejack started heading out the room and back to the orchard. Apple Bloom waved to Quest than chased her older sister outside to help.

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I love Llamas with hats. Now I love Ponies with hats. moar.

285712 285926 Sorry but I can't see your guy's comments. I don't know if its Fimfic or my computer.

286169 its fimfic dude its happenen every where

"Griffins." HA! :rainbowlaugh:

286224 that explains it, happened on my fic too, really confused me

I was just watching the Mentally Advanced Abridged series. And this fits their characters in that to a T.

Commence the invasion when I complete the equation! OK NOW!
'SWEET CRIMSON HOT DOGS! Lucky lucky! These are for me! They will complete the prophecies!'
And '.......cheese, and vommited up the cast of Battlestar Galactica. 0_0 Shrimps...'

This was cool twilight should try the flanks....they might be tasty

286169 I cant see them either

Uh... ok. It's like Llamas with hats to a t. But, I didn't like the story thing, NOT that it was bad but u could have just put all the Llamas with hats together in one. Pinkie, you sicko u just ate a griffin's butt.

Purple's note is missing.[ Insert raisins face here]

That awkward moment where you're so bored that you search up your own username, and find a fic where someone thanks you for writing an inspirational fic in the author's note. My day has been made. :pinkiehappy:

But seriously, I've only written one fic, and it's my first published piece ever. I don't think I'm that good of an author. Chapter 1 wasn't meant to be the sad part yet. I'm surprised at the number of people who are already calling it the saddest fic ever, even before it's done.

614486 It is a pretty sad story, I hope Dinky makes it :fluttercry: But I think it's a wonderful story nonetheless

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