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When an ancient curse turns Rainbow Dash into a changeling, can she cope? Or will the transformation drive her insane? painfully Edited by Dat Rainboom, an awesome guy.

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Well, the pacing is a bit fast, but other than that? It's surprisingly well written for such a short chapter (I have nightmares about some stories I've read). And I do love me some changeling RD!

Thumbs upped, and added to read later, where I shall stalk your story.

3356856 why thank you! It is my first one (published), and all praise is gratefully accepted. Future chapters are coming, so sit tight!

3356920 thank you. I'm glad that you will be following this story, for a new chapter is coming out tomorrow! Hopefully!

My only complaint is that, we're all fairly secure in the knowledge that- Dashie will be morphing, turning, mutating, shifting, etc... into a changeling. So, having the current conflict be "Oh no! Rainbow might turn into a changeling!" is slightly out of place, it would be better to first lead the reader on as to exactly what this curse will do, then spring it on us, then throw a surprise in the mixture. In terms of surprises, saying that an Element of Harmony-turned-changeling is ten times as changeling as a regular one is just kind of like :facehoof: (not to sound like I don't like the story or anything, I do like it!) But, let's say instead the pony transforming has to deal with a hivemind trying to assimilate them, and saaaay... being made a proto-queen of sorts. So not only would you be one of your greatest enemies now, but you're in a position where it's highly likely where you'll have to choose between this entire kingdom or the old set of values.

Just my ehhhh... Little offering?

3371110 I completeley understand. I this story isn't what I would call an experiment, but I kind of dived int the deep end by publishing this. I do NOT have much experience as a writer. Hell, the longest story I've ever written outside of this site is roughly three times bigger than this one. I do know what's going to happen next though, never fear. The first three chapters were just to let you know some background and basically "what" happened. The next chapter will give you that feel of 'what's happening next?' And my intention is to have it released by Wednesday. I cannot make any promises though.

Good to see story still hath life in its veins, the thundering heart roaring with great majesty as it sends the revitalization of a new chapter throughout every square angstrom of its metaphorical body~
I look forward to seeing what transpires next. I'm waiting for Chrysalis to spring some less than benevolent plan once more, and the Majestic 12 to- wait, no, that's Deus Ex...
Also- Dashie no keep prismatic mane?! I would put an emoticon here to properly express my grief were it not for the mobile version's suckyness.
As for shipping... The only one I'd be interested in would be TwiDash, so I'll stick with "D'aaaawww" moments.

Don't assume that we want shipping. I for one would like to know how the story will go on without it.

3463467 I am sorry to disappoint, loyal-(not)fan-which-I-have-barely-any-of! Indeed the story seemed dead, BUT IT LIVES AGAIN! I wasn't gonna let my first fiction die after only three chapters, was I?

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Damnit! I hate to see a decent story left unfinished! :ajbemused:

Don't know if you still care, but I'm back from a long break from this website, and I want to finish the story. If you still care, (It's been over a year) that is. :twilightsmile:

6640045 Ooh! Yes I care! I'll have to reread it, but I'm glad to see this story isn't dead. :twilightsmile:

UPDATE: I need to finish the one I'm working on before I move onto this, as I'm easily distracted. Expect a new chapter sometime near the end of this month or beginning of the next one.
Stay awesome!

6642047 I'll read it when it comes.

interesting premise. too bad its deader than a doornail and not exactly written super well.

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